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Author: Katherine Deauxville
ISBN13: 978-0505524973
Title: The Last Male Virgin
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Love Spell (September 1, 2002)
Pages: 368

The Last Male Virgin by Katherine Deauxville

The Last Male Virgin book. Katherine Deauxville didn't reveal much of his personality. I could not for the life of me figure out why he was so head over heels for Leslie, who seemed pretty uptight and lacked character and vivacity. Overall, there were a handful of drop-dead funny scenes, but pages of drawn-out prose and descriptive scenes of high-society DC life in between.

Written by Katherine Deauxville, Audiobook narrated by Dylan Jones. Your audiobook is waitin. he Last Male Virgin. By: Katherine Deauxville. Narrated by: Dylan Jones. Length: 8 hrs and 54 mins.

The Last Male Virgin ~~ Katherine Deauxville. Katherine Deauxville. The Last Male Virgin. It had never happened before, but the man was more than Leslie could handle. She'd expected a great deal of publicity for Dr. Peter Havistock-heck, the hunk had survived a plane crash, spent nearly fourteen years living with a Stone-Age tribe in the wilds of Papua New Guinea, and returned to write a best-selling book about it. But his tour of colleges was too wild: He had the Yalies yowling for more, and the babes at Brown in a brouhaha .

The Last Male Virgin. Best book I've read in awhile!! This is such an entertaining book! Katherine Deauxville writes such wonderful romantic comedies you can't put them down even when you're laughing out loud and can't see the page. You really get your money's worth.

Katherine Deauxville. I thought I had read some bad books already this year, but The Last Male Virgin blows them all out of the water. With characters as lifeless as cheap paper dolls and a plot that brings new meaning to the word inane, it is simply terrible. The plot, if it could be called that, centers around Dr. Peter Havistock and Leslie Hall-Grumman. Peter and his parents were in a plane crash in Papua New Guniea when he was fourteen, and he was raised to adulthood by a remote tribe that had never had contact with the outside world

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No current Talk conversations about this book. Disambiguation notice. Maggie Hill was born in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, daughter of George Blair and Dorothy (Mason) Hill. She also writes under the pen names of M. H. Davis, Katherine Deauxville and Maggie Daniels, is the author of over 25 published novels.

Leslie's client, Dr. Peter Havistock, a gorgeous man who spent fourteen years living with a Stone-Age tribe in the wilds of Papua New Guinea after surviving a plane crash, turns her world upside down when he announces on national TV that he is a virgin and looking for a wife, preferably Leslie! Original.
Reviews: 7
What this book lacks in heroine power it fully makes up for in comedy! Katherine Deauville writes laugh out loud scenes that have you tittering into the next scene/bolster of laughter. An original story idea worth reading, The Last Male Virgin's only downfall is a rather blasé heroine. Would read it again for the humor alone. :)
The last male virgin was a semi-amusing romance about a senator's daughter who falls for a anthropologist who was raised by a isolated tribe in New Guinea. Yes, the professor, Peter, is a virgin, which is a large part of the plot.

The dialog was cute, but the problem I had with this book, is there was too much time spent developing the heroine, and not a lot of romantic interaction between the two protagonists. The parts where Peter (the hero) was with the heroine were sort of few and far between. The heroine herself is a bit neurotic. She spends a lot of time clinging to her ex husband. She is quite exciteable and is in denial about her love for Peter for too long, that their happy ending seemed contrived.

I found myself skimming the non-Peter bits. I would've liked to see a more detailed consummation of their relationship and would've made the character's bond a bit more. We see too much of her denial and his interest, but not enough of them as happy together.

This was a light fluffy read, that needs a sequel to really work.
I must admit to some disappointment. This storyline had so much potential but I found it difficult to care about the characters especailly Leslie.
Dr. Peter Havistock is one hot looking man and anthropologist his cermemonial g-string is getting more attention then Leslie and her family foundation is comfortable with. Not only that but live on Harry King Live Peter announces that he is a virgin. Leslie does not know how to handle that or the other things that come out of Peter's mouth. The man has been living after all in the wilds of Papua New Guinea so maybe he is not aware of what should be talked or worn in public.
Leslie in my opinion is a little too uptight, a bit of a snob and as a result I had a hard time understanding why Peter would be drawn to her. She is a Washington D.C. darling, daughter of a Senator and a divorced woman that seems to be more attatched to her ex-husband then she should, and to top it off she seems to have nothing in common with Peter. There is little interaction between these two characters and the book does seem to be more about Leslie (as stated my another reviewer) and less about two people meeting and falling in love. They say opposites attract but in this case it was hard to see where the attraction came from or how it was fed. I must admit that I will think twice before picking up another book by this author
Leslie Wimberly knew that there would be trouble when her current charge, Dr. Peter Havistock appeared on "Harry" King Live in a native costume which included a rare bird plummage "codpiece". Then, he revealed, on national television that he was nearly thirty and had never had sex. To top it all off, he was a gorgeous male virgin at that. The tribe that had taken him in after his parents death in the wilderness had kept him apart from female contact, as was tradition for them, in the hopes that someday, he woudl marry and make an advantageous political alliance for them in the outside world. Further complications arise when Leslie catches his fancy, and he asks her to be that bride.
The next few weeks are spent trying to manage this difficult hunk, dodge women who want to deflower Peter, and hide from scandal sheets. Falling in love is not on the agenda, but it happens nonetheless.
***** This delightful screwball comedy will keep you in stitches from beginning to end. Not only is Peter a treat to visualize, but his combination of savvy and innocence is a refreshing change from the ordinary hero. Leslie typifies the highly stressed woman of today who needs the kind of escape Peter offers. This is just the charmer that you would expect from the woman who wrote OUT OF THE BLUE. ***** ...
Dr. Peter Havistock has been raised from age fourteen by an Aborigine tribe
in Papua New Guinea since the plane that he and his parents were on crashed,
killing his parents. As Peter grew into an adult, he studied to become an
anthropologist and continued his parents studies of the Aborigine culture.
And he wrote a book of his experiences and travels to the country of his
birth to promote it on a widespread book tour of prestigious colleges in the
United States.
Leslie Hall-Gruman is the director in charge of escorting Dr. Peter
Havistock on his tour. Wimberly Foundation was founded by her prominient
family and she is very annoyed with the wild antics of Peter during his
tour, which she fears will disgrace Wimberly and her family's honor. From
his Antorok dance before a full house of Yale students in near naked native
costume, authentic G-string included, to his bold announcement of his
virginity on a live nationwide TV program, Leslie is in a frenzy. Peter is
more than handsome and has an extremely nice physique, so after these very
public events he becomes a media sensation, with hordes of desperate women
that are eager to get their hands on him and relieve him of his chaste
state. However, Peter wants Leslie and makes his desires known.
I found this story to be very humorous, from the hilarious antics of the
hero and the total exasparation of the heroine, to the overlong title of
Peter's book. It was a different story for me but I found it interesting
with outrageous scenes that made me laugh out loud more than once. And
drool....the hero was some kind of hunk!!!