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Author: Edith Schaeffer
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Title: What Is a Family?
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Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd (June 1, 1976)
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What Is a Family? by Edith Schaeffer

The family is a means to perpetuate the truth of God. Here are some good ways to accomplish this. What is a family? It is a perpetual relay of truth! Watch the children as you organize a relay race, a running contest in which two lines of children wait as one from each line runs a distance and returns to hand the flag to a team member. Back and forth they run and pass the flag. If one drops it, there is a forfeit of returning to the starting place. The Book of Psalms is so very strong in emphasizing exactly what I have tried to illustrate with the example of the relay race. The admonition to the parents to hand down the right flag all those centuries ago should be really titanic to us in this century, when some people are saying that they think not only the family but Christianity is about to become extinct.

When I picture your typical book that sets out to both define and celebrate the idea of "family," I get the picture in my mind of a "too perfect" happy nuclear family - Dad, Mom, 2 kids, and the family dog in their mini-van. Her book is full of sample scenes and dialogues that you might hear in the Schaeffer home. something that she and her husband did countless times with singles, couples and families as they initiated and maintained the still-flourishing L'Abri center in Switzerland.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. She gives readers great ideas on how to support their family members and make moments memorable.

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She was the wife of Francis Schaeffer, and the mother of Frank Schaeffer and three other children. Schaeffer was born in Wenzhou, China, the fourth child of George and Jessie Seville, missionaries who were serving in China with the China Inland Mission

all of these and much more.

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She gives readers great ideas on how to support their family members and make moments memorable.

The Hidden Art of Homemaking will appeal immediately to anyone who believes that the place in which we live needs to be a center of meaningful living and personal enrichment. Written with rare insight and empathy, What Is A Family? Explores the problems and challenges facing all Christians today.

All the moving, changing shapes of a family are shown in Edith Schaeffer's imaginative reflections on infancy to grandmotherhood. She gives readers great ideas on how to support their family members and make moments memorable.
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This is one of the books that every family should read. This books paints vision, clarity and encouragement for true believers who want to live as a family to honor God and to serve the people He brings to their lives. It's a tool esp. for those who come from broken homes and insecure family backgrounds and are now living for God's glory. Edith has a gift to zoom in to the beauty around us and inside us, and to behold and to share. She is honest about the real struggles we all face and to find life and beauty through Jesus for everyone around, esp for our own unit and then let it overflow to everyone around us.

The first chapter was a bit hard to read but afterwards I couldn't put the book down. This book is also encouraging not to be afraid of struggles, misunderstandings and the hard things in life, that come through husband/wife relationship, parents/children, father/son, siblings, different generations...she gives insight and wisdom how to master it without a stiffness and dead religion but with compassion, picking up our cross, and sacrifices, loving God and the world around us. She describes the difficult moments where we know we are supposed to serve and be humble but when we can't because of our immaturity and pride. Honesty! and asking for forgiveness and forgiving, ... in daily life
you won't even find ADVICE THIS SOLID in books today! This is based on the truths found in the Word of God - explored and lived out in the life of Edith Schaeffer. She raised her family in the 50's, grandmothered in the 70's, and shared her home with thousands in their Swiss Alps mountain home. See the REAL VALUE of family and be encouraged by Edith's joy, discovery, amidst hard work as she raised her children and came alongside others as they discovered their God-given value in life! This book is no longer in print, but I bought pre-owned copies and covered them in CUTE SCRAPBOOK paper and gave them to my 2 daughters, and 3 daughter's in law for Christmas. They are amazed at the relevant principles and observations that they can apply directly to their lives TODAY!!!
Edith is a wordy writer, but there's truth and poetry to what she shares. I read this years ago while raising my kids.
Are you trying to raise kids that will have a solid relationship with God as adults? Then this book will help you. The chapter on Family: A Perpetual Relay of Truth alone is worth the price of the book.
I read this book while engaged to my now husband, and was so thankful to have done so. Schaeffer uses a narrative style and weaves stories from her life into her words of wisdom and insight into family life. Her words are so encouraging, and her notions are so positive and gravitate towards a biblical perspective on family.
A great model with many life-changing nuggets! Encouraging, realistic, love of family at every stage.
This is a great book with very good ideas about family life. It was written in the 70s so may be a bit outdated, but people are people, and the ideas are timeless.
This short book provides some excellent ways to strengthen family bonds. The focus is on loving and growing together. One of the best parts is to encourage readers that perfection will never happen but that joyful family relationships are still quite possible if imperfect.
The author takes a while to make her point at times, but this is a lovely book. Almost poetic, it paints a vivid picture of what family looks like, the good and the not so good. I've enjoyed reading this.