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Author: Randall Massie
ISBN13: 978-0899003863
Title: When Godly Robes Unravel
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Language: English
Publisher: College Pr Pub Co (December 1, 1990)
Pages: 164

When Godly Robes Unravel by Randall Massie

When godly robes unravel. Christian life, Idolatry, Internet Archive Wishlist.

Books by Randall Massie. When Godly Robes Unravel. Publisher: College Press Publishing Company, Incorporated.

This book was a trip. While there is a lot of technical information there is a lot to be learned from the author. She walks through the concepts of string theory and multidimensional theory in a very fun and inventive way. There are areas that you can easily skip and not lose a beat and the author will tell you when she is going to give more information or go off on a tangent and what you will be able to skip. If this is your first time reading about string theory or extra dimensions then I would not recommend this personally

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Discussion Forums Book Lists. Club Lists My Book Lists My Watched Lists Create a List. 1990 - When Godly Robes Unravel (Paperback) ISBN-13: 9780899003863 ISBN-10: 0899003869.

The book is very practical in terms of the risk factors for being seduced, how to arm ourselves, how to get help from God and others when we have fallen, and how to be a godly helper to someone else in the situation. As a missionary doctor with some background in counseling and with some member care responsibilities, I can say that this book (or something else like it, which doubtless exists though I don't know what) should be essential reading for pastors, counselors, lay leaders, missionaries, and anyone else with leadership and pastoral responsibilities. Christians are being seduced today by Satan's sneaky strategies to lure many of their chosen path. I particularly liked one analogy of where if you let your fence get one broken picket and not repair it then "the lion is in the yard. A much needed book for our time and Godly inspired

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Book by Massie, Randall