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Author: Bob Frissell
ISBN13: 978-1583940679
Title: Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are
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Language: English
Category: Occult and Paranormal
Publisher: Frog Books; Revised, Expanded edition (November 18, 2002)
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Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell

At its most, it provides a detailed explanation of exactly how things are and have always been. With such a bizarre title, Nothing In This Book is True had to be at least interesting. I found it more than interesting, but then I've spend 30+ years studying the subjects that Bob Frissell lays out in his book, so I started reading as a believer. Frissell goes into the work of Zacharia Stitchin, whose Earth Chronicle books are a very heavy read, and sums them up for the reader.

Feb 25, 2013 Milot rated it liked it. It was very good at explaining mathematical way of life and some good things about how we construct our lives as we want to (pretty much like the secret) but then there were some conspiracy theories which I don't like to occupy myself with, in general it was a good book. previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 . ext . new topic. Bob Frissell, the founder of The Breath of Life (Breathwork & Integrative Healing), is the world-renowned author of Nothing In This Book Is True, But Its Exactly How Things Are. He also teaches the The Flower of Life Workshop (Sacred Geometry & the MerKaBa).

Bob Frissell is a master rebirther and teacher and the author of Something in This Book Is True and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. He lives in Sonoma, CA. Библиографические данные. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are. Автор. Издание: иллюстрированное, исправленное.

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Excerpts from the book: "Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are" (C) 1994 by Bob Frissell, Qual. PB, 230pp Frog, Lt. Berkeley, CA ISBN 1-883319-01-3 ). Drunvalo: Our History. Egyptian archaeologists have nothing to say about this. The evidence is overpowering that it is true, but it threatens to break down all our concepts of who was on this planet when we believe that there was no one here capable of building something like the Sphinx 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. According to Thoth the Sphinx contains proof of 5 1/2 million years of civilizations on this planet, even though there have been more like 500 million years of civilization.

Bob Frissell is the author of the classic underground book "Nothing in this Book is True, but it's Exactly how things ar. Frissell explains the details of earth changes, pole shifts, cataclysmic events, UFOs, Aliens, sacred geometry, creation, spirituality, ascension, conspiracy theories, and the human creative process. Hi John, I chose this specific photo, because it was taken by a dear friend as a screenshot durin. 21 hours ago.

Ultimately your perception of reality will be turned inside out by the facts presented in this amazing mind-blowing program. Perhaps you’re one of the many who sense that the inhabitants of the planet earth are destined to experience miraculous change in the not-too-distant future. NOW ON DVD – NOTHING TO SOMETHING, Cat U461.

BOB FRISSELL is the founder of The Breath Alchemy Technique and is a teacher of thirty-six years. His books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. Harmonizing Resources.

This ambitious book is a personal psycho-spiritual journey, a theorization on the meaning of the monuments of Mars, a guidebook for transcending present three-dimensional limitations, and an account of our function within the grand celestial battle between internal and external knowledge. The newly revised and expanded edition of this cult classic features photos and illustrations throughout, and adds the Lucifer Rebellion, the solar storm, and the final three breaths of the merkaba meditation. The author emphasizes the importance of meditation for promoting the understanding of and connection to the metaphysical.
Reviews: 7
Golden Lama
starts off very interesting and relevant. Then the rambling begins, and enough content contradicts modern science (to an absurd point), that sources to the author are questionable, even while keeping an open mind.
Still that are some important topics brought up (and reiterated) that coincide with a bunch of other weirdness I have experienced, so def worth a quick read.
I originally read this book in college at the recommendation of some friends. I enjoyed it, but didn't make much of it or think about it for a few years thereafter. However, with the recent rise of shows like Ancient Aliens, and the continually developing evidence for civilizations that existed centuries prior to timeframes currently "accepted," I have been reading many more texts within this field of "pseudoscience" or "New Age" ideas.

What stands out to me about Frissell's book is how many ideas are tied together in one coherent whole. Focusing upon UFO's, multi-dimensional existence, chakra, re-birthing, martians, Atlantis and much more, this text weaves a huge mix of unaccepted/controversial/pseudoscience/conspiracy notions into a single unified theory. My biggest complaint of the text is simply the lack of evidence Frissell uses to defend his ideas, relying upon the idea that we, as readers, simply know what he is saying to be true. This is not to say there isn't some scientific evidence scattered about, but for the most part, it is as if Frissell isn't trying to prove to non-believers that he's correct. It's more that he knows what he says is true, and it might be, so he just says it matter of fact without need to say more.

Here's the one really interesting part of the text to me: While Frissell doesn't take significant time to defend his ideas, it seems to me that the more work done by scientists, pseudo-scientists, Egyptologists, geologists, etc., the more evidence seems to unveil that what Frissell says MIGHT be 100% correct. For example, more and more evidence abounds about the actual history of our human society being much older than ever imagined, and Frissell claims has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. New theories surface regarding Atlantis on the regular, and Frissell neatly outlines its existence, how it functioned, and why it collapsed. Even multi-dimensional ideas are coming to exist more often as people try to understand consciousness, the soul, and near death experiences. That said, this doesn't prove Frissell correct, but it certainly makes one curious as to what we will know a hundred years from now, and whether Frissell (among many others in his field) were just 100% accurate in their current knowledge.

To me, one of the lasting pieces of value in this text were the breathing techniques he outlined in detail. I use the Christ Consciousness breathing often, as a tool for resetting myself and reconnecting with a higher power. I feel that as I utilize Yoga and breathing more often, I will certainly reference these techniques with regularity.

All in all, "Nothing in this Book is True..." at its least provides a supremely interesting way of seeing the unexplainable explained neatly and coherently, even if you choose to disregard it all as rubbish. At its most, it provides a detailed explanation of exactly how things are and have always been. Either way, it is very accessible, well-written, and certainly thought-provoking.
Frissell's work is easier for me to interpret the Drunvelo's. I appreciate the work that went into
writing it.
Awesome read! Would recommend to anyone that wants to read something that is different. I love this book!
crazy mashine
I realize that Bob Frissell refers to all the information that Drunvalo Melchizedek teaches in his Flower of Life books, but Bob Frissell is the better writer. The information is easy to follow and doesn't jump around. My issue with Drunvalo's book is that he will mention something in a paragraph and then the very next line says he's not going to get into that topic right now but he will come back to it later. It just doesn't flow. I appreciate the work that both of these men do, but if you really want to understand the teachings I would recommend starting with the Frissell books.
If you are a `Coast to Coast listener or just interested in the
UFO's you will defiantly enjoy this book. The author takes
an entertaining romp through XFile type stories with an attitude that
makes you question if this guy really has some inside information
that the secret government doesn't want you to know.

The title is perfect for this book. I really enjoyed it until the last
two chapters which are less insightful and sort of boring.
Getting through the explanation of the "Secret Geometry"
can make your eyes glaze over as well.
I love this book so much, that I ordered two more copies to give to friends as gifts. It ties everything together and it's such an easy read that 7 chapters flew by the first tie I opened it. Love it!!
If there's any truth to this book, which everything thus far that I have researched seems to corroborate it, then reality is definitely more intriguing than fiction! I've read this book twice already and I still can't wrap my head around it.