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Author: Swami Abhedananda
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Title: Reincarnation
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Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC (February 1, 2003)
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Reincarnation by Swami Abhedananda

Reincarnation by Swami Abhedananda. Produced by Dave Maddock, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. Five lectures on reincarnation. By. Swami abhedananda. Author of "India and her People", "Self-Knowledge", "How to be a Yogi", "Divine Heritage of Man", etc. CONTENTS. According to Vedanta, the end and aim of Evolution is the attainment of perfection. Physical evolution of animal life reached its perfection in human form.

Reincarnation in Hinduism. Swami Abhedananda:The ancient civilization of Egypt was built upon a crude form of the doctrine of Reincarnation. The theory of Reincarnation is logical and satisfactory. While the theory of Resurrection is neither based on scientific truths nor can it logically explain the cause of life and death, Reincarnation solves all the problems of life and explains scientifically all the questions and doubts that arise in the human mind. Swami Abhedananda, in Reincarnation. Reincarnation is not easily understood by a thoughtless child deluded by the delusion of wealth, name or fame. Everything ends with death, he thinks, and thus falls again and again under the sway of death.

Vedanta is one of the world's most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India, Vedanta affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of religions. Vedanta is the philosophical foundation of Hinduism; but while Hinduism includes aspects of Indian culture, Vedanta is universal in its application and is equally relevant to all countries, all cultures, and all religious backgrounds.

Published by Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, 1968. Vedanta Philosophy: Five Lectures on Reincarnation, by Swami Abhedananda. Kessinger Publishing, 1907. Reincarnation, by Swami Abhedananda. Kessinger Publishing, 2003. The Great Saviours of the World, by Swami Abhedananda. Pub. by Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, 1957. True Psychology, by Swami Abhedananda, Pub. by Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, 1965. Yoga Psychology, by Swami Abhedananda, Prajnanananda.

Swami Abhedananda (2 October 1866 – 8 September 1939), born Kaliprasad Chandra was a direct disciple of the 19th century mystic Ramakrishna Paramahansa and the founder of Ramakrishna Vedanta Math. Swami Vivekananda sent him to the West to head the Vedanta Society of New York in 1897, and spread the message of Vedanta, a theme on which he authored several books through his life, and subsequently founded the Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and Darjeeling.

Author of "India and her People", "Self Knowledge", "How to be a Yogi", "Divine Heritage of Man", etc. III. Evolution and reincarnation. IV. Which is scientific, resurrection or reincarnation? V. theory of transmigration. The visible phenomena of the universe are bound by the universal law of cause and effect. The effect is visible or perceptible, while the cause is invisible or imperceptible.

Reincarnation: The Karmic Cycle. Reincarnation is a commonly held view about life and death the world over. The authors in this book help us appreciate the deeper meaning of the "Theory of Reincarnation," as well as its counterpart, the "Law of Karma. Aproper understanding of these concepts gives us the courage and strength to face life's many challenges with confidence and security.

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