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Author: Douglas M. Baker
ISBN13: 978-0877283218
Title: Practical Techniques of Astral Projection
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Language: English
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Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser (June 1977)
Pages: 96

Practical Techniques of Astral Projection by Douglas M. Baker

Start by marking Practical Techniques Of Astral Projection as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. An interesting and short book about the 'astral plane' from an experienced writer on OBE. It talks about how to project yourself safely into the astral plane without any panic or worry. It doesn't go in depth as another free book, "Consciousness Beyond the Body", which is another great book about out of body experiences, lucid dreams, and consciousness.

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Techniques on astral projection. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. The book he removed from the shelf, the title and the subject matter he read to himself, were as I described them when received through my own conscious projection and my application of clairvoyance and telepathy. Man Outside Himself by . Prevost Battersby (University Books In. The fifth stage of astral projection. Documents Similar To Douglas M. Purucker Misc Theosophical Writings.

Baker relates case histories demonstating the reality of astral projection. He then describes in detail the techniques for bringing the physical body out of alignment with the astral as a precursor to increasing consciousness in the astral world. Using his own experiences of the astral world he offers a description of what we may expect there. ru - The author& techniques for achieving astral projection are illustrated with 22 pen and ink line drawings by one of England& leading book illustrators. ru/books/about/The Techniques of Astral Projection.

His transformative experiences during the Second World War, when twice severely wounded, set the pattern for his life long investigations into the Powers Latent in Man. Douglas Baker graduated in the Arts & Humanities in South Africa and qualified in medicine at Sheffield University (UK) in 1964. There is 5 techniques for 5 stage of astral projection. The problem is this book purely a 'how to' manual book. You won't get information what is astral plane look like, what will you feel and hear before separation from your physical body and how to deal with negative astral entities. If you just want to travel out of body, this book is enough for you. If you want more, get another books that can guide you.

The author, Dr. Baker, was a medical doctor who was born in London, but grew up in South Africa where he came into close contact with a large Hindu population, and the native Zulu people. Reading the book, it's obvious that he was also influenced by some older occult traditions: Theosophy and who knows what else. The book is only 96 pages long, but with small font and tight margins, there's an acceptable amount of content, although some of those pages are illustrations (most of which look like the book's cover). Due to the book's age, and the formal English prose, the text is a bit difficult to read, although not that obscure. There are basically two types of astral projection. There is the projection which occurs whilst the subject is fully conscious and alert in his waking consciousness and there are the projections which happen whilst the physical body is asleep or unconscious.

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Practical Techniques of Astral Projection.
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I had purchased this book new in the 70s. I was excited to find it at a reasonable price. The pages were yellow wit I had purchased this book new in the 70s. I was excited to find it at a reasonable price. The pages were present and intact. The cover and spine were in good condition. The friend who turned me on to this particular book passed away unexpectedly in the early 90s. It was bittersweet to open the package you hold this piece of my past in my hand . Thank you for giving me back I said sweet piece of my young adulthood .
I first read this book as a teenager in the '70's and though it fascinated me (astral projection was new to me then) I found the techniques frustratingly difficult to follow. Baker uses the technique of becoming lucid while dreaming, which in itself is no easy task, and, once accomplished, projecting the consciousness to a desired location. Problem is, once I became lucid I almost always awakened, usually within 20 or 30 seconds (and sometimes sooner) thereby putting an end to my astral endeavors. Because of the poor results I got using these techniques I can't give this book more than 2 stars.
However, for those people who have a knack for this particular technique of astral projection this may be what the doctor ordered.