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Author: Walther Moers
ISBN13: 978-3442416561
Title: 13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars (German Edition)
Format: lit mobi rtf doc
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Language: German
Category: Words Language and Grammar
Publisher: Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag GmbH (March 1, 2001)
Pages: 704

13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars (German Edition) by Walther Moers

13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars. Download (pdf, 1. 5 Mb) Donate Read.

item 1 13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars-Walther Moers -13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars-Walther Moers. item 2 13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars by Walther Moers (Paperback, softback) -13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars by Walther Moers (Paperback, softback). Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag GmbH.

13 1/2 Leben Kap't Blaubars (German) Paperback – 1 Mar 2001. by Walther Moers (Author).

Am 05. Oktober erscheint Walter Moers neuer Roman "Das Labyrinth der träumenden Bücher". Hildegunst von Mythenmetz kehrt zurück in die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher Walter Moers. Hildegunst von Mythenmetz kehrt zurück in die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher Walter Moers - Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher. Die 13 1/2 Leben des Käptn Blaubär (Walter Moers). 28 July 2011 ·. Bald kommt Walter Moers neuester Roman raus, nicht verpassen!

Fine Just the Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3 by Annie Proulx. The Death of Yugoslavia (BBC) by Allan Little. Lives of the Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakis. Een Roos Van Vlees by Jan Wolkers. Also ondelicious, Twitter.

Beschreibung: Ein Blaubär, wie ihn keiner kennt, entführt den Leser in eine Welt, in der Phantasie und Humor auf abenteuerliche Weise außer Kontrolle geraten sind. Please DO NOT MIRROR.

Die 13½ Leben des Käpt'n Blaubär (Zamonien, Published December 1st 2003 by Goldmann. Paperback, 703 pages. Author(s): Walter Moers. ISBN: 344245381X (ISBN13: 9783442453818). De 13 1/2 Levens van Kap'tein Blauwbeer (Hardcover). Published 2000 by Bert Bakker. Hardcover, 556 pages. Published November 11th 2013 by Albrecht Knaus Verlag.

Walther C. Zimmerli's Documents. Old Testament Theology in Outline. 2 Leben Kap't Blaubars. Green Business - das Milliardengeschaft.

Book by Moers, Walther
Reviews: 7
I simply bought this book because it's hardcover with full color illustrations. I can't read German, but that doesn't bother me because I have the English edition. This is a beautifully made book and if you're a fan of Moers' work, the color illustrations alone make this worth it. The paper quality is nice and even the cover without the dust jacket is color. Excellent for any collectors of his work.
Kindle edition. Download was fast, appreciated being able to get the german version. Also the book is amazing for all ages and a great read to children that love to be read to. Its just engaging and adventurous enough to keep them asking for it.
Great book! This truly is the German equal to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Like Hitchhiker's Guide, the story line is rather rambling and is broken into parts (the 13.5 lives of the protagonist, Captain Bluebear) so you can read a bit, put the book away for a while, and pick it up again without missing too much. The paperback edition is good quality (the pages aren't too thin even though it's a large book and the font isn't all squished) but I regret not getting the copy with the color pictures.
adventure time
Great book in english, good gift for a friend learning German. Book was clearly used, but only superficially, and very slightly.
Beautiful quality book
Love this book! And it's in color now! I can't wait to read this to my children. It has a slightly dark aspect, but lots of moral lessons. A strange and interesting story.
while browsing through my local bookshop i came across somthing which seemed out of place! a large yellow couvered book with a picture on the front of what seemed to be a blue bear in a boat! When i read the title i was fascinated by what this bizzare book was about! i opened it and studied the lovely map of zomania full of bizzare place names, and wacky landscapes! Intrigued by this i decided to buy it out of shere novelty appeal! when i read it i was sucked into the completely loony land of blue bear! i was taken in by his completely hillariously odd friends, and the weirdest places your likely to here of away from a mental assylum! i read the english version of the book and loved it to pieces to anybody who enjoys terrypratchett, tolkein, or hitch hikers guide to the galaxy this is the book for you!
Bluebear travels around a world not unlike our own and shares 13 12 lives. He is initially innocent but we see him learn from his adventures and develop into a genius. At times smug but usually endearing, Bluebear creates enough empathy for us to enjoy his engaging account of his life so far. The writer creates an inventive mix of fantasy, humour and science - putting familiar ideas together in such a way they become new... a book well worth reading and at 702 pages good value per page!!