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Author: David Goodhart
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Title: Progressive Nationalism: Citizenship and the Left
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Publisher: Demos (May 23, 2006)

Progressive Nationalism: Citizenship and the Left by David Goodhart

Progressive Nationalism book. Progressive nationalism: Citizenship and the Left argues that new.

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Progressive nationalism isn't an oxymoron, it's a necessity. The famous "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" slogan and the "rights and duties" approach to citizenship signalled a reasonable attempt to combine liberal principles and tough-mindedness. But, unlike on the economy and tax-and-spend, Labour has found it hard to pull the home affairs policy strands into an effective policy narrative. Creating a plausible "third way" for the security and identity issues - appealing to both the liberal and the anxious - is hard but not impossible.

Goodhart kept going, however. His 2006 pamphlet, Progressive Nationalism: Citizenship and the Left, pushed further. How do we reconcile our sense of solidarity with our diversity, he asked. The publication of Goodhart’s book The British Dream follows two major speeches late last year by Ed Miliband and a more recent one by the shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper. And they both acknowledged the cultural change and sense of loss that have left many people feeling alienated and resentful.

The five articles below are responses to David Goodhart’s pamphlet Progressive Nationalism: Citizenship and the Left, published by Demos in May 2006, on which Goodhart’s Prospect essay National anxieties is based. When David Goodhart wrote his famous Too Diverse? essay in Prospect two years ago, he probably had little idea of the impact it would create.

Progressive Nationalism : Citizenship and the Left. ISBN 10: 1849047995 ISBN 13: 9781849047999. ISBN 10: 0241334144 ISBN 13: 9780241334140.

For example, David Goodhart (see Box 1) argues for a progressive British nationalism. Singer-songwriter Billy Bragg is an exception. He argues for a multicultural image of England to counter the BNP and UKIP. As Goodhart observes, the UK spends 25 times more on the National Health Service than on overseas development aid. Some people advocate a 'post-nationalism' - a view that, for historical reasons, is strong in contemporary Germany. Post-nationalists argue for the explicit rejection of the nation and the development of world citizenship and would claim that all nationalisms are reactionary. Goodhart, D. (2006) Progressive Nationalism: Citizenship and the Left, Demos. Mill, J. S. (1859, 1991 edn) On Liberty and other Essays, ed.

David Goodhart at PostGlobal on PostGlobal; blog of politics and current events on washingtonpost. He is the author of several books and pamphlets, the latest for the think tank Demos is titled Progressive nationalism: citizenship and the left.