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Author: Jeb Byrne
ISBN13: 978-1438431451
Title: Out in Front: Preparing the Way for JFK and LBJ
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Publisher: Excelsior Editions (February 19, 2010)
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Out in Front: Preparing the Way for JFK and LBJ by Jeb Byrne

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Lively and fascinating, Out in Front reveals Jeb Byrne’s experiences as an advance man for JFK and as the deputy director of the LBJ advance unit during the 1964 campai Lively anecdotes retold by an advance man for presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Imagine one’s first job assignment is arranging John F. Kennedy’s visit to Fort Worth, Texas on the morning of November 22, 1963. Lively and fascinating, Out in Front reveals Jeb Byrne’s experiences as an advance man for JFK and as the deputy director of the LBJ advance unit during the 1964 campaign

Imagine one's first job assignment to be arranging John F. Kennedy's visit to Fort Worth on the morning of November 22, 1963. Lively and fascinating, Out in Front: Preparing the Way for JFK and LBJ reveals Jeb Byrne's experiences as an advance man for JFK and as the deputy director of the LBJ advance unit during the 1964 campaign. Byrne's life experiences illuminate the work done behind the scenes of campaign stops and political appearances.

Everyone who reads this book will reach the same conclusion: Jeb Byrne is a fantastic writer. Harold C. Pachios, former Associate White House Press Secretary under LBJ. Jeb Byrne has written a gem of a book about retail politicking. With humor, compassion, and insight, he reveals the world of political advance. Jeb Byrne joined the administration of President John F. Kennedy in 1961 in a public affairs position and was an advance man in Fort Worth on JFK’s last trip. He later served Lyndon Johnson as a principal advance man in LBJ’s 1964 campaign. A career civil servant in later years, Byrne’s last position was Director of the Federal Register, and he is now retired from the federal government.

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Though offering LBJ the vice-presidential position, tensions would continue to exist throughout JFK’s presidency. As the book describes, as vice-president, Lyndon Johnson would stand only a heartbeat away from the presidency but miles from any real authority. Thank you for covering the complicated interactions between JFK and LBJ (out of curiosity, why is it that JFK, LBJ and FDR tend to be the most abbreviated Presidential names? We don’t say GWB or JQ. as well as the excellent exposition and background in the ’s attempt at running for President while simultaneously running for his Senate seat always amuses me, and serves as an excellent example for who he was as a person and as a politician I dream of things that never were, and ask why no. -Robert Kennedy.

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LBJ was micromanaging the JFK assassination, although it was a CIA-US military operation. Lyndon Johnson in April, 1963 was the first person to announce John Kennedy was coming to Texas: it was not JFK or Connally making that announcement. John Connally: You know I was one of the ones who advised Kennedy to stay away from Texas, Connally said. That part of Elm that ran right in front of the Texas School Book Depository Building and led to the parking lot which is behind the picket fence atop the infamous ˜Grassy Knoll’. A black Cadillac stretch limousine had pulled up and had parked. Getting out on the curbside was former Texas Governor John Connally wearing a white Stetson hat. Moments later, his wife Nellie also appeared. They had been invited by the ASK organizers for the 2:00 . walk about’ but hadn’t shown up.

Lively anecdotes retold by an advance man for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.
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In this book we relive the hope and glory of the Kennedy years, all too short, and then get to know better Lyndon Johnson, another tragic figure, who meant to build a great society but stubbed his toe on Vietnam.

The life of an advance man is full of emergencies, egos that need soothing, and last-minute tasks. Despite the importance of his work, the rules of the profession require the advance man to stay in the background and keep his name out of the media (unlike a recent White House social secretary!). Yet the presidential operative has to be sociable enough that he doesn't get written up as a tight-lipped mystery man.

Author Jeb Byrne has a photographic memory and kept excellent records. Byrne recalls that when it came to pressing the flesh, Johnson was so industrious his right hand could get scratched and bloody. Once when Byrne was waiting for his military plane, he discovered that it had been hijacked by another presidential assistant.

The author disbelieves in all the conspiracy theories about the assassination of President Kennedy.

Prior to the assassination, Byrne happened to visit the Dallas night club owned by Jack Ruby, the man who would frustrate the investigators by gunning down suspect Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby, we learn, ran a lousy club with bad drinks and cheap entertainment. Somehow that makes me feel better.
Byrne proves that "the devil is in the details" as he walks us through the astounding complexity of arrangements for presidential appearances in this book. The author's work for JFK was all too brief: his very first and only advance assignment for Kennedy was for the Fort Worth portion of the President's trip to Texas on November 21 and 22, 1963. In his running commentary, the author spares no one, including himself, as he recounts successes and goofs. We are placed in these Presidents' motorcades and podiums as we read about the male-dominated political life of the sixties, the rich description making us both remember those times and realize how much of it would not happen in today's world. The concluding reflections on our American political customs shape a fitting conclusion to a good read.

--Dorothy McManus
For everyone old enough to remember the JFK/LBJ era, their personal stories are intertwined with the public events of that time. In this honest and energetic memoir, Jeb Byrne intertwines an overview of events, a moment-to-moment recall, and a subtle, unassuming story of his own history. What a gift from one who wrote down his memories and lived to tell the tale.
Filled with fascinating anecdotes / facts from the days of JFK and LBJ - a must-have for history/political buffs or just to familiarize yourself with a most remarkable era