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Author: Salvador de Madariaga
ISBN13: 978-8423949243
Title: El Corazón de Piedra Verde
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Language: Spanish
Publisher: Lectorum Pubns (June 1, 1986)
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El Corazón de Piedra Verde by Salvador de Madariaga

Corazon De Piedra Verde. Corazon De Piedra Verde.

Start by marking El corazón de piedra verde I (Nueva Austral Ser Vol. 55: El Corazón de piedra verde, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo was a Spanish diplomat, writer, historian, and pacifist. Other books in the series. Trilogía el corazón de piedra verde (3 books).

Madariaga, Salvador De was born in 1886. Download more by: Madariaga, Salvador De. Find and Load Ebook El corazón de piedra verde.

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El corazón de piedra verde I. Salvador de Madariaga. El corazón de piedra verde.

En la triología El corazón de piedra verde, Salvador de Madariaga logra ofrecer la imagen del choque de dos mundos y mostrar la conmoción que la Conquista produjo en los corazones de España y América.

Book by De Madariaga, Salvador
Reviews: 6
This book is one of the most beautiful, guiding and well written books out there! It's amazing how Salvador de Madariaga's pen can take your mind and imagination through time and through space. You're going to find yourself walking along 16th century Texcoco and Tenochtitlan. You are going to feel the fear of the soon-to-be-sacrificed slaves, you would smell the fresh blood of the priests, and you would cry along with Xuchitl, Texcoco's princess, with her tragic loses. But you will also find yourself riding through Torremala's (Spain) fields, having dinner with Cristopher Colombus, and see Alonso Manrique fainting when he sees a naked woman for the first time.
But what is the most fascinating thing about this book, is that you're going to learn all about Mexico's conquest in the hands of the spaniards, the late aztec culture and rites, and the extremely well-written evolution of 2 (and more) of the most fascinating and different characters of the modern literature, in a novel that blends religion, politics and love with a truly amazing story that will keep you attached to your seat from the first to the last page. And if, when you finish reading this masterpiece, you haven't had enough, there are three more books that continues Heart of Jade's exciting story. Prepare yourself for an amazing trip to the 16th century! A magical and truly beautiful world is waiting for you...
Madariaga does know what he's talking about, unlike Gary Jennings in "Aztec". Madariaga is a renowned historian who takes advantage of his knowledge and his writing skills to give us an epic novel of the Mexican Conquest. It traces the parallel lives of Xuchitl, a princess from Texcoco, and Alonso de Manrique, a well-to-do young man from Spain. Madariaga portraits the social context in which their lives develop. The Ancient Mexican culture is fascinatingly depicted, as well as the Spain of the Inquisition and the war against the Moors. Religion, politics and social situations paint a broad canvass in which the love story evolves. Alonso goes to Mexico with Cortes, helping him conquer what is now Mexico. He and Xuchitl fall in love instantly and, of course, that love is difficult but passionate. Madariaga's images are powerful, the tone epic and the result, a great read for anybody. The characters are unforgettable and the book has a bright light and colors that make it a grand novel.
This is a marvelous first book of a proposed 5-book history of the conquest of the Americas by the Spanish. Each book was to cover the lives of a generation, but the author was only able to complete four prior to his death.
The book is comprehensive in its detail of both Aztec and Hispanic life in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The main characters come from nobility in both cultures and both sides demonstrate a combination of nationalism and religious ferver that are the essence of the conflict. Within this panorama is a love story between an Aztec princess (Xuchitl) and a Spanish conquistador (Alonso). Alonso's strengths (deep integrity, religious conviction, mystical experiences, and nationalism) are countered effectively by an equally intense and admirable Aztec warrier/priest (Itzcauatzin). Through this triangle, the author explores the laudable and despicable characteristics of both cultures, as well as the religious / mystical foundations of each. The author grants credibility to each culture and religion, and thereby provides the reader a more rounded, in-depth, and very personal look at life during the conquest. If you read Spanish, and love history, philosophy, adventure, and intrigue, El Corazon de Piedra Verde will be on your list of favorites!
Oh...I found this book in the Spanish section of my library...and I don't want to give it back. I was immediately sucked into it. I couldn't put it down. The characters are very well developed, and I found myself following the story on the edge of my seat. I cried and hoped with Xuchitl and I determined and fought with Alonso. Having spent a summer in Spain, and having visited Mexico several times, the realistic descriptions brought me home to hundreds of my own memories while providing even more insight into these beautifully complex cultures. When I first finished the book, I thought the ending was a little anti-climactic...but since then I have found out that the book is the first of a 4 book series, so I would assume it was anti-climactic because the story wasn't really over yet. This gives me hope. I am now dying to find the titles of the sequels ... I highly recommend this one.
Salvador de Madariaga's "The Heart of Jade" is a beautifully crafted blockbuster novel chronicling the blood and thunder 16th century conquest of Mexico. But it is more than glorious and vainglorious history. The author endows his story with a depth of human interest from the parallell viewpoints of its two main characters, a young Spaniard and young royal Aztec who are destined to meet across the wide gulf of their cultures.
Readers of such books on this era as "La Chingada" and "Captain from Castile" will find those previously satisfying reads rather insusbstantial in comparison to this masterful work.