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Author: Ronnee Schreiber
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Title: Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics
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Publisher: Oxford University Press; 1 edition (June 16, 2008)
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Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics by Ronnee Schreiber

Conservative feminists" simply don't advocate for the same structural and institutional changes that feminists historically have, said Ronnee Schreiber author of the book Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics. For them, there's a very narrow view of what feminism is and also a very ahistorical view," said Schreiber, department chair of political science at San Diego State University. Feminism isn't just about a personal identification. It's a political and historical movement.

As Ronnee Schreiber shows, the conservative ascendancy that began in the Reagan era has been accompanied by the emergence of a broad-based conservative women's movement. And while firebrands like Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly may be the public face of rightwing women's activism, a handful of large and established women's organizations have proven to be the most effective promoters of the conservative agenda.

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Schreiber Ronnee (EN). When we think of women's activism in America, figures such as Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan invariably come to mind-those liberal doyennes who have fought for years to chip away at patriarchy and achieve gender equality. But women's interests are not synonymous with organizations like NOW anymore. As Ronnee Schreiber shows, the conservative ascendancy that began in the Reagan era has been accompanied by the emergence of a broad-based conservative women's movement.

Students of the American women's movement, political countermovements, and women's issues will find this an eye-opening addition to existing scholarship. -Anne N. Costain, Professor of Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder.

Enter Ronnee Schreiber’s newest book, Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics. Through her analysis of two conservative groups, Concerned Women for America (CWA) and the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), Schreiber discusses the ways conservative women’s orga The rise of politically active women in America is not relegated to the liberal sphere of feminism alone. Feminism’s ability to attract scores of women and media attention has not gone unanswered by the conservative right. Schreiber writes about how the CWA and IWF successfully harness the power of identity politics, viewing their groups' ideologies as an alternative to feminist positions they claim constrict and repress women’s lives. CWA and IWF reframe typical feminist issues – such as reproductive rights, pornography, and child care – in a conservative light, using their sex to grant legitimacy to their positions.

Righting Feminism: Conservative Women & American Politics. a b Schreiber, Ronnee (2016). Gender Roles, Motherhood, and Politics: Conservative Women's Organizations Frame Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann". Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy.

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Great price
Following Sarah Palin's campaign, the right began talking publically about 'sexism' and 'gender bias', leading the media to wonder if they had discovered the gender gap years after their colleagues on the left.

But this book makes it clear that two organizations remain relevant in the 21st century.

This is ironically possible because as opposed to attacking 'the feminists' outright, they shrewdly adapted and repacked selected feminist movement victories and/or goals in camouflage. The repackaging of feminist goals IS acceptable to their audiences and/or the communities which they live in.

So the women (and men) endorsing these organizations can be 'liberated' all without conveniently breaking the social and/or biblical confines of their communities. Through their proactively upping the ante with such debate terms, they then come back at us 'proving' that women do have it all. Therefore if other women are protesting outside of those boundaries, there must be something wrong with 'them' verus the society.

This book would be good for a political science and/or a women's studies class. I am concerned that only two organizations were profiled though. I think that there are additional like-minded organizations which would have provided sufficient information to further support the book thesis.

It's also a good read for grass roots activists, and anybody wanting to know the 'inside' scoop' on the success of the reccent anti-feminist organizations. Scheiber does not glorify the organizatons profiled, instead applying a welcomed critical eye.
I don't think "right"-wingers can be women's rights advocates. Christianity teaches that women should be "subject in all things" and "never usurp authority over any man" guaranteeing you do not have rights or authority in your own life, let alone government and community. Right-wingers mostly adhere to these false Christian "family values" that promote male supremacy and nazi-like control of women's bodies, minds and hearts within the home, community and government. Christianity also teaches child and human sacrifice and torture which most women and real mothers do not accept. Abortion excluded because it is a terrible but necessary evil when women are controlled and terrorized through their children by networks of religious male supremacist fanatics. As well as their children who are harmed throughout life anyway. It is a greater mercy to not bring children into the world until you are free from their religious tyranny. To raise a girl in such a system is like raising a black child in the KKK, it is cruel and the victims are well hidden and carefully trained to appear a certain way, to shut away the bad, regardless of how they suffer internally. I know because I was one.

Any women opposing these false christian "values" of male supremacist ideas will be shut down, shut up, hunted down, shamed humiliated by aggressive lies and image warfare, or conveniently jailed or dead... Only the most aggressive powerful people have a say in this country, women who support children's rights and are anti-male supremacy, anti-human sacrifice, anti-animal abuse do not have much of a chance for any real change. Religion, government and almost all institutions are run by male supremacist predators or women who are trained by these men. Good men and women disappear. The irony is good mothers are also disappearing who will not even protect their daughters from slavery or harm - or their children from religions that would kill or torture them. Jonestown is symptomatic of the whole brutal system.

The entire system is a nazi-like organization of networks of corrupt men that use and abuses women, children, animals and all creation. Those of us who do not worship bio-tech people, do not worship predators, or promote pyramid schemes of tyranny are the real "right." You must take action to oppose all systems of tyranny and that includes religions that are the main tool worldwide of male supremacists to take away women's liberty, children and animal rights. Yeah, since the internet is also controlled by them, see if this actually gets out there, but worth a shot. Help me out Amazon.