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Author: Neil A. Campbell
ISBN13: 978-0805365931
Title: Biology: Concepts & Connections
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Language: English
Category: Science and Mathematics
Publisher: Addison-Wesley; Solution Manual edition (July 1, 1999)
Pages: 432

Biology: Concepts & Connections by Neil A. Campbell

Titled Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections to honor Neil Campbell’s founding role and his many contributions to biology education, this book continues to have a dual purpose: to engage students from a wide variety of majors in the wonders of the living world and to show them how biology relates to their own existence and the world they inhabit. Most of these students will not become biologists themselves, but their lives will be touched by biology every day. Understanding the concepts of biology and their connections to our lives is more important than ever

His enthusiasm for sharing the fun of science with students stems from his own undergraduate experience. He began at Long Beach State College as a history major, but switched to zoology after general education requirements "forced" him to take a science course. from Long Beach, he earned an . in Zoology from UCLA and a P. in Plant Biology from the University of California, Riverside. I rented this book online after seeing it on a list of recommended study materials for the FTCE Biology 6-12 test. I am a Psychology major who, through a series of events somehow ended up becoming a Science teacher.

Biology : Concepts and Connections by Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Eric. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. In excellent condition this book has crisp pages, no marks that I have seen and the cover is in excellent condition.

It is known for scientific accuracy and currency; a modular presentation that helps students to focus on the main concepts; and art that teaches better than any other book. It is known for scientific accuracy and currency; a modular presentation that helps.

Pearson Education, 2018. 923 p. - ISBN-9780134296012. This book continues to introduce pedagogical innovations, which motivate students not only to learn, but also engage with biology. This bestselling textbook is designed to help students stay focused with its hallmark modular organization around central concepts and engages students in connections between concepts and the world outside of the classroom with Scientific Thinking, Evolution Connection and Connection essays in every chapter.

Biology : concepts & connections. by Campbell, Neil . 1946-2004; Mitchell, Lawrence G; Reece, Jane B. Publication date 2000.

Martha R. Taylor, Ithaca, New York. Eric J. Simon, New England College. The book and Mastering ™ Biology work together to help students practice making these connections throughout their text. Mastering Biology is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to improve results by helping students quickly master concepts. Over his 30 years of teaching introductory biology to both science majors and nonscience majors, many thousands of students had the opportunity to learn from him and be stimulated by his enthusiasm for the study of life.

Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections is uniquely suited to offer flexibility and thus serve a variety of courses.

Reviews: 7
I had to buy this for my son's AP class and I'm sure the book itself is good. I DO NOT however, recommend renting the book. They would only let me rent it for 6 months initially and indicated at the time that I would be able to extend the rental when it expired (since I needed it for 9 months). However, when it came time to renew, they claimed that the publisher wouldn't let me extend the rental and that I now had to BUY the book. If I had known that in the beginning, I would have bought a hard copy so that I could resell it. Now I am stuck with a $100+ ebook that we won't need in three months and can't sell. I'm mad that this was not stated up front and am growing increasingly torqued at Amazon as these types of things seem to be happening more and more. Just buy the book outright and get at least some of your money back at the end. The Kindle version is a rip off.
Content is 5/5 stars.

I've downloaded this textbook on a tablet and a desktop computer. When I try to open the book on a laptop of mine, I receive a dialog that titled 'License Limit Reached' with a message "You have exceeded the limit on the number of devices that can read this item" (see attached screenshot).

That is the reason I'm giving this e-Textbook a one-star review. I don't feel its unreasonable to want to read this book on a desktop, laptop, and tablet.
First of all, why are all of these reviews based on the service of the item? A customer review is supposed to be based SOLELY on the product itself, not its condition, not the seller, not the rental service. Amazon's review guidelines clearly state that "feedback about the seller, your shipment experience, or packaging is not a product review and should" not be a part of your product review. There are other venues for that. Here is a review on the content of the book.

My interest | 5 stars: I love, love science. Any textbook based on science is something interesting to me. More specifically, I am deeply interested in anatomy and biology. I have bought many books pertaining to science, mostly for required college classes. This one was also bought for a college class.

Engaging | 4 stars: The book is definitely engaging. The cover is beautiful, I enjoyed looking at the picture of a cute animal! The pictures and diagrams within the book are also engaging, and help with further understanding of the material.

Ease of understanding | 5 stars: I found the book easy to understand. The titles, subheadings, diagrams, pictures, and general body of the book were easy to understand and made the intimidating facts much clearer.

Index | 5 stars: I find the index, table of contents, and glossary very important features of any textbook. If I come across a difficult term, I refer to these areas of the book. If I need to study for a test, I refer to those areas. This book is great and contains all of those parts, making it easy to study from.
I simply could NOT use the $%%$ eBook, alone. I bought the stupid eBook for class. The $%$$ eBook is NOT set up to easily see to read two pages at a time, especially when a pictorial flow chart spans two pages not just one. This is a loose leaf physical book. With a loose leaf text I can follow two or more pages at a time. I can accurately complete the eBook assignments now with ease. I can bring the one paper chapter at a time to class then return it into the notebook. The eBook also does NOT have a great way of looking up concepts which are two paired words like "independent variable." There are wonderful oral resources and animations with the eBook. But, to see the concepts being explained two clear pages at a time is invaluable to my current almost 100 A in class. I cannot believe that this Pearson company has costed me MORE than $600 for a biology course!! This paper copy of the text book should be included in the price of the %%%$$ eBook.
i should have a refund from Pearson for the necessity to have purchased this book!!!

A loose leaf book is a great idea. To insert my own loose leaf notes without writing in the margins of the text or attempting to manipulate the $%$# eBook features to put in my own notes is good. I do not have to defile the loose leaf pages with scribbling.

To those professors adopting a Biology text, I say emphatically, look at the eBook #$$% again!! One must be able to have an expensive computer to see two pages two at a time, a big computer screen, one which is NOT portable to class. The ability to split screen the text with the assignments is not really very good either. I still have to toggle the two screens. Even with toggling, I could not see an entire concept map at one time, which necessitated more money out for this loose leaf book too. God Pearson!! You are not thoughtful.
Yes!!!, the e-study resources are wonderful. Animations, downloadable mp3 topics, ... But, Pearson, you are just plain greedy!!$ You HAD to steal for more than $600 an eBook AND this loose leaf text from my poverty.

I sleep on the floor. I have one chair and three changes of clothes only.

This book should be included with the eBook.

poverty stricken j
I rented this book online after seeing it on a list of recommended study materials for the FTCE Biology 6-12 test. I am a Psychology major who, through a series of events somehow ended up becoming a Science teacher.

Science was always my favorite subject in school, Biology in particular was my top favorite. Most of the material I haven't seen since I was in high school. When I found out I had to take the FTCE, I was very nervous! However, whenever I came across any concept I couldn't grasp, I turned to this book (which has EVERYTHING). I just took the FTCE on Saturday, and I passed!! I couldn't have done it without this book. Later on I plan to buy this book just to have it because it's such an amazing book. It's well-written and lays out all the concepts in a way that is easy understand, even for me!

I'll be passing the name of this book along to my colleagues.