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Author: David Smith
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Title: Mapping the World by Heart: An Innovative Approach to Learning Geography (Book & Video Cassette)
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Publisher: Tom Snyder Productions (1992)

Mapping the World by Heart: An Innovative Approach to Learning Geography (Book & Video Cassette) by David Smith

David J. Smith has 26 years of experience teaching geography, history, and English in public and private schools. Department of Education honored him in 1992 with their Breaking the Mold Award for this curriculum, and that, along with feature stories on The Today Show, and in Time Magazine, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, The International Educator, and other media, propelled him out of the classroom and into a full-time consulting practice. Ring-bound: 188 pages. Luckily I also bought "Mapping the World with Art" and that book has become the source book for our study this year. Mapping the World by Heart has great marketing- but nothing that helps me guide my students. 9 people found this helpful.

the mind mapping approach is used by millions of. people across the world for a wide variety of activities. from planning, organizing and learning to problem. solving in settings ranging from educational, professional or just at home. It can also be used as self. initiated a mind mapping approach to help this group. of children to absorb information effectively. The. study found that with the help of an idea/mind map, the child could take down the information as it was. received, and break it down into categories that are. more manageable and easier to understand resulting. workload using a text book to learn. courseware, a new concept of learning geography is. introduced . using concept mapping as shown in. FIG. 5. The main idea of this courseware is to provide. small chunks of information significant for the student.

About Mapping the World by Heart. Designed for grades 5-12, Mapping the World by Heart includes a set of maps and a comprehensive teacher’s guide that makes it easy to integrate lessons and activities into any class’s existing curriculum. The award-winning curriculum is the creation of David J. Smith, a teacher with over 25 years' experience in the middle school classroom. TIME Magazine, NBC’s Today Show, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Associated Press have written about David Smith and the great success his curriculum has brought to classrooms across the country. When it was first released, Mapping the World by Heart was awarded the Breaking the Mold Award by the . Department of Education. It has been through nine complete revisions, and is updated regularly.

Additionally, mind mapping is considered as an interactive approach to attract students attention because it gives the students much more time to fit in the topics that they need to cover and makes revision 'less boring' (Richard, 1999). However, in this work ToolBook has been employed to design a unique educational mind mapping tool to learn geography. Today the mind mapping approach is used by millions of people across the world for a wide variety of activities from planning, organizing and learning to problem solving in settings ranging from educational, professional or just at home. It can also be used as self learning methods that facilitate understanding of difficult concepts (Amila et a. 2007). The outcome may lead to support for creative learning and enhancement of students' innovative performance.

Action mapping is a streamlined process used to design training. It was developed by Cathy Moore. Here's a short history and overview of the model. Action mapping is being used by businesses and governmental organizations around the world. The resulting training is likely to be rich with scenarios, which learners often prefer over information presentations.

You'll find out how to determine location on the Earth, how maps can provide us with a wide range of information, how different landforms were created, how water has helped shape the Earth, and much more.

Are you sure you want to remove An enquiry approach to learning geography from your list? An enquiry approach to learning geography. at Key Stages 2 and 3. Published 1993 by Curriculum Council for Wales in Cardiff. CCW teacher support programme : geography in the National Curriculum - TSP G3, CCW teacher support programme - TSP G3. The Physical Object.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I defines the reinforcement learning problem in terms of Markov decision processes. Part II provides basic solution methods: dynamic programming, Monte Carlo methods, and temporal-difference learning. Part III presents a unified view of the solution methods and incorporates artificial neural networks, eligibility traces, and planning; the two final chapters present case studies and consider the future of reinforcement learning.

Embodied learning involves self-awareness of the body interacting with a real or simulated world to support the learning process. When learning a new sport, physical movement is an obvious part of the learning process. In embodied learning, the aim is that mind and body work together so that physical feedback and actions reinforce the learning process. Technology to aid this includes wearable sensors that gather personal physical and biological data, visual systems that track movement, and mobile devices that respond to actions such as tilting and motion. Being more aware of how one’s body interacts with the world can also support the development of a mindful approach to learning and well-being. 8. Adaptive Teaching. All learners are different. However, most educational presentations and materials are the same for all.

I was gripped by a book recommended by Pushpinder Khaneka – if you haven’t already, see his World Library series for further inspiration. Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero (Zed Books) is a classic of Egyptian feminist literature – it was first published in Arabic in 1975, and in English in 1983, but feels every bit as vibrant and relevant today. The changing climate has considerable implications for political geography, with dormant conflicts and tensions becoming more incendiary as pressure on resources – land and water, primarily – increases.

Grades 5 - 12

Can your students draw detailed maps without an atlas?

They can now! Perform a miracle with Mapping the World by Heart. It's a complete and proven approach to teaching geography. You'll see the most amazing results! Picture your students confidently penciling in the countries of central Africa, the expanse of the Rocky Mountains, and the nations of Southeast Asia. All by heart. As seen on NBC and in Time magazine! The stunning results of David Smith's curriculum were featured on NBC's Today show, in Time magazine, and in newspapers across the country. Now you can get the same results in your classroom!

What's Included

Comprehensive Teacher's Guide, detailed lesson plans, reproducibles, and blank outline maps. Mapping the World by Heart Lite includes master outline maps (one for each of the 9 world regions).

Reviews: 7
I ran across this course completely by accident. I am a big fan of Peter Reynolds books, and was on his website, looking through some of the vocabulary and computer animation products he offers. It took jumping around on several sites, including Amazon reviews to get a good idea of what I would be buying. You have to wade through the feelings and vague descriptions - there are a lot of those. So I totally understand why some people bought it and were disappointed. If you are a paid teacher, you will probably love this course. It's very hands on, it's perfect for unit studies, and if you put significant prep time into it, fascinating. If you are a homeschooling mom, you might not have designated 5 hours a week for geography prep when you are also trying to teach multiple kids varying levels of math, writing, grammar, science, etc... If you are looking for a scripted course, or one that takes no prep time, stop here. If however, you are good at wading through material, morphing it to your own needs, and want an interesting take on Geography, it's worth the price on Amazon. I love how this process teaches your kids not just the names of countless cities and countries, but the painstaking task of learning to draw the shape of a continent and it's countries by memory within the longitude and latitude lines of the entire world. For me, I bought a list of countries, capitals, continents, landmarks, and appropriate maps sheets. That might not sound like it's worth the price, but spend some time trying to find equirectangular maps on the internet, and you burn through those savings. We are going through this REALLY slowly. I don't care if it takes a few years. Here's what we are gaining: fine motor skills, patience, pride in accomplishment, knowledge of geography, understanding of the world, better perspective on history lessons, awareness and understanding of world issues, and it makes contributing to charities so much more meaningful. This is a great addition to that framework of knowledge that you build into your kids to make them life long independent learners. By the way, I'm doing it too.
It could be me, but I need a clearer step-by-step program. I spent 6 hours trying to figure out exactly what I should do first, then second, then third, etc., and after I plowed through the binder I ended up using a bunch of free activities I found online. I also purchased the map sets that go with the curriculum and then found many printable maps (also free) online, that did the job just fine.

I felt bad because the homeschool co-op families donated $5 each for the curriculum and $15 each for the maps, of which we used 2. I generally needed multiple maps of each country (like the U.S.A.) and there were 1 or 2 copies of each area. This meant that I had to print out copies off of my free online sources every week, even though maps had been purchased. Also, the purchased maps are too large for most personal copiers, so website hunting is the answer. Basically, everything that I had tried to avoid: Making up my own lesson plans and games (there were 2 usable games in the binder), finding crafts, printing out dozens of maps, etc., I ended up doing.

I think if you are someone that has more than a once a week time period and WANT to dig through all of the 'tips' in the binder to help the students memorize the locations of all geographic regions (maybe a 5 day a week classroom teacher) then this curriculum is for you. I was trying to avoid digging and ended up digging (on the internet) anyway.
I found this :Curriculum" to be a binder filled with lists. It was NOT a curriculum. Luckily I also bought "Mapping the World with Art" and that book has become the source book for our study this year. Mapping the World by Heart has great marketing- but nothing that helps me guide my students.
I bought this program because of rave reviews I had read. The intro video is very impressive, which features the teacher who created the program and his 7th grade class. It will motivate you to teach your student(s) geography.
However, when I started to use the program, it was not complete. It assumes you already have some idea of what you want to teach, and it gives you enrichment ideas to teach in creative ways. I am only starting the program, so I will get back to you when I have used it more. However, I did feel I had to purchase additional materials to teach concepts that were involved in certain introductory exercises in the book.
I think the program might be ideal for school teachers; for home educating parents, they may need supplemental materials to help them out.
Still In Mind
I am teaching a homeschool co-op class this year just about the continents. When I called the company and inquired about my situation (one hour, one day a week), I was delighted to hear that this was right up my alley. I love the Appetizer section, but honestly, for me, that is it! The other portions do not apply because there is SO much! Furthermore, there are only a few of the Appetizers...I wish there were more.