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Author: Sax Rohmer
ISBN13: 978-0891908036
Title: Mask of Fu Manchu
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Publisher: Amereon Ltd (July 5, 1982)

Mask of Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer

The Mask of Fu Manchu. This book, of 14 in the Fu Manchu series, is a direct continuation of the previous entry, The Daughter of Fu Manchu. Thus, a reading of that earlier story is fairly essential when going into this one. The story this time concerns Fu’s attempts to steal the so-called relics of El Mokanna from Sir Lionel. These relics will enable him to foster an Islamic uprising that will sweep the world.

Книга The Mask of Fu Manchu, автор Rohmer Sax - (This book, of 14 in the Fu Manchu series, is a direct continuation of the previous entry, 'The Daughter of Fu Manchu'. The story this time concerns Fu's attempts to steal the so-called relics of El Mokanna from Sir Lionel. The action jumps from Persia to Cairo, to adventure on the high seas and then back to jolly old London

Rohmer even manages to throw in a nice sentimental ending of sorts to this story, in which Fu gets to show what a classy dude he is capable of being. I am docking the book a star because several of the events are not explained (how did Fu get out of the Great Pyramid, anyway?), and because the writing in one or two scenes was a bit fuzzy (I still can't figure out that Ogboni spider-thread pendulum trick). Still, these are minor quibbles. This is essentially a mighty fun read, and a worthy addition to the Fu saga

Sax Rohmer in his book, The Mask of Fu-Manchu Book Five in the Dr. Fu-Manchu series published by Titan Books brings us new adventures of Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Dr. Petrie and, of course, the evil Dr. Fu-Manchu. From the Back Cover: Imagine a person, tall, lean, and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan. London, 1913-the era of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, and the Invisible Man. A time of shadows, secret societies, and dens filled with opium addicts. This is the fifth book in the Fu Manchu series by British author Sax Rohmer. The story was originally serialized over twelve issues in Collier's Magazine in 1932. It is a continuation of the battle between Dr. Fu Manchu and the forces of the British Empire.

The window space was perfectly blank, now. The iron box had gone; the black man had gone. Then I was up. My period of enforced inactivity was ended. I pressed the button of my torch and, springing out from behind the big trunk, directed a ray along the narrow room. The air was still heavy with a vague sickly perfume of mimosa; but I gave no glance at the pillow which had been sprayed with this strange anaesthetic

The Mask of Fu Manchu. One night in ispahan. Shan! Shan! Someone calling my name persistently. I had been asleep, but dreaming hard, an evil from which ordinarily I don’t suffer.

Fu-Manchu is dead,so what have we to fear?" "We have to fear," replied Smith, throwing himself into a corner ofthe settee, "the Si-Fan!" I continued to stare, uncomprehendingly. I always knew and you always knew," interrupted Smith in his short,decisive manner, "that Fu-Manchu, genius that he was, the servant of another or others. He was not the head ofthat organization which dealt in wholesale murder, which aimed atupsetting the balance of the world

Rohmer wrote 14 Fu Manchu novels from 1913 to 1959 followed by a series of continuation novels written by various literary successors. Fu Manchu has been a mainstay in television, radio, comic strips, comic books, and especially films.

Book by Sax Rohmer
Reviews: 7
Direct sequel to DAUGHTER OF FU MANCHU is even stronger. Most popular title in the long-running series is no where near as offensive as the MGM picture based on it with Karloff and Myrna Loy. Still packs a whallop.
This is a very nicely redesigned trade edition of a classic Sax Rohmer paperback.
I read all of the Fu Manchu novels back in the early to mid 60's, and have discovered them again after all these years. This book is one of my favorites, with deadly plots, murderous intrigue, and of course, the beautiful green eyed siren, Fah Lo Suee, the insidious villain's daughter., Set in Egypt, as the best of Rohmer's novels are, amid desert sands, moonlit nights and ancient tombs, this one is fast paced and exciting. This 1964 Pyramid edition has one of the better cover paintings as well.
Very Good.!
Great Book. Thanks
This series is worth reading
I continue to love this series. I am thankful for Titan bringing these classics back. I hope that they continue to print classics like this series from the pre political correctness era. Keep up the good work Titan.