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Download CENTENARY ED WORKS NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE: VOL. VII, A WONDER BOOK AND TANGLEWOOD T (The Centenary Edition of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, V. 7. Writings for Children, 2) epub book
ISBN13: 978-0814201589
Title: CENTENARY ED WORKS NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE: VOL. VII, A WONDER BOOK AND TANGLEWOOD T (The Centenary Edition of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, V. 7. Writings for Children, 2)
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Publisher: Ohio State University Press; 1 edition (December 1, 1972)
Pages: 463

CENTENARY ED WORKS NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE: VOL. VII, A WONDER BOOK AND TANGLEWOOD T (The Centenary Edition of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, V. 7. Writings for Children, 2) by NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE

版社: Ohio State Univ Pr; Centenary ed版 (1972/10/1). 語: 英語. ISBN-10: 081420158X. This is another of the many classic tales that the famed author Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote for children. This is the tale called "The Midas Touch," which children should know because it is part of world culture. King Midas was obsessed by his love of gold which he horded in his basement dungeon. Once when he was in his dungeon, which he had locked so that no one could come and see and take his gold, a smiling stranger appeared. The stranger noticed that he had much gold but was not satisfied. He asked Midas what he wanted.

The complete writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Doctor Grimshawe's Secret: a romance. Centenary ED works nathaniel hawthorne. The complete Greek stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne: from the "Wonder book" and "Tanglewood tales". Memoir of Nathaniel Hawthorne, with stories now first published in this country. Dr. Grimshawe's secret: a romance.

Personal Name: Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864. Uniform Title: Works. v. 1. The scarlet letter. 2. The house of seven gables. 3. Blithdale romance. 4. The marble faun. 7. A wonder book and Tanglewood tales. 8. The American notebooks. 9. Twice-told tales. 10. Mosses from an old manse. 11. Snow-image and uncollected tales. 12. The American claimant manuscripts. 13. The elixir of life manuscripts. 14. The French and Italian notebooks. The Counsular letters, 1853-1857.

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Hawthorne died on May 19, 1864, leaving behind his wife and their three children. Much of Hawthorne's writing centers on New England, many works featuring moral allegories with a Puritan inspiration. His fiction works are considered part of the Romantic movement and, more specifically, dark romanticism. Even today, several of them are considered examples of the finest American literature. History & Fiction.

ISBN13: 9780814203637. The Letters, 1813-1843. by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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The texts of Hawthorne's classic tales for children are presented together with textual notes and commentary on their original texts
Reviews: 7
I was very disappointed by the complete lack of ANY illustrations in this book. Other older copies are illustrated. Some reviews said there were illustrations in this book, but perhaps they have been removed. Other elements are very low quality as well. This book is just a notch above a photocopy of a printout.
Six Greek Myths/Tales are told to a group of children by their cousin, Eustace Bright so before and after each story you are reading of the interactions and activities of the children. The six stories are:

Gorgons * Midas * The Paradise of Children (Pandora's Box) * Three Golden Apples (Hercules) * The Miraculous Pitcher * The Chimaera

The Kindle version is not formatted properly in two ways. The "U's" in the titles are shown as "V's" and the first letter of the chapter is on the end of the chapter's title. HOWEVER as this version is FREE, one cannot really complain. I am reading this aloud to our children and older children should be able to work through the errors without any problems. The rest of the text is great and the stories are retold very well.
These are classic stories from Greek mythology. The easy way to introduce young people to Perseus, Mercury, the Minotaur,. Medusa and other tales which afe referred to in films and literature. Long introductions may be skipped to get directly to the stories.
Tanglewood Tales was an old childhood favorite (beaten up hard-cover edition, with color Maxfield Parrish illustrations). I was so looking forward to sharing this version of the Greek classics with my own kids.

Okay...a literary critic I'm not. I just wanted to drop in and say that this version SUCKS. There were quite a few missing pages, and the illustrations were mostly black globs.

A total rip off.
I read these books when I was a child. I started reading these stories to the kiddo's. It's very nice to have a quiet time in the evening reading these wondrous stories to the children. The discussions that invariably present themselves are worth their weight in gold, then add to that the spark of imagination that results is truly amazing. No amount of video games or TV & movies can replace one hour of Nathaniel Hawthorne!

Even though this book does not include the wonderful lithographs the original books did, the stories stand by themselves. Of course, the seriously low price of the books would negate the pictures. The book itself is high quality. The paper cover is very thick & glossy. The pages of the book are bound to the spine for longevity. I can predict this book will disappear and miraculously reappear in one of the childrens bookshelves when they strike out on their own, to seek their fame & fortune, defeating hideous monsters they meet along the way.
This book was printed from an e-book. How do I know? The e-book terms and conditions are printed on the second page. Not surprisingly, the illustrations and text are of poor quality as a result. I am returning this book and will be buying a more professionally printed copy for my children.
My first Calla Edition was Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe. It is a work of extraordinary beauty and I've been collecting the various titles issued by Calla Editions since. Here's what I've noted: The quality of each Calla Edition up to 2011 is superior in terms of binding, paper quality, the illustrations, and content. These Calla Editions are a must-have in every collector's library and will bring great pleasure to bibliophiles. The Calla Editions printed in and prior to 2011 were printed in the United States and are of stellar quality, whereas those printed in 2012 onwards were manufactured in China, and the change in quality is noticeable - the bindings look and feel cheap, and do not hold up well (I own two of these inferior Calla Editions), the paper is thick yet not as creamy or smooth like the previous editions, and the illustrations do not feel glossy either. So buyers of the later (2012 and after) editions might want to be aware of this.

The binding on this title "Tanglewood Tales" is inferior. It scuffs easily and does not have the glossy leather like finish of previous Calla editions. Unlike Calla editions of 2011 and earlier, the paper here is 150 gsm Chinese Premium paper 1.3 and is bound in Wibalin. The earlier Calla editions were printed on high quality Utopian ivory paper. Even though the paper in this edition is thick, it lacks the smooth finish of earlier Calla editions. This shows especially in the illustrations which lack the smooth, glossy finish of earlier editions.

Despite its flaws, I gave this edition three stars because I love the six stories from Greek mythology included here, i.e. The Minotaur, The Pygmies, The Dragon's Teeth, Circe's Palace, The Pomegranate Seeds, and The Golden Fleece. The 22 illustrations by Virginia Frances Sterrett include both color and black and white illustrations which are exquisite. I just wish the publishers had not skimped on the quality of the binding and paper.
This is one of those books I had been meaning to read since I was young. It doesn't disappoint. Though the re-tellings are somewhat old-fashioned and quaint, they are rich in description and bring the old Greek myths to life. (And actually, I prefer old-fashioned to modern writing, sometimes.) Nathaniel Hawthorne was a master of the novel and short story in the America of his day. It is just plain fun reading this! Originally written for children, it has much "adult appeal", too. Highly recommended!