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Author: Lucien Gregoire
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Title: Murder in the Vatican: The Revolutionary Life of John Paul and the Vatican Murders of 1978
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Publisher: AuthorHouse; 1st Edition edition (September 11, 2006)
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Murder in the Vatican: The Revolutionary Life of John Paul and the Vatican Murders of 1978 by Lucien Gregoire

Gregoire is convinced that Pope John Paul I espoused liberal ideas of sufficient universal pastoral appeal that their implementation throughout the Roman Catholic church during his reign would change forever the I enjoyed reading this work, despite the writing being not too felicitou. here is no question regarding the sincerity of the author, and it is this and his passion for righting what he considers to be the wrongs perpetrated by the Vatican and its cronies, that makes this worth reading. One thing is sure: whoever reads this book believing that the Vatican is some holy place sanctified by grace will have reason to believe otherwise. There is nothing sacred about the Vatican or those who run it, particularly the Curia.

The Vatican Murders' reveals how each of these played a role in the murder of the youngest pope to die in four hundred years. When elected he was tabbed a liberal on a few bits which had reached outside Italy.

August 18, 2010 History. Lucien Gregoire's Murder in the Vatican Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Lucien Gregoire's Murder in the Vatican from your list? Lucien Gregoire's Murder in the Vatican. Published 2006 by AuthorHouse in Bloomington, IN. Written in English. The revolutionary life of John Paul. The Vatican murders of 1978. Two books in one volume".

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T. Francis Elliott, London Times

Tomb of John Paul I in the Vatican Grottoes. Pope John Paul I died suddenly in September 1978, 33 days after his election. Following contradictory reports about the circumstances of his death and apparent anomalies about the issuing of the death certificate and other procedures, several conspiracy theories have gained currency. Hence, Lucien Gregoire’s conspiracy theory: The conspiracy that planned the Vatican-Ambrosiano Bank Scandal was the same conspiracy that plotted the murder of John Paul . .Luciani: The Life and Codex of John Paul I, was staged for two weeks in London, starring performance artist Leigh Bowery. It drew on conspiracy theories about the pope's death.

Reports that inspired the 1978 Zottola-Pena novel shortly after his death. His bios lack cause and date of death and no obituary in the London Times or any other newspaper despite he had spent his lifetime on the covers of journals including ‘Time Magazine.

Murder in the Vatican is two books in one book: The Revolutionary Life of John Paul (the only existing biography of the 33-day Pope) and The CIA, Opus Dei and the 1978 Murders. Why two books in one book? Unless one understands the mystery of his life - something the Vatican prefers to keep secret - The Secret Life of John Paul - one will never understand the mystery of his unwitnessed death.

IMPORTANT: 'Murder in the Vatican' was republished in an expanded edition in December 2013  under the title 'The Vatican Murders: The Life and Death of John Paul I' also on Amazon.
Reviews: 7
This gives a great background to today's headlines of Vatican scandal and heavyhanded doctrinal enforcements. The murder of John Paul 1 put an end to the advancement of the Catholic Church into modernity and firmly brought it back into medieval thinking. John Paul 1 was a real revolutionary with ideas that in many quarters are still able to shock.
The ending 'what might have been' shows how the Vatican could have been a leader in spiritual thought and action but now will sink slowly into reactionary irrelevance together with other religions whose doctrines are based on hating certain groups rather than love of all. This book also shows where that hate came from and why we should eschew it in the 21st Century.
Read it and weep for what might have been.
Unlike a prior edition, this is actually two books in one volume, and they are both outstanding. The first is largely about the life and ideas of this, the most liberal of all of the popes in the church's two thousand year history. It's amazing how brilliant this man was before he had even reached puberty, and how much he accomplished in the 66 years leading up to his papacy. This first book makes you long for what a man like him could have done for the world, had he lived.

The second book reads like a great murder mystery. But the difference is that it's not fiction and it deals with the tragic loss of one of the most promising man to be pope in ages, just one month after his elevation to that powerful office. And the loss isn't limited to the Roman Catholic Church because this institution is a great power for either good or ill in the world at large. I liked the book so much that I added a web page about it to my "Liberals Like Christ" web site.

Rev. R. D.
Fascinating description of events surrounding John Paul.

However, I do recommend a careful proofreading before reprinting. There is a difference, for example, between "prostate" and "prostrate." Other errors as well distract from reading.
If only one-eighth of what is in this book is true, we are in deep, deep trouble. If a quarter of what is in this book is true, we are essentially doomed as Catholics. This was very hard to read and very disturbing .. no, flatly depressing. I weep for the years I wasted following the dictates of the Church, only to find that most of them were political deals. If half of what is in this book is true, the anti-Christ is already here.
This was a spell bound book. Mr. Gregoire really did his home work in getting the facts and wrote this book as he found them.
It was a revealing book on the how envy and politics even the Vatican can make men forget their purpose of their positions in the Church. I read things I had no idea took place during the years of the beginning of Vatican II.
This book is a made up fantasy. It is completely fabricated out of whole cloth. Papa Luciani was a theological conservative and a social moderate: more liberal than John Paul II, probably less liberal than John XXIII. His death was a tragedy for progressive forces in the church. The Vatican completely botched the way news of his death was handled. Even responsible observers (like John Cornwell, whose book, "A Thief In the Night" is the definitive study of John Paul I's death) agree that it is plausible for reasonable people to believe that foul play was involved (though Cornwell doesn't). But Gregoire makes up conversations, fakes sources, and creates a work that belongs on the "fiction" shelf, not among works of religious history. This book is a total and complete nightmare: a partisan screed masquerading as truth. We may even be largely in sympathy with Gregoire's politics (pro gay rights; pro women priests). But we're not allowed to bend history (and even make things up) in order to "prove" our point.
The author of this book writes so poorly that at first I believed English was his second language. The editing makes this book even more difficult to read. There is some good information for the patient reader, who also must slog through the author's rhetoric and emotionalism. I do not recommend the purchase of this book except to give to a library for research and documentation purposes.
Some parts of the books are more the author's opinion than facts. He accused some very important and loved people without real evidence.
I agree with him about the kind of person that the Pope JP I was, but the conspiracy theory looks more like a Hollywood story than reality.