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Author: Hans Jörg Sandkühler,Hong-Bin Lim
ISBN13: 978-3631532973
Title: Transculturality – Epistemology, Ethics, and Politics (Philosophie und Geschichte der Wissenschaften) (v. 57)
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Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (October 6, 2004)
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Transculturality – Epistemology, Ethics, and Politics (Philosophie und Geschichte der Wissenschaften) (v. 57) by Hans Jörg Sandkühler,Hong-Bin Lim

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Philosophie und Geschichte der Wissenschaften.

In: Hans J. Sandkühler, Hong-Bin Lim, ed. Transculturality – Epistemology, Ethics and Politics (Frankfurt, Berlin et. Peter Lang, 2004), 39-50. Transculturality and comedy in Zadie Smith’s serio-comic novel White Teeth (2000). In: Heinz Antor et al., ed. F rom Interculturalism to Transculturalism. Johann Gottfried Herder, Auch eine Philosophie der Geschichte zur Bildung der Menschheit (Frankfurt: Suhrkamp, 1967 ), esp. 44. Herder, Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit (Leipzig: Hartknoch, 1841). Although Welsch’s theory received mostly benevolent responses, there are points that could be criticized. Welsch, in most of his papers, defends himself against the claim that transculturalism creates a uniform and tedious global cultural continuum (cf. .

Hans-Jörg Sandkühler’s most popular book is المثالية الألمانية - المجلد الثاني.

Die Geschichte der Beziehung zwischen phie und hte ist turbulent. Sie begann im frühen 19. Jahrhundert zu einer Zeit, als Philosophie und Wissenschaften sich langsam voneinander ablösten und als eigene Konturen gewannen.

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Hans-Jörg Rheinberger : a bibliography. Transformationen der wissenschaftlichen Philosophie und ihre integrative Kraft – Wolfgang Köhler, Otto Neurath und Moritz Schlick. Zur Geschichte der Pugwash-Bewegung in Deutschland. Symposium der deutschen Pugwash-Gruppe im Harnack-Haus Berlin, 24. Februar 2006.

The concept of transculturality no longer assumes that cultures are homogenous unities with stable borders. Borders are no longer given, be it through nation, ethnicity, religion or tradition, or homogenous subject-identities etc. Rather, they emerge and change through the dynamics and complexity of flexibly coexisting networks between persons. To this degree, cultures are agendas, within which one thinks and according to which one wants to act in solidarity with others, because more than one person is convinced of its worth for the shaping of life. This is the context, within which Korean and German philosophers, social scientists and cultural scientists together and in an atmosphere of openness and learning pursue their interests in philosophical questions about human existence, about understanding and knowledge and in problems of society, law, democracy and state. There are topics to be discussed these days – not in isolation from one another, but transculturally – which are topics of that one world: universal and local discourses on culture, transculturality and cultural differences in the age of globalization, the role of religions within cultures, the possibility of transcultural communication, public rationality, transcultural justice and the universality of human rights.