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Francesca's Party

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And then Francesca decides to throw a party, and that's when the fun really starts. What readers are saying about Patricia Scanlan’s novels: 'Utterly magical and wonderful. warmth and compassion shine through' MARIAN KEYES 'Like being enfolded in a hug from the great writer herself: warm, comforting and full of love' CATHY KELLY 'There can be little doubt that Patricia Scanlan is the prolific queen of contemporary Irish popular fiction' Sunday Times ''There is a heartbreaking authenticity. A very good read from first page to the end. I really got into the charecters and was so glad that Francesca stood her ground against her cheating lying husband Mark. What readers are saying about Patricia Scanlan's novels: 'Utterly magical and wonderful.

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Reviews: 7
This book is set in Ireland, but could have easily been anywhere else except for the Irish terms and slang.

Minor spoilers *********************************************************************

Francesca Kirwan has just turned 40, has two wonderful sons and a great marriage, or so she thinks. After dropping her husband, Mark, off at the airport for a business trip, she sees that in his hurry, he left his cell phone in the car. When she tries to catch up with him inside the airport, she sees him embracing and kissing his pretty co-worker, thereby discovering how not great her marriage is. Mark and the co-worker walk off and Francesca realizes that he's not going to Brussels as he told her, but to the departure area for Cork, where they recently spent her birthday. She leaves the airport completely devastated and realizes that while devoting herself to her family, she has lost the essence of who she is. Francesca later calls the hotel where she (correctly) believes Mark to be staying and decides to confront him and his "tart." The scene at the hotel was too funny!! I cheered as Francesca boldly confronted Mark and his "tart" at the hotel.

There were so many things I loved about this book. It was quite simply a great book and I enjoyed following Francesca on her journey to rediscover herself. The book felt so honest about all the problems associated with the break up of a marriage. It was a bonus that Francesca was so real, blunt and funny. Although she wallowed in pity for a while, she was honest and really did face her problems and refused to settle for less than she deserved, whether with her husband or someone new. There were so many funny scenes in the book, my sides began to hurt from laughing. I loved all the stuff about the rotten in-laws and Francesca's sister was super sweet and very funny.

I actually felt inspired by some of the nuggets of wisdom in this book, which while serious, were presented in a funny way. In the end, Francesca finds that elusive thing called happiness by becoming her own person.

I highly recommend Francesca's Party. Though it dragged slightly in spots (primarily during Francesca's extended pity-party), my only real complaint was that the time-lines appeared off - with Francesca just turned 40, she appeared too young in relation to Mark's age (45), the length of their marriage (22 years) and the ages of the sons (not provided but they were indicated to be adults and basically on their own). There was slight mention of the younger son being in school at the beginning of the book (college?) which was not really explained. He later went off to live in America with the older son, who had apparently been there for a while. The sons were written as if at least mid-twenties but based on Francesca's age and no mention of pregnancy prior to marriage, the older son could not have been older than 21, based on a 22-year marriage. These are minor points, but it does bother me when timelines don't fit the story, and so I wanted to note it for others.
From Oct. 26-Oct. 29 I read nine books...most of them were Harlequin Presents. None of them were really good. So I tried this book by an author unknown to me. I COULD N'T put it down ...it was s-o-o good. I am so grateful for a woman who could stand up for herself, even while going through so much!!! AND she was so real (I would have done just the same as she if I caught my husband like she did). Francesca is my hero.I have never known a man like Mark. He is responsible with his work, but in his relationships, he thinks ONLY of himself and blames everyone else for everything else. Nikon got what she deserved. She willingly and with clear intent went after a man she knew was married. Although he is not excused, she crossed a line that she knew was wrong. She and Mark were both very selfish and self-centered people. I cried, laughed, and was very tense reading this wonderful book. I recommend this book/author and will IMMEDI-ATELY search for other books by this highly gifted author!!!
Francesca’’s Party : Patricia Scanlan : Only purchased this book recently – I thoroughly enjoyed the read – kept wanting to pick it up and read it. Francesca was a lovely lady, so natural and completely normal. The story around her was interesting and intriguing. Patricia Scanlan is a wonderful writer and keeps your interest all the time. Slightly dated by the time lapse on issue date but not to any great extent – didn’t disappoint. Would recommend highly : Sorry I had finished it.
I pretty much knew where this was going but it was so fun getting there. Scorned forty-year-old woman, rotten cheater mid-life crisis husband, & evil, younger other woman. I loved going on this journey with Francesca, and it had a funny, wonderful conclusion.
blac wolf
I was very comfortable reading this book.though I live in the US I am from Dublin & go back regularly so I could identify with all the places mentioned.It was a little predictable,I was pretty confident Mark would be the loser. She painted a great picture of a 'self absorbed all about me jerk' with an outsize ego.It was an easy read,great for vacation or on a plane.
I love this author but this book wasn't my favorite by her. The main character played a victim through most of the book.
I thought I was reading a short story from years ago in Redbook
or Good Housekeeping.
Probably just a so-so beach read.
However, I was at the beach and did not find it
particularity good.
Loved watching Francesca put her life back together and find herself in a better place and truly happy. Also loved the "what goes around comes around" part of the story. A very enjoyable read.