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Author: Chris Ryan
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Title: Killing for the Company
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Publisher: Hodder Ome (May 1, 2012)

Killing for the Company by Chris Ryan

Killing for the Company book. Mystery until the end! Another brilliant book by Chris Ryan, as if the action throughout wasn't enough, the total surprise in the last pages was breathtaking. A typical Chris Ryan book keeps you thinking till the end, I wasn't t really expecting it. I enjoyed it & would think Ryan fan's will enjoy the book.

Killing For The Company. The olive-drab vehicle had seen better days, but the modifications it had undergone were state-of-the-art. Mounted on the cab was a high-velocity missile launcher. Publisher: Coronet, London, 2011. Former SAS legend Chris Ryan brings you his sixteenth novel and it is full of all his trademark action, thrills and inside knowledge. Invalided out of the SAS Chet Freeman makes his living in high-end security, on a temporary contract for an American corporation called the Grosvenor Group. He catches a young woman, a peace campaigner, eavesdropping on a meeting the Group is holding with the British Prime Minister.

expect lots of Afghan action but also intelligent, political thrills. Mail on Sunday Chris Ryan is as hard as nails. Mirror Chris Ryan is as hard as nails. Former SAS corporal and the only man to escape death or capture during the Bravo Two Zero operation in the 1991 Gulf War, Chris Ryan turned to writing thrillers to tell the stories the Official Secrets Act stops him putting in his non-fiction

Written by Chris Ryan, Audiobook narrated by Michael Fenner. Your audiobook is waitin. illing for the Company. Narrated by: Michael Fenner. Length: 12 hrs and 45 mins.

Personal Name: Ryan, Chris, 1961-. Algorithmic and register-transfer level synthesis : the system architect's workbench by . ISBN: 0792390539 Publication & Distribution: Boston.

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Former SAS legend Chris Ryan brings you his sixteenth novel and it is full of all his trademark action, thrills and inside knowledge.2003. Invalided out of the SAS Chet Freeman makes his living in high-end security, on a temporary contract for an American corporation called the Grosvenor Group. He catches a young woman, a peace campaigner, eavesdropping on a meeting the Group is holding with the British Prime Minister. The Group's interests include arms manufacture, and what Chet and the young woman overhear seems to imply that it is bribing the Prime Minister to take his country into an illegal war.Could this possibly be true?Somebody believes that this is a secret that needs covering up, because Chet and the girl are attacked. Hunted down, they go into hiding, and a deadly game of cat and mouse begins.Nearly ten years later tension is reaching breaking point in Jerusalem. The now ex-Prime Minister is working as a Middle East peace envoy. As the city descends into anarchy and rival armies are poised to turn it into a battlefield, Chet's best buddy, Luke, is part of a team tasked by the Regiment with extracting the ex-Prime Minister.At the height of the battle Luke discovers a conspiracy far more devastating than any arms deal.
Reviews: 7
"Killing for the Company" is a fast-paced, suspenseful, military thriller that keeps you reading till the end. I don't read a great deal of books in this genre, and after reading "Strike Back," I was hesitant to give this one a try. The title was intriguing however, so I decided to give Ryan one more try. I'm glad I did! "Killing for the Company" is better written than Ryan's other novels and carries a more substantial plot than books like "Strike Back." The story is believable and the main characters likable. There was enough conflict to keep me reading and the ending is a nice surprise. It lacks a bit in character development but spends plenty of time describing gunshot wounds, weapons and desert terrain for military junkies to feast on.
There are several characters I felt weren't significant enough to have names and whose existence slightly overwhelmed the plot. Religiosity was overplayed throughout the story and by the last page, I was glad I didn't have to hear about how much someone loved or hated god.
Overall, I enjoyed the book and feel Ryan, or his ghost-writer, has finally found his niche. "Killing for the Company" is a great read that blends a sturdy plot with military jargon crafting a satisfying quick read.
It took me a while to get into this one. I persevered to the end of this violent story, finding my suspension of disbelief challenged more than once. Maybe it's just me, but I thought the book had a faint whiff of anti-American and anti-Semitic undertone. Mr. Ryan is a gifted author, but the bottom line - it wasn't to my taste.
Love the show Strike Back and as soon as I found out what the show was based on, I had to get Mr. Ryan's books! I love the books just as much as the series. Mr. Ryan's books are just as exciting as the show. Great.
another good book from chris ryan
Longitude Temporary
Felt realistic and accurate. Excellent read that kept me up to all hours! Felt sorry when it ended but will definitely pick up more of CR's books.
Thor oughly gripping yarn. Certainly shows the non-romantic side of

Midnight viewing of this book, a very believable story.
This is yet another exciting thriller from Chris Ryan, but the first of his books that I have read. I wasn't disappointed. The book turned out to be what I expected, with both its good sides and its less good ones. I largely agree with another reviewer.

You do get the impression that the author has a few scores to settle with a certain Labour ex-Prime Minister who resigned after a bit more than 10 years in power and dragged the UK into the Irak war. Presenting the fictitious Prime Minister in the book as a warmongerer and a fanatic (although I won't tell any more to avoid spoilers) was a bit of a cliche. So was the "good", devoted and loyal SAS, ready to do their utmost to fulfil their mission (or what they see as their mission) at any cost. So, we have the "nasty" and unscrupulous politician(s) and the heroïc soldiers ready to die for Queen and country when told to do so. Although the latter may be true, this "black and white" presentation does feel a bit like a caricature. Except that the latter, while willing to do their duty, are also asking questions, with behaviors bordering on the rebellious when they realise that all is not as it seems to be. As I expected, the book is rather a hymn to the SAS who put their lifes on the line on the basis of faulty intelligence, at best, and dubious causes, at worst.

Some of the characters and events are somewhat implausible. The Israeli executioner is one of these rather implausible characters. It is also difficult to believe that the ex-Prime Minister, once out of office, would still have the power to pull the strings and have a girl remain on a list of most wanted criminals for 10 years without anyone asking any questions about it.

Having said that, the story is gripping and exciting: I went through it in less than a couple of days and couldn't put it down. Chris Ryan is, of course, at his best when describing special ops, given his background, although he tends to overuse jargon and I got a bit tired of everyone "clocking" everyone else, just like another reviewer. The scene in Serbia was particularly good. The scenes in the Gaza strip where the ex-Prime Minister not the UN's peace envoy and a team of four SAS have to met the leaders of Hamas are particularly exciting. So was the terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

This is exactly the kind of book you want to read on the beach, or at home over the week-end, or in the plane perhaps: light reading, thrilling and entertaining. This is precisely what I did (the plane and the beach parts) and I got out of it exactly what I wanted. No surprises, neither good nor bad.
Fast paced exciting read. Realistic story line in part although I'm not sure Tony Blair would appreciate the somewhat obvious parallel with himself as a religious and nutty warmonger. Nevertheless an enjoyable book.