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Author: Lavyrle Spencer
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Title: The Endearment
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Publisher: Cherish (1984)

The Endearment by Lavyrle Spencer

This is my second LaVyrle Spencer book and it will definitely NOT be my last. I needed a good book and she delivered. She is quickly becoming a fav of mine, along with Judith McNaught for HR books. The Endearment is a 19th century frontier historical romance. the Swede is a gorgeous, lonely giant of man who i The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer. Oh mama, what a great read! I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be working my way through all of Spencer's books soon.

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BOOK JACKET INFORMATION Secrets of The Heart Anna. A kind and gentle man, he forgave Anna for her deceptions.

In LaVyrle Spencer’s The Endearment, newly-orphaned Anna Reardon arrives in Minnesota to marry a farmer called Karl Lindstrom. She saw his advertisement for a wife, and they’ve been corresponding since then. But Karl is in for a number of nasty surprises, and as a reader, I was cringing on his behalf. I was fascinated by the taste of cedar chips, cold water from the springhouse, and pillows filled with cattail down. This is a vivid and well-written book. Readers who find Anna more – er – endearing than I did might like The Endearment.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer presents one of her most beloved. I've never read a bad book by LaVyrle Spencer. That brings a whole lot of problems when The groom finds out. Heartbreaking and Endearing!!

The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer. From the streets of 19th-century Boston to the harsh frontier-she wove a web of deception to ensnare her man! Lovely, fiery-tempered Anna Reardon was forced to lie to get out of the street urchin's life that shamed her.

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I'm not sure why, as these types of books typically aren't my thing, but I've always loved LaVyrle Spencer. I hate that she's no longer writing. The historical lifestyle is fascinating to me, and she's so good to bringing it back to life in her stories. And while many of the characters' actions seem a little odd to me, I have to remember that their attitudes and opinions were right on par for the time period.

I really enjoyed this!
I read this books years ago, when I was a teen, and it became one of my favorites. Now, years later I still love it!
I feel it's one of those rare books where there is beauty in every line. Minnesota's landscape comes alive, just as the vivid details of life in the frontier. There's humor and passion. But more important, the characters are real...


Let me elaborate on that, because I read a couple of negative reviews based on Karl's innocence and his reaction to Anna's secret. I'm quite tired of the same hero/heroine interactions re-written over and over again. The guy, with a painful past,and a dark, almost violent nature; the heroine, innocent to the point of stupidity, trowing tantrums like a spoiled kid. Usually the guy is rude and nasty to the girl, seduces her and towards the end of the book melts in love and changes the way he acts.
Karl is quite the opposite. He comes from a loving family and is really sweet and patient with Anna at first, even forgiving things most men wouldn't. The mentioned reaction rings absolutely true to me given the morals and customs of the time. Give the poor guy a break! And he DOES redeem himself at the end.
Anna on the other hand starts as innocent and bad tempered, but never stupid. She has solid reasons behind her actions. And she grows so much that you can't help but love her in the end.
This must have been one of the first mail
Order bride books.. Also one of the best!!
I've never read a bad book by LaVyrle
Spencer. She's definitely one of my all
Time favorite authors!!
This story has a sad beginning for these
Two siblings. They are struggling to
Find food to eat when they see an ad for
A mail order bride. In order to get money
For her brother's passage to Minnesota
The sister has to do the unthinkable.
That brings a whole lot of problems when
The groom finds out. Heartbreaking and
Endearing!! You'll love it!!
I haven't read one of her books in years, but after reading this one, I remember why I loved her so!!! She writes so beautifully of falling in love and loving each other completely!!!! Anna and Karl didn't meet in the traditional way and there was much that Anna didn't tell Karl that she should have. Firstly, she didn't write the letters, her brother did!! And she wasn't coming alone!!! Most of the surprises were found out before they married, but the most important one wasn't!!! Travel w/them on their journey of love and witness a beautiful love story!!!!!
An excellent story, the first I've read in this setting, Minnesota, so that added to my interest. A realistic story of strangers who marry, one out of loneliness and the other to escape a sad life, protecting her brother in the process. Values clash, lies are uncovered, but they find their way through their troubles so enjoyed the ending ... although a little sad it was the end.
Spencer is probably one of the best writers of the century. Because of what she writes she will never get respect. This is my third favorite book by her, after Twice Loved and Morning Glory. She has a gift in painting a word moving picture you can feel. This book's descriptions of different kinds of wood leave a mark on you. The way the protagonist see's her husband working. Simple phrases like "A person keeps themselves clean" make the characters come alive. LaVyrle is at her best talking about Minnesota. She really digs to understand the historical context of her books. I'm a guy, I love her work. Karl is what every man should be, not perfect but wanting it, seeking it daily. I always feel enlightened and informed by her books. Sit back and enjoy a literary feast.
I have read her books before and always enjoyed them. The characters were so real and the plot so believable. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good romance.
No one writes a story like LaVryle Spencer. Immediately the story line hooks you and you fall in love with the characters.