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Author: Ed Sala,Robb White
ISBN13: 978-0788730818
Title: Deathwatch
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Publisher: Recorded Book; Unabridged edition (January 1, 1999)

Deathwatch by Ed Sala,Robb White

Listen to Deathwatch by Robb White. Rent unlimited audio books on CD. Over 46,000 titles. Robb White was a respected boatbuilder, and a frequent contributor to such publications as 'WoodenBoat' and 'Messing About in Boats. He was the author of "How to Build a Tin Canoe. He passed away in May 2006.

Deathwatch is an American 1972 novel written by Robb White. The book was awarded the 1973 Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery from the Mystery Writers of America. Its plot features a skilled and successful hunter and lawyer, Madec, who receives a rare permit to shoot bighorn sheep in California's Mojave Desert for seven days. He hires a timid college student named Ben as a guide

The book, Deathwatch by Robb White, is about a man named Ben who takes a man named Madec on a Bighorn hunt. Due to a seires of misfortunes, Ben is now naked in the desert with no food or water and he is being hunted by a madman. I rated the book as I did because it was very suspenseful and it had very believable characters. The plot had all kinds of twists and turns that kept you interested. A reader could become absorbed into Ben's struggle for survival

An exciting novel of suspense, based on a fight to the finish between an honest and courageous young man and a cynical business tycoon who believes that anything can be had for a price. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Imagine you’ve been hired to be a hunting guide in the desert when you’re the guy that is being hunted. It all started out when Madec hired Ben because of his field in working in the desert. When Madec saw a white figure through his ten-power scope on his. 358 caliber Winchester Magnum, he fired saying he saw horns on it. When they walked up there, Madec confessed that he did not see horns on the animal, and requested to go on hunting and not waste time finding it and bringing it to the jeep.

Deathwatch Book Summary and Study Guide. Robb White Booklist Robb White Message Board. This book is about two guys named Madec and Ben. Madec is trying to get a bighorn sheep head for his office. Ben has ben hired by Madec to help find the bighorn sheep in this desert, and he's trying to get money to go to college the next year.

Author Robb White brings his love of the wilderness and adventure to this suspenseful tale. Each scene is packed with realistic details of survival skills at work. Winner of an Edgar Award, this book was chosen an Outstanding Book of the Year by The New York Times. Author(s): Robb White. Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Mystery, Suspense Thriller. Product Number: BX00033528.

I was the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Wildlife Manager in Lake Havasu City when Robb White wrote this excellent book about the struggle between a young man and a rich businessman over a desert bighorn sheep.

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Reviews: 7
I first read this book many years ago, as an assignment for English class in middle school. I remember at the time being shocked by the content of the book, and surprised that I was being assigned to read a book that was somewhat modern, startlingly graphic, and engrossing at the same time. It fascinated me and opened my eyes to a style of writing of which at that point I had not yet been exposed. Graphic subject matter aside, it remained one of my favorite reading assignments of the time.

I bought this book last year after 20 years have gone by, and was just as interested when reading it today as I was back then. While the subject matter is mature, it is not over the top. Unlike what some reviewers here have said, there certainly are people in this world who are as cruel as Madec; just read the news headlines. The overriding theme of justice prevailing, and moral decisions triumphing over lies and deceipt, makes it an enjoyable weekend read that leaves you satisfied with the conclusion. The fact that this book does not sugar-coat the harsh realities of life makes it that much more of a believable story.

My vote -- worth reading.
From the first chapter you are aware of the good vs evil in the story. Hard to believe one man could be so coldly cruel to another man. Ben's ability to survive demonstrates his knowledge of the desert and his own determination.
I read this book on recommendation of an acquaintance. Writing kept my interest even through portions of the book where the character Ben accomplished feats that I personally don't believe are physically possible for an ordinary human. Kept reading mainly to seeh what he would do next. The plot was believable as I believe there are people who have the mindset of the character Madec. I was able to suspend my disbelief for a time & enjoy the tale but not as much as if it was an advertised fantasy. I also enjoy sci fi and fantasy but with them I expect such passages...
I taught this novel for many years to high school students, and they always loved it. So of course I had to buy a copy for my grandson.
Lost Python
What a great little adventure book! I wasn't in the junior high class that read it in my school. Living in AZ, I decided to give it a try. My teen son and I both loved it. The desert survival aspects are cool, and the tension never lets up the whole time. Really, I'm surprised it's not on Audible, and hard to find at all in audiobook format.
A simple read, but enthralling and engaging. Definitely too short :-) I'd recommend this book to young people for a fun, quick read.
I was the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Wildlife Manager in Lake Havasu City when Robb White wrote this excellent book about the struggle between a young man and a rich businessman over a desert bighorn sheep. These sheep have always been a trophy and open to poachers because of the rugged terrain they live in -- miles from people and roads.

While this story is not true, it could be. Robb did a great job in telling a tale about what might have happened. It is a tale about ethics, honor and desert survival againt greed, poaching and death.

While the location is fiction it is based on Lake Havasu City, Arizona where Robb lived in the late 1960's but, the tale could be just as true today.

I read this years ago in middle school and found it on Amazon for my 12 year old son. He could not put it down! He says "AMAZING...I WOULD READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN...WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE". It was a hit! This is coming from a child who has read all the Harry Potter books, the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympusseries, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride etc. Will be looking to see what other Robb White masterpieces are is still in print and available from Amazon. I think I just might have to read it again myself.