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Author: Christine Kling
ISBN13: 978-0345479044
Title: Bitter End: A Novel of Suspense
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Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books (2007)

Bitter End: A Novel of Suspense by Christine Kling

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Christine Kling is getting progressively better with each novel. This is her best, so far. Seychelle is maturing as a tugboat captain and a leading character. Ms. Kling is surely maturing as a writer. I read this novel straight through to the end without stopping, then re-read it again a few days later. Her latest contribution, "Wrecker's Key" has just arrived. So here goes another long night, but I expect it will be worth the effort. Congratulations, Ms Kling. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 12 years ago. Like Surface Tension and Cross Current before it, Bitter End is a truly marvelous book about Florida, about life, with plenty of mystery, action, and tension. And, oh, how she nails Florida. Christine Kling is the true heir to John MacDonald. You want to read this one!

In her acclaimed novels of suspense, Christine Kling gives readers good. In her acclaimed novels of suspense, Christine Kling gives readers good reason to believe that if Travis McGee and Kinsey Millhone had ever hooked up, their child would have grown up to be Seychelle Sullivan: a beautiful, savvy heroine with a knack for steering her salvage tugboat into South Florida’s most troubled waters  . Bitter End: A Novel of Suspense.

Advance praise for Bitter End. Bitter End is a terrific novel. Christine Kling is quickly becoming the female John McDonald. James Swain, author of Mr. Lucky. Surface Tension An exceptionally rare first novel. moving and full of suspense. James W. Hall, author of Off the Chart. Seychelle Sullivan fights off a very real array of land-based predators with a grit and determination that John D. himself would have cheered. Christine Kling has spent more than thirty years messing about with boats. It was her sailing experience that led her to write her first four-book suspense series about Florida female tug and salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan. Christine earned an MFA in creative writing from Florida International University and her articles, essays, and short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies.

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bitter end. publishing was this book, Bitter En. .com: Bitter End (9780709081067): Christine Kling: Books Wreckers' Key: A Novel of Suspense.

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In her acclaimed novels of suspense, Christine Kling gives readers good reason to believe that if Travis McGee and Kinsey Millhone had ever hooked up, their child would have grown up to be Seychelle Sullivan: a beautiful, savvy heroine with a knack for steering her salvage tugboat into South Floridaâ?™s most troubled waters. In Seychelleâ?™s new caper, she may just be in over her head when murder and corruption come bobbing to the surface.Since kindergarten, Seychelle and her best friend, Molly, had been as close as sisters. Molly even dated Seychelleâ?™s brother. But it all ended suddenly when Nick Pontus, a slick, older, up-and-coming entrepreneur, came along. A smitten Molly quit school, married her new beau, and never spoke to Seychelle again. After thirteen years, it still stings. Seychelle didnâ?™t see the sniper who picked Nick off at the helm of his yacht, but she knows that there are plenty of people in South Florida who wanted to see the gambling-boat tycoon dead: the Russian mobsters looking for a piece of his casino action, the Indian gamers who resent his competition, and the ecological activists fighting his plans to develop Fort Lauderdaleâ?™s waterfront. But itâ?™s Molly whom the cops zero in on. And despite her bitter feelings and against her better judgment, when her back-from-the-blue friend asks for help, Seychelle canâ?™t just weigh anchor and cruise. Sheâ?™s got to dive in.What she finds is a money-skimming scam aboard Nickâ?™s flagship gambling boat, Nickâ?™s new trophy wife turned merry rich widow, and Nick and Mollyâ?™s teenage son, a scared kid with a big secret . . . and a killer on his trail. Protecting the boy, proving Mollyâ?™s innocence, and navigating between squalls of gunfire add up to a tall order as salvage jobs go. But like any good captain, Seychelle will never abandon ship. Even if it means risking her life.From the Hardcover edition.
Reviews: 7
This four book series by Christine Kling has a lot going for it.. The characters are interesting and well developed. The action is logical and moves well. The reader will get the most by reading the entire four book series in order - "Surface Tension," "Cross Current," Bitter End," and "Wreckers Key," Now, what I liked most about the series is something I value in anything I read - "believability." I know Florida, I know boats, both power and sail. Ms. Kling does as well and when she refers to an Irwin 54, that's a real boat and when she talks about boating, seamanship, and boats and boat handling she has got it right and, for me, that draws me into the story. If inaccuracies put you off, you can read this series in comfort. My impression is that this is "it" for these characters and the series. That is probably a good thing. There is nothing worse than a TV show or a written series that over stays it's welcome to suck a few more bucks out the readership. I'm moving on to Ms. Kling's next series, "The Shipwreck Adventures." I'm sure I am going to enjoy it.
generation of new
I'm loving this series and as a bonus this one is loosely based on real life events. I start out wondering what Seychelle is going to do this time to land herself in hot water - she does not disappoint. She rashly forges ahead putting not only herself in danger but those around her too yet it all seems to come together for her - she is darn lucky that way and it makes for a drama filled, action packed story that manages to keep me glued to my book until the end. Some things I figured out long before our heroine did - I don't think she's the brightest bulb in the chandelier but she does keep me entertained.
I found this whole series very entertaining. As a former English teacher, I was particularly happy to see that the author actually took the time to edit her work. So many of the books that I have read recently seem to be unedited and full of grammatical and spelling errors. Too many authors these day seem to be depending on the computer to make corrections, this is obviously not true of Christine Kling. Although the stories are fun, there are times that the lead character almost borders on unrealistic in some of the actions she takes; however, that still does not significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of the stories.
The perfect "end-of-summer" read. The perfect fall starts soon read. The perfect the-kids-are-off-to-school read. The perfect read. Get the series and read them numbered one through five, but if you can't, just choose one. You can't go wrong. The well defined plot line hums along. The characters will become friends. The bad guys will get vanquished. And . . . Fort Lauderdale will never so lovingly serve as a backdrop prop as in Ms. Kling's books. Bravo! Can't wait for the movie.
I really enjoyed this book, which I got as a temporary freebie on the kindle. I was reminded of the Sue Grafton & Marcia Mueller novels; I really would put these all in the same category of quality. The setting of Seychelle Sullivan as an owner/operator of a ocean-going tug makes her pretty darned unique as a character. There are a couple of clichés: she is an amateur crime-hunter who seems to attract dangerous situations, and she has a series of men to whom she is more-or-less attracted but tends to eventually push away while worrying about her inability to...etc. But, both of these clichés are fairly necessary for a series, as opposed to a stand-alone novel.

I enjoyed it enough that I got the rest of the series on inter-library loan and read through them in a short time. I often like to re-read books, and I only give five stars to ones that I either have read more than once, or suspect would that I would enjoy to re-read. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up purchasing the rest of the series for permanent residence on my kindle.
Nothing personal
This book shows a step up from the first two books in the series.

In my review of the second book in the series, Cross Current, I commented, "...this series now has some potential and I look forward to reading the next entry."

Kling didn't disappoint. In addition to trying to solve the murder of her former best friend's ex husband, Seychelle has some unexpected twists regarding her family to deal with. I suspected one twist Kling laid on us but not another one.

Kling also had Seychelle battle her way out of jams she got into here instead of have others bail her out - something I cited as a weakness in the previous book.

Any time a series gets better with each book, the author has a winner on his or her hands.

Kling has a winner here.
Seychelle Sullivan, a tug boat captain in Ft Lauderdale, FL becomes involved in murder and mystery when her childhood best friend, Molly is accused of murdering her ex-husband. Seychelle places herself and her boyfriend, BJ, in danger while trying to protect Molly's son and discover the person who is trying to frame Molly for the murder. I read the first two books of this series and feel the best way to get the most character depth and history is to read them in order.
Seychelle is impulsive and it often gets her into more trouble, but her determination pushes her through the investigation.

Seychelle's personal childhood problems are brought to a surface in this book and we see a change in Seychelle as a result.
An enjoyable tale with well-developed characters, 'Bitter End' has anything but a bitter end. Seychelle is as full of 'normal, human' reactions as possible in a short novel. Though the 'surprise' ending was anything but surprising, It was reasonable.
I recommend Bitter End - and Seychelle - for light, unproblematic reading.

I tried to access Ms. King's email site to ask her a question, but was confronted by groups I did not want to sign into. My question is this : How are Pontus, Zale and Quinn GREEK NAMES ???? That was rather offputting, and I would be interested in her answer, if she ever reads these comments.