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Author: Bentley Little
ISBN13: 978-0739427392
Title: The Return
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Language: English
Publisher: The New American Library; 2nd edition (2002)
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The Return by Bentley Little

Bentley Little is an unbelievable writer. I started to follow this author after he was recommended by Stephen King. His first book i read "THE MAILMAN "was satanic, scary. His second book I read "THE WALKING " was frightening as hell It's unbelievable, scary as hell. That's pretty much it for "The Return," which is certainly not Bentley Little's best book, but which still contains enough creepy scenes to satisfy readers. The narrative momentum is a bit lax, Strange things are happening around an archaeological dig in Arizona: ancient artifacts come to life, people disappear, the likenesses of present-day folks appear in centuries-old images, people and animals suddenly become possessed, and the shadowy figure of a hairy subhuman creature pops up repeatedly.

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This book was a bit slow getting going, but once it picked u. an, I couldnt put it down! Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mogollon Monster. An acknowledged master of horror, Bentley Little was born in Arizona a month after his mother attended the world premiere of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. He is the author of ten previous novels, including The Revelation, The Mailman, The Summoning, Death Instinct (published under the name Phillip Emmons), University, Dominion, The Ignored, The Store, The House, and The Town.

A master of horror on par with Koontz and Kin. o powerful that readers will keep the lights on day and night. If there’s a better horror novelist working today, I don’t know who it is. -Los Angeles Times. Bentley Little’s The Walking is the horror event of the year. If you like spooky stories, you must read this book. The Walking is a waking nightmare.

HE knows how to write good horror! I get chills every time I read The Return, and I don't know how many times I've read it over the years. The opening chapter is quite horrifying on its own-the book just gets better from there. The use of Anasazi objects as possessed horror items was just brilliant. The ending is a little lame, but the rest of the story makes up for that. After reading this great book and being thoroughly terrified by some of the most disturbingly original imagery I've come across this year, I was shocked to see the low scores this book got from readers. Maybe you have to be from the southwest to appreciate the achievement here. Compared to Dean Koontz's BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, which seems to have taken its Four Corners info from a map, Little knows this country and creates an epic novel of horror from this epic landscape. Scary, intense and original.

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Bentley Little is a master of horror on a par with Koontz and King (perhaps if he changed his name to Kittle he would obtain the sales and praise he deserves). The RETURN is one man's theory of why the Anasazi civilization was wiped out and his imagination is so powerful that readers will believe it too. After reading this novel, the audience will keep the lights on day and night. Chapter Analysis of The Return.

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Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mongolian Monster. Of course nobody really believes it. It's just a good campfire story, something to attract gullible tourists ­ until an excavation team unearths the figurine of a screaming woman, the jawbone of a deformed animal, and a child's toy. How odd that they were buried together. Odd, too, is the foul odor lingering in the air, the strange noises at night, and the man's face found hanging from a tree. Now the locals are locking their doors. Because after sundown, campfire stories can seem very, very real.
Reviews: 7
I like how Bentley does not give you all of the answers and leaves alot to the imagination so you can let your mind wander into unknown territory.

Why were people disappearing? What is this unspoken evil?

Fast paced although a little disappointing ending.

Still a must for fans.
Gold as Heart
Although the book has a few creepy moments, much of it is just plain silly. The story revolves around some Indian burial grounds, where the artifacts recovered seem to have a life of their own. Moreover, strange orange haired mummies seem to spring to life of their own volition. Why is this happening? Trust me, not even the author seems to know.

Bentley Little is really a gifted, edgy horror story writer, capable of taking the mundane and making it horrific. Here, he has lost his edge, delivering a mediocre horror story from which only his most stalwart fans will derive a modicum of enjoyment. I myself kept reading to the bitter end, hoping that the book would evolve. Unfortunately, with its one dimensional characters and silly plot that seemed to go nowhere, I was left with only the hope that his new novel will be more inspired than this book was.
Bentley Little is one of my favorite horror authors. I have purchased every one of his books. My favorites being University and The Mailman. I even liked his collection of short stories ('The Collection'). This book, in my opinion, just wasn't that good or interesting to me. Sorry.
A bit long winded, but over all a good book, this makes my second time reading it, I enjoyed it both times , bravo!
A good novel that keeps you guessing till the very end. A little disappointed in the ending, more explanation would have been nice.
The characters weren't really likable. It didn't tie together all the plots. They just electrocuted the bad monster and that was it? Could've ended a little better.
I found this story to be engaging, unique and well-written. Definitely one of Little's best!
Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mogollon Monster. Every year, when the Boy Scouts come to stay in the cabins at the Boy Scout Ranch, the urban legend is told around the campfire. Boy Scout Cameron didn't want it told. He could handle ghosts and all, but not anything to do with the Monster. But Scoutmaster Anderson tells it anyway. The next morning, they find his face hanging from a dead tree, standing by the reputedly haunted cabin on the land. The cabin that always creeps Cameron out.
When his mother dies, Glen feels free to do anything for the first time in his life and he even leaves his job to travel on the road like Bronson from a TV show he watched as a kid. He ends up in Bower, where after taking tour of a pueblo given by a local museum, he agrees to work on an archeological dig. A discovery of a new pueblo had been unearthed, where strange things have been dug up. Besides Al the archeologist and university students hired to work on the dig, he also meets Melanie, a history teacher who takes a different summer job each year-- this year being the dig. There is an attraction between the two of them. Things of a frightening nature begin to happen at the dig though, plus elsewhere in Bower and other cities, all connecting to some sort of creature that may have caused the disappearance of the Anasazi and other Indian tribes, and even behind the ghost towns found all over the Southwest.
The storyline was interesting, though the ending disappointed me. I also would have liked an explanation of where the people who vanished went, or how the being could changed animals into twisted shapes.