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Author: John G. Fuller
ISBN13: 978-0425039281
Title: Interrupted Journey
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Publisher: Berkley (April 15, 1978)

Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller

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The Interrupted Journey - John G. Fuller. She was so voracious in her reading that her mother used to limit her to one book a day. When Betty was eleven, at the height of the depression, her mother threw away family tradition to work in a factory. At first, it was to be a temporary measure, part-time.

The Interrupted Journey book.

Книга "The Interrupted Journey" (John G. Fuller) для скачивания! Driving home from Canada on the night of September 19,1961, Betty and Barney Hill of Portsmouth . The Interrupted Journey by John G. newSpecify the genre of the book on their own. Author: John G. Title: The Interrupted Journey. Send report: This is a good book.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. Driving home from Canada on the night of September 19,1961, Betty and Barney Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire "e;sighted"e; a flying saucer. The experience left them shaken.

By John G. Fuller, B/w. The booklet recounts the vintage and such a lot rigorously documented of the various 'close encounters' which were said internationally. using domestic from Canada at the evening of September nineteenth 1961, Betty and Barney Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sighted a flying saucer, which left them shaken. The couple's tale, referred to as the Hill Abduction, and infrequently the Zeta Reticuli Incident, was once they'd been abducted for a short while through a alien craft. Theirs was once the 1st widely-publicized declare of alien abduction, tailored into the best-selling 1966 ebook The Interrupted trip and a tv motion picture. Read or Download The Interrupted Journey-Two Lost Hours Aboard A Flying Saucer PDF.

The interrupted journey. The interrupted journey Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Books from Kate Zulim. Are you sure you want to remove The interrupted journey from your list? The interrupted journey. two lost hours "aboard a flying saucer". Published 1966 by Dial Press in New York.

His books include We Almost Lost Detroit, The Ghost of Flight 401, Incident at Exeter, and The Interrupted Journey.

Records a couple's experience with intelligent beings from space as revealed under medical hypnosis
Reviews: 7
This incident took place in a part of New Hampshire that I am rather familiar with. The story is similar to other UFO encounters I have read about, many of which took place long after this experience. This may be one of the earliest we in the general pubic became aware of. This is an old edition, published in the 60s. My only beef is a petty one. I read this story with the desire to see one word more than any other in the entire book. That one word is the name of the town between Lancaster and Twin Mountain: Whitefield, and in this edition, the only typo in the entire book was that one word. The town name was printed as "Whitfield". This did not detract from the overall account, but I was sorely disappointed to see Whitefield misspelled. It would been so easy to verify such a minor detail as the name of a town. It's beyond me why no one did.
The author (Fuller) of "Incident at Exeter" was asked by the Hill's to document their version of what happened to them in their abduction experience in New Hampshire. The book is based mostly on the transcripts of the session's the Hill's underwent with Dr. Benjamin Simon and the circumstances leading to that. I was impressed with the care that Dr. Simon took with the Hill's under hypnosis and one can only be convinced that the Hill's experienced something that night in the White Mountains in 1961. Exactly "what" is inconclusive. For instance, Betty Hill relates how the alien entity had no concept of earthly time.... and yet at one point the entity says to her "wait a minute".

Recommendation: In spite of this apparent inconsistency the overall document is a worthwhile read and any serious student of UFOlogy should have it on their bookshelf.
Very good, straightforward account of the alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. It includes word-for-word the hypnoses of both. It's very thorough and ends up being a little repetitive because the psychiatrist kept trying to trip up their narratives in case they really dreamed it all up but he couldn't trip them. They just kept repeating what actually happened. I wish there was an epilogue of how their lives unfolded after that abduction because to me that's trauma, major trauma, to be made powerless and then subjected to what they were subjected to on board the ship. (Don't want to spoil with details.)
John Fuller does a very excellent telling of the amazing experiences of Betty and Barney Hill beginning in September of 1961. A keen investigator, he carefully weaves the accounting of their experiences with the work that therapist Dr. Simon is conducting to help the Hills recall just what really happened that amazing night. If you've seen The UFO Incident movie or read the book 'Captured', you will want to read this book. Highly recommended!! jon
Probably the most famous UFO abduction account out there, and arguably the most believable. Amazing tale of Betty and Barney Hill's horrifying experience one night on their return trip home after a vacation.
This book is about an allegedly real Close Encounter with space aliens. It is not great literature. The author re-states the same points several times...like a grade school teacher lecturing kids on Long Division. There are a few typos / mis-spellings, but you can figure out what was intended. Still, this a tale about one of The Classic UFO encounters, and so should appeal to UFO enthusiasts. If you fancy yourself a UFO enthusiast, you should read this book, as your experience in the field will not be complete until you do.
Excellent account of the seminal 1960s abduction case. Written in a clear and almost documentary style. Very informative and entertaining. Highly recommended.
This book is extremely well written and documented about a controversial incident. Something happened to the Hills, but we may never know for sure what it was. This book does not come to a firm conclusion, but provides enough evidence for one to make up his or her own mind.