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Author: Lawrence Watt-Evans
ISBN13: 978-0517165034
Title: Out of this World
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Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (November 21, 1995)

Out of this World by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Out of This World book. Pel Brown has troubles in his basement. Watt-Evans doing fantasy/sci-fi with alternate worlds and world hopping. I found the trilogy disappointing, with Watt-Evans experimenting with a darker style of story. Lots of promise, not much pay-off.

About book: This vessel was far more what he had always expected a spaceship to look like than Emerald Princess had been. He had little time to study it, though; he was hurried to a large, bare chamber, where he and some of the others were locked in, without any further explanation. For a moment after the heavy steel door slammed shut Pel stared at it, expecting something more to happen.

This Cahn had the makings of a good commander, and such was recognized even in so dismal a place as this. Put him in armor and a sword in his hand, and he’d be fit for the service of Stormcrack, fit. Best to say nothing and leave it all to Cahn. These misbegotten fools doubtless thought Raven mad; were he to speak it would serve no good. Leave it, then, in terms of the Empire’s good, the Empire’s authority, and say nothing of the need to fight Shadow. . Prossie watched in admiration as Captain Cahn told the.

People from present-day Earth are caught up in a war between a Galactic Empire and Shadow, dark lord of a world of magic. This series blends science fiction, fantasy, and horror, in an exciting three-volume series! "In Worlds of Shadow, Lawrence Watt-Evans tells an exciting tale with memorable characters and relentless action. A must-read for fans of dark fantasy and horror. - Karen E. Taylor, author of "The Vampire Legacy" Series.

Out of This World (1993) is the first fantasy novel in The Worlds of Shadow trilogy by Lawrence Watt-Evans. The premise of the novel is that parallel universes do exist. Some have intelligent non-human life, while others are populated by English-speaking humans. Prior to the events of the novel, one such reality is overrun by a malevalent force known as Shadow. The World of Shadow is a typical high fantasy realm where magic exists and men fight with sword and sorcery.

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ru - Pel Brown has troubles in his basement. But it's not water leaking in - it's magic. Sword-carrying barbarians are spilling through, demanding that Pel help them defeat Shadow, a dark force taking over their world.

Lawrence Watt-Evans (born 1954) is one of the pseudonyms of the American science fiction and fantasy author Lawrence Watt Evans. He writes science fiction primarily under the pseudonym of Nathan Archer. Other books you might like. Run by dedicated speculative fiction fans for other bookworms!

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Out of This World ~~ Lawrence Watt-Evans. Like most suburbanites, Pel Brown had problems in his basement. But his were somewhat out of the ordinary: a portal from a world of magic had opened, and now barbarian swordsmen were demanding that Pel help them defeat Shadow, a dark force that was taking over their world. On the other side of town, a spaceship had crashed in-and trashed-Amy Jewell's backyard. Now the Galactic Empire wanted Amy's help against the Shadow that sought to rule their world

Pel Brown has troubles in his basement. But it's not water leaking in -- it's magic. Sword-carrying barbarians are spilling through, demanding that Pel help them defeat Shadow, a dark force taking over their world. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a spaceship has crashed in Amy Jewell's backyard, and the aliens want Amy's help against the Shadow seeking to conquer their world. When Pel and Amy go through the basement portal into the world of magic, the Shadow attacks and traps them inside. Now Pel and Amy find themselves entangled in escapades that will make them into heroes . . . or corpses.
Reviews: 7
I do not know where the end of the mental sidewalk ends and the real world begins I do know that the 1st page in a book opens the crack of creativity that resides within this creative geniuses head and finds the way to share these wonders with those who read. Like Pel, not all hero's and their ilk are to be seen as major identifiable characters, rather they are the backbones of great writing. I want to write like Lawrence, Burrows, Doyle and others to whom word craft is the talent they share with us. Life would not be as rich as it is with their thoughts a d perspectives.
furious ox
I read this book expecting it to be a light-hearted fantasy story but I was sorely disappointed. The only other book I had read by Watt-Evans was "Split Heirs" co-written with Esther Friesner which is an hilarious fantasy and a great read. Friesner's books are all excellent (bar none) fantasy novels with a great sense of humor. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I thought this book would be the same: a good romp, but essentially light-hearted.
Boy was I mistaken!
It is a grim, dismal story with an enormous (unnecessary) amount of violence, especially rape and child molestation.
It takes place in three realities: the "real" world, a fantasy world with magic and fairies, and a hard sci-fi world.
As soon as the characters from the first two-worlds travel to the sci-fi world, the story gets pessimistic and extremely mean spirited. Major characters you have come to know and care about are horribly murdered and also tortured and raped.

I don't mind gritty and even dark sci-fi stories, but this one seemed to be mean-spirited for no reason at all. Characters are hurt and killed, it seems like, only to make the protagonist unhappy.
As a woman, all the violence towards women and children in this novel deeply disturbed me. I thought most, if not all, of it was unnecessary. The same ending for the protagonist could have been achieved by leaving some characters in their home world, or sending them back home once they had arrived in the sci-fi world.
Once I came to the end of the story, it was obvious that this book was just the build-up of the story and a sequel was on its way.
I read this book a few years ago, but I have absolutely no plans to read the sequel. After reading just this first one I have had enough of this author. I came away from this book with a very bad taste in my mouth.
Most people reading this are probably already aware of Lawerence Watt-Evan's style of lighthearted but practicle fantasy and sci-fi. He does not always write this way however. Some of his stories can actually be quite dark. This opener to a trilogy is one such story. Do not let this turn you off however. The basic premise without giving away the book is a sci-fi/fantasy that parody's classic sci-fi/fantasy plots by activly going against cliche' choices and creating perhaps a more realistic adventure. People die and do things you may not expect. This is very refreshing to me. While a lot more dark and introspective than most of his other books/series, I am looking forward to reading the rest of this Watt-Evans trilogy.
The story starts out as a light novel, then, in a surprising and shocking turn of events, turns very dark with the brutal ending of some very sympathetic characters. I suspect that even Mr. Watt-Evans musthavebeen surprised to find his characters developing tragic depths. I doubt if he intentionally started out for this to happen. It was like falling off a cliff while on a pleasure hike...I had to reread some parts a few times until it sunk in that this was somehow developing into a major saga (such as The Hobbitt developed into the Lord of the Rings). I have not yet read the sequels, but will soon. What a rare event in (usually) predictable fantasy!
This is one of watt -Evans earlier works but one of his juvenile is better than most writers mature work. It's a clever plot with denizens of three universes thrown in together and the evil empire - who we haven't actually met yet- are graphically evil (prepare yourself for some really nasty scenes ). There's clearly more to come and the book closes on a cliffhanger.
The main reason i gave this book five stars is because it isn't the normal clap trap where no one gets hurt because they are good guys. The author is to be applauded because he brings a certain amount of realism to the fantasy genre. People are injured and killed not because they are inherently bad but because generally this sort of thing happens to people who don't have the power to defend themselves. If you are the kind of person who believes the tooth fairy should beat the Incredible Hulk just because she has a nice smile and a dimple then this is not the book for you.
I'll start this review by stating the Lawrence Watt Evans is my favourite author. Sadly, I can not recommend this trilogy. I heartily enjoyed ALL his books save this series. Other reviewers have pointed out that characters they cared about were killed for no reason, sadly, I wasn't drawn to any of the characters enough to care about their deaths.
If you have read another Lawrence Watt Evans book, and are looking to read more of his work, don't make this trilogy it. Read ALL his other books first, then wait for new books to come out as you will be disappointed by this work.
The book waited till the last quarter to pick up and start to become interesting. Overall the book was OK.. just Ok.

The characters developed well but then sort of stalled and fell into their own 'little worlds' and didn't do much else.

I will read the next book, in hopes it does get better, but am in no hurry to rush out and get it.