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Author: Margo Lanagan
ISBN13: 978-1741146578
Title: Red Spikes
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Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan

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Red Spikes" is an anthology which contains ten short stories. Each examines a facet of humankind and fantasy alike, using different settings, situations, and characters. This book was the first piece of Margo Lanagan's work I have seen. And I must admit I was blown away. Her style of writing is amazing, with dark and somber undertones present in each story that pulls the reader in and doesn't let them go until the end. The tales are all original and fresh ideas, yet all are complex and hold endl "Red Spikes" is an anthology which contains ten short stories.

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There is a certain magic this author can create in her story, but the dark site of them just turns out to be creepy and confusing. Except for Hero Vale, that one had a very interesting view on the creepy factor. Here are a few toughs for each story:1. Baby Jane - just plain weird. It appeared to be untouched and I confirmed this by looking at the shiny cover free of finger smudges and listening to the crackling noises of its spine as I gently opened it, fanning its pages under my nose and sniffing so deeply it was almost a snort.

RED SPIKES - ten stabs to the heart. Ten tales to jab and poke - at your darkest fears, your secret desires. Margo Lanagan's short stories take place in worlds not quite our own, and yet each one illuminates what it is to be human. They are stories of yearning for more, and learning to live with what you have. Requirements: This book can only be viewed on an iOS device with Apple Books on iOS 12 or later, iBooks . 1 or later and iOS . 3 or later or a Mac with iBooks . or later and OS X 1. or later. More by Margo Lanagan.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Margo Lanagan's electrifying stories take place in worlds not quite our own, and yet each one illuminates what it is to be human. They are stories of yearning for more.

Ten electrifying new stories from Margo Lanagan, internationally acclaimed author of Black Juice and White Time. The genius (not too strong a word) of Margo Lanagan is her ability to reach into darkness and return with something both different and powerfully convincing. It's astonishing enough to be introduced so abruptly to a writer this good, but even more extraordinary is her seemingly effortless mastery of the short story form, and what she proceeds to do with i.

Reviews: 7
The stories in here are interesting but I'm giving it a low rating because I think the subject matter in some of these stories are not appropriate to be called a book for "young readers". There are things from rape scenes to babies that were killed by their mothers so people wouldn't find out they were pregnant. I think that there should be a disclaimer on this book. I'm an English teacher and I bought this book to read with my 13 year old niece over the summer and I had to tell her that we would need to choose another book because this one is inappropriate. It's not a bad book, but it's not good for young adults and it shouldn't be labeled as such.
Dark and compelling, Red Spikes is a collection of short urban fantasy (or is it new weird?) that will leave you wondering. I very much enjoyed the compelling character stories and the fascinating twists on our real world.
Different that your general run of the mill short story collection. Get it if you like the macabre and can be happy with untidy packages
Previous to this book I’ve read The Brides of Rollrock Island (which I absolutely adored), Yellowcake (which was okay) and Tender Morsels (which was also okay). I got this book when I was in a big Lanagan reading phase a couple years ago. It was okay; the stories are all interesting but none of them really grabbed me and the majority of them are just plain odd.

I listed the stories below along with brief descriptions and thoughts on them. I think my favorites were Baby Jane, Hero Vale, Under Hell, Over Heaven, and Daughter of Clay. Lanagan likes to include sex and /or sexuality in her stories in way that is usual presented as uncomfortable and disturbing. Just a warning; I am always surprised these are considered YA.

Overall I would recommend the Yellowcake collection of stories over this one. I would strongly recommend Brides of Rollrock Island over all of Lanagan’s other books; I think that was by far her best book.

Baby Jane
About a strange woman from another reality that gives birth to a baby girl. I really enjoyed this story and how the boundaries of two worlds touch each other briefly.

Monkey’s Paternoster
A tribe of captive monkeys that gets a new lead male. This was my least favorite of the bunch. I get what Lanagan is trying to do here, but I don’t enjoy reading about violent sexual assault.

A Good Heart
This was about a man whose childhood sweetheart is marrying a Lord and he finds out one of her deep dark secrets. This was an okay story, I was kind of neutral about it.

About a young girl who is kidnapped by a giant. This story had some excellent imagery in it and I enjoyed the eeriness of it.

A Feather in the Breast of God
About a sort of guardian budgie who comes back from the dead to help his family. This was an okay story, again I was pretty neutral about it.

Hero Vale
A young man goes to Hero Vale to see the sights and ends up scarred and changed. I really enjoyed this. I love the other world our world touches in this story and how it changes the people who see it.

Under Hell, Over Heaven
About a group of people stuck in between that escort people between heaven and hell. This had a very urban fantasy feel to it. I thought it was okay but nothing all that original.

Mouse Maker
About an old healer woman who is lynched by her neighbors and has a strange ability to commune with mice. This was another story I could leave or take. Just okay.

Forever Upward
A young girl’s mother takes her into a minor Goddess to beg safety for her sons. I loved the scenes with the Goddess and thought the island setting was interesting. Overall I enjoyed it.

Daughter of the Clay
A young woman who has always been different finds out she was swapped out at birth by faeries. I really liked this story. It was a slightly different take on the whole “swapped out by faeries at birth” theme.
I don't normally read short fiction, but my love for Margo Lanagan's The Brides of Rollrock Island and my desire for something different encouraged me to pick up Red Spikes, a collection of ten short stories. Unfortunately, I couldn't help but feel cheated as I read the stories because as soon as I'd connect with the character, develop a guess as to where the plot was going, or lose myself in Lanagan's lurid and ambient settings, the story would end.

Lanagan's writing is beautiful and her ideas are so endlessly creative, so all I wanted while reading these stories was to see them fully realized as feature-length works. Though short stories are, by definition, short, these stories seemed exceptionally so. They are better defined as sparse, atmospheric vignettes, captivating but woefully incomplete. I was particularly disappointed with "Under Hell, Over Heaven," my favorite of the collection, because it would have been an incredible novel. The idea is that a troop of kids living in Purgatory deliver souls to Heaven and Hell, hoping one day that their work will result in a promotion from Purgatory to Heaven. The three realms of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory are exquisitely imagined and described, but the story was too short to develop any long-term intrigue and its premature ending left me unsatisfied.

Other highlights of the collection (again, almost all of these would be wonderful scenes/starting points for novels):
-"Baby Jane," a portal story featuring childbirth in between fantasy realms.
-"A Good Heart," a medievalesque setting with focus on love and women's choices and positions in such a society.
-"Winkie," a terrifying Boogeyman type story.
-"Forever Upward," a society where a colonizing force has taken away all the men and a little girl and the remaining women must appeal to their disappeared gods for help.

Mostly, this collection made me hope that Lanagan is writing more novels. I suppose I can take solace in the fact that I have not yet read her award-winning novel Tender Morsels.