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Little Miss Books Series. 40 primary works, 44 total works. Little Miss Bossy tells everyone what to do-unti. ore. Shelve Little Miss Bossy.

Little Miss Giggles is the fourteenth book in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves. Hair: Red in pigtails. Friends: Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Funny, the rest of the characters. Occupation: Comedian. Species: Shaped Human. Colour of the nose: Yellow. Love: Mr. Cheerful, Mr. Tickle. Job: Loves to giggle, laugh and have fun.

List of Little Miss characters. Redirected from Little Miss Giggles). The following is a list of Little Miss characters from the children's book series by Roger Hargreaves; the series was also adapted into The Mr. Men Show. Books one (Little Miss Bossy) to thirty (Little Miss Somersault) were written by Hargreaves and the remainder by his son, Adam Hargreaves.

These books are just right for bedtime stories.

Little miss giggles Mug from Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves -2013. Condition is used but no chips et. n excellent condition. MR MEN LITTLE MISS KEYRING Princess Shy Lucky Naughty Giggles ++++TAKE YOUR PICK. Little Miss Giggles by Roger Hargreaves (Paperback, 1995). Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Letter. Little Miss Giggles Mug- Mr Men-Little Miss- 2013- Small 8cm Tall-White.

Follow Little Miss Giggles on an adventure. Did you know? Little Miss Giggles can giggle and eat cornflakes at the same time. She can even giggle in her sleep, and while brushing her teeth! Her house is called Chuckle Cottage.

Full list of Little Miss Classic Library published by Egmont Publishing, the largest specialist children's publisher in the U. The Little Miss have been delighting children for generations with their charming and funny antics. Bold illustrations and funny stories make the Little Miss the perfect story time experience. All. Baby and toddler.

Lot Of 28 Little Miss Mr Men Paperback Books Roger Hargreaves 5 1/4 x 5. These are in used but okay condition, I collected them for my kids over the years. I bought them from thrift stores and used. Little Miss Sunshine by Roger Hargreaves 1997 Paperback Book. Lot of 6 Little Miss and Mr. books are in like new condition. mr men and little miss Books. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. Little Miss Sunshine.

Reviews: 7
My Son just loves this book! He lost his first one, so this was a replacement. The whole book collection is worth while, I consider the humor just a little more to an adult level, not in a R rated version. Parent's will get a kick out of this book also.
The Little Miss: Pocket Library was a bit disappointing. Each book is about 5 pages. They are not stories; more like bios of each character. Not what I was looking for.

To be fair, the books are good quality (very small board books). I just wished there was more to them.
I should have read the details better. These are tiny board books with very little writing. Was trying to get a Miss set to go with my daughters Men. She is 6 and like them, but it's not much ready for her. These are baby books.
Will Mr. Skinny ever be able to eat more than one cornflake for breakfast, a baked bean for lunch and the world's smallest sausage for supper? Thinking the doctor might be able to help him he goes to visit Dr. Plump who brings out all sorts of goodies for a mid morning snack. Guess who eats the most? I'll give you a clue. It isn't Mr. Skinny!

Seeing that his "prescription" hasn't worked, Mr. Plump calls Mr. Greedy to ask if Mr. Skinny can go stay with him for a month. How does that work out? Read the book to find out.

A humorous Mr. Men book that our children love.
Mr. Grumble is as you can guess by his name, GRUMPY! When his alarm clock goes off in the morning he says, "Bah! It's the start of yet another horrible day!"

Hmm... how to cure him? Well, a wizard comes along who doesn't "like people who are constantly grumbling and moaning." What does he do? He turns Mr. Grumble into a little pig! As you read on through the story, you will read how each time Mr. Grumble grumbles he becomes a larger and larger pig? Does this cure him? You'll have to read to find out!
Mr. Nosey is horrifying! I instantly returned this book once I was able to read the entire thing. I cannot believe people think this story is okay. I’m pro original Hans Christian Anderson tales, gore and all, but this story is terrible. Cutting off someone’s nose because you think they’re annoying? What lesson is this supposed to teach? That it’s okay to be violent towards people that annoy you?
And, through this book we learn about the support of friends and the creativity of those who care about us. The Little Miss (and Mr.) books are as wonderful as I remember them from my childhood. I love being able to share these books with my daughter. These books are just right for bedtime stories. When you need to speed read - they accommodate that, and when you have the time to really get into character, the story lines and characters support you dramatic expression. Too much fun. The story line on this book is cute and just downright fun, like almost all these books. Enjoyable, worthwhile and definitely a fantastic addition to our family story collection.
Welcome to Little Miss Greedy's world! Residing in Cherrycake cottage,she certainly lives up to her name. Want to know what she ate for breakfast?

66 sausages
23 slices of toast and marmalade
12 cups of tea

That morning she gets a birthday invitation from her cousin, Mr. Greedy. She has made him the most enormous birthday cake but has a confession to make. She actually made three, the first one she ate for breakfast and the second one for lunch!

The Mr. Men and Little Miss books are a favorite in this house. Highly recommended!