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Author: Anne Edwards
ISBN13: 978-0698104464
Title: Haunted Summer
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Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan; 1st edition (October 31, 1972)
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Haunted Summer by Anne Edwards

We lighted candles in the midnight dark  . Anne Edwards captured the gothic narrative beautifully in my opinion. She wrote with passion and warmth about these most amazing young people. Oct 31, 2016 Susan Honthumb rated it it was amazing.

Used availability for Anne Edwards's Haunted Summer. May 1989 : UK Paperback. Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Young Adult Fantasy.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Edwards, Anne. Anne Edwards has done an amazing job in telling this story first person Mary Shelley and yet bringing a very modern feel to it. The book is now a Gothic classic - terrifying and romantic. The film released two decades ago has become a classic as well.

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Haunted Summer by Ivan Passer.

Haunted Summer Script. Director:Ivan Passer. Written by:Lewis John Carlino (Writer), Anne Edwards (Novel).

Anne Edwards (born August 20, 1927, Port Chester, New York, US) is an American author best known for her biographies of celebrities that include Princess Diana, Maria Callas, Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Margaret Mitchell, Ronald Reagan, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Temple and Countess Sonya Tolstoy. She attended University of California, Los Angeles (1943–46) and Southern Methodist University (1947–48).

As a teenage Mary knew as soon as she saw Shelley that her life had been touched by genius. There was immediately between them the volcanic forces of the erotic and the intellectual that made their final union predestined. But Shelley was already wed. Along with Mary’s half sister, Claire Clairmont, nineteen-year old Mary, and twenty-three year old Shelly eloped to Switzerland, damning themselves, and becoming fugitives from their own country.

Book by Edwards, Anne
Reviews: 7
Was as advertised. Exactly what I was looking for.
Very interesting insight into the personalities of both of these well known poets.
I had a very difficult time getting into this book. I also felt that the more complex vocabulary and language would likely be almost impossible for the average person to be able to understand. This book was classified as "mystery, thriller" and I didn't find that appropriate. It seemed more of a drama to me. This book leaned heavily towards the occult and this would likely be off putting to many as it was to me. As I read further into the book, it became more interesting to me. It was highly unusual though and is based on the true story of the author of Frankenstein. The story tells of the inspiration for her creation of the plot for Frankenstein, a highly successful and popular story. Mary and Shelley considered themselves to be "married" but he, in fact, was already married and thus became a bygamist. Claire was mistreated and treated with disgust by Lord Byron, the father of her unborn child. He planned to take the child to raise and would allow Claire visits with their child in disguise as an aunt of the child. I found this to honestly be very weird. I didn't understand how Claire could so willingly give up constant contact with her child. I could never do this and would not even consider the possibility. Lord Byron and his attendant, Dr. Polidori, use opium and encourage Mary, Shelley, and Claire to do the same. They do agree after some time of refusal. They tell ghost stories in the dark, damp cellar of the mansion Lord Byron rents for the summer in Switzerland. This adds to the gothic, frightening aspect of the ghost stories. Shelley and Lord Byron forge a strong friendship, in great part due to the fact that both are poets. Their poems are featured through the body of the book. Again, I think the average reader would not comprehend the language and symbolism of these poems.
I rated this book 4-stars and would recommend it to a limited audience of highly educated readers and those with an appreciation for Frankenstein.
I received this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
Princess Fuzzypants here:
Every Halloween, we watch The Bride of Frankenstein which begins with Mary Shelley, Shelley and Lord Byron talking about her novel Frankenstein. It is a good movie and a great story but I never realized just how close it was to the truth.
This book, written in the first person, tells the story of how that book came about. It is the story of five people, three of whom are those mentioned above. It is based on research but as with all fictional histories, how much is fact and how much is fiction is up to the reader to decide.
It tells the story of these three who defied social conventions of the time in very blatant and public ways and bore Society's scorn and contempt. They could not be denied. They were far too talented with the written word to be ignored. Each has left his or her mark through the ages. It was not without great cost.
It's a fascinating story of larger than life people and it sweeps the reader along as Mary fights her ghosts and gives birth to a monster.
If you are a fan of horror or just like historical novels, this could be a good choice. It is not a light read but it is an entertaining one.
I give it five purrs and two paws up.
It is a spine-chilling story of opium nights spent in the haunted vaults of the Castle of Chillon, as Mary Shelley created her astounding book. It is a scandalous story that rocked Regency England, of the midnight madness that overtook the young Mary Shelley, her lover, then husband, the great poet Percy Shelley, and their close friend - the sometimes quite mad - certainly bad - Lord Byron. Anne Edwards has done an amazing job in telling this story first person Mary Shelley and yet bringing a very modern feel to it. The book is now a Gothic classic - terrifying and romantic. The film released two decades ago has become a classic as well. But reading the book is far more involving.Want a scary, wonderful, beautifully told story and feel like you are right there at the birth of "Frankenstein", of free love, along with literature's greatest Romantic figures? This is it!!!
I found this book tedious in the beginning, slightly better in the middle and then tedious again toward the end. The Gothic imagery is right, the feeling of chill and bleakness appropriate, but the language made it nearly impossible to get into the story or feel much of anything for the characters.

This is not the first book that I have read based on this situation, and I can at least say that the depiction of Byron in this book was better than some of them that I've read, but still, over the course of the book, there were many places where I felt it dragged and would have liked to have a fast forward button to skip through those.

It wasn't a terrible book, and I am sure that many will love it, I, however, was not one of them.

This review is based on a complementary copy from the publisher, provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.
Long time fans of the "haunted summer" of 1816 will love this book, out of print but well worth the trouble to track down. The author craftfully uses journals and letters to support a believable and captivating storyline. If you liked the movies on this subject - Gothic, Rowing with the Wind, the (terrible) Frankenstein Unbound, and especially the same-titled 1988 film, you'll love this book.