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Forsaking All Others

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html cover next page .. You could be like Jo in this book," Mei said, holding Little Women in her hand. Annie's gray eyes lit up. "I admire Miss Alcott tremendously," Annie said. It was one of the reasons that she'd lent the book to Mei. "Then," Mei proposed, "why not follow her example, in this way?"

Forsaking All Others is a 1934 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by . Van Dyke, and starring Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, and Robert Montgomery. The screenplay was written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, which was based upon a 1933 play by Edward Barry Roberts and Frank Morgan Cavett starring Tallulah Bankhead. In this "comedy of errors", three friends of long standing are involved in a love triangle lasting many years.

Forsaking All Others is the final book in the From This Day Forward Duet and should be read following From This Day Forward. I entered into Forsaking All Others with the hope (and to be honest, a whole lot of cynicism) that some part of this situation would be redeemable. Beginning the story, I do have to say the mistakes were well spread and the consequences numerous. That said, each of the characters were facing those consequences and dealing with them.

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Reviews: 3
I like a strong-willed heroine like Annie. She's made a life for herself and her daughter in new land and is content with her life. I can appreciate her staunchness and toughness when coming up against a possible heir to take that away or at least change it from the "well oiled machine" that it has been for years. From the start you know she/Tony will become an item - nature of these type stories - so it's interesting to be in on the changes, misconceptions, interest and learning each other's reactions/how they operate. I thoroughly enjoyed the secondary characters, especially the two ladies hired as cook/housekeeper, and liked how Tony's valet was able to have a different lifestyle. Loved the setting; always enjoy a book about Australia.
FORSAKING ALL OTHERS is a solid four stars. Ms. Link took a typical romantic set-up but managed to make it interesting. It is 1888 and the setting is in Australia. Annie Ross recently lost her dear friend, Cedric. Older than her by several decades, their relationship was platonic but deep. Unaware until recently, she found herself the recipient of his will. The other person is his great nephew, Tony Chambers, newly arrived from England.

Tony doesn't know what to think when he first meets Annie. Expecting the worst, she is not what he thought she'd be like either in looks or actions. Soft-spoken but strong she isn't one to succumb to his charms and this is something he is not used to. He has his moments where is a typical pain in the as*. Belligerent, pretentious, and jealous are a few adjectives that describe the man. And yet I liked the guy.

Annie has her secrets and it is nothing the average reader can't figure out soon after starting the book. Most of the time spent between the two concerns the development of their relationship. Trust issues compound how they feel about each other. Secondary characters keep the romance flowing.

Tony did a great job at mustering up some conflicts but there was no 'Big Misunderstanding' and that was refreshing in and of itself. Ms. Link described several of his daydreams that I, personally, thought were pointless. My guess is an editor asked her to include these parts to increase the ratings.

I've read better historical romances but I still enjoyed this story. Annie is not dumbed down as has often happened with books I have read recently. If nothing else read it for their much-deserved HEA.
Englishman Anthony Chambers arrives in Australia determined to expose the scheming, whoring ways of the woman with whom he shared his inheritance, Annie Ross. The terms of his uncle's will dictated that he live a year with Annie at Camelot station--certainly enough time to expose her for the tart she must be. In his arrogant assessment of the woman who shared his uncle Cedrick's home and life, Tony never even entertained the notion that Annie's and Cedrick's relationship could be based on simple friendship. The world that he comes from in London is a much more calculating one, and men and women play by the rules of high society where friendship between the sexes is unheard of, especially when the woman claims to be widowed and has a small child. But then, Tony has never met a woman like Annie before. And when he does, he finds all of his assumptions, morals and values thrown into question.
Annie Ross refused to be intimidated by the aloof, arrogant Englishman. Several years before she left behind his judgmental type when she left her home in Philadelphia to accompany Cedrick to Australia. Fiercely protective of her past, her child, and her home, Annie is determined to remain at Camelot station despite Cedrick's arrogant nephew. Annie's quite surprised by the touch of gentleness Tony exhibits toward her daughter, and even more surprised by the concern he demonstrates toward her. Then again, perhaps the hiring of servants isn't to ease her burden, but only to uphold his proper station in society. Nevertheless, independent and capable, Annie finds other occupations for her time. Yet she finds it difficult to resist her growing attraction to this man, despite the painful memories of her past with her daughter's father.
Lovers of historical romance will enjoy Gail Link's gentle, loving romance that provides a step into the past. With a grace and beauty that matches the Australian lands in which it is set, FORSAKING ALL OTHERS follows the development of a passionate love that binds an American heart to an English one in a novel of fulfilled love.