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Author: Barbara Marx Hubbard
ISBN13: 978-1577312819
Title: Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential
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Publisher: New World Library (January 1998)

Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard issues a call to action for the current generation to fulfill its creative potential. Hubbard asserts that we must quickly become capable of wise and ethical guidance of evolution itself, if life on Earth is to survive. org to approved e-mail addresses. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. The Marriage Ring.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has given us an extraordinary guide to an enlightened society. If enough of us read this book, something phenomenal will emerge. Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love. Read this book and cocreate the new American renaissance. Eric Utne, founder of Utne Reader. An urgent call to action from one of the truly great visionaries of our time. Barbara Marx Hubbard is a noted futurist, evolutionary thought leader, social innovator, and public speaker. Her other books include Emergence and Birth 2012 and Beyond. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Conscious evolution: awakening the power of our social potential. Barbara Marx Hubbard. Download (epub, 716 Kb). FB2 PDF MOBI TXT RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format. 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution. Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution. Together with author and social innovator Barbara Marx Hubbard, he is working on a series of new works revolving around Evolutionary Spirituality.

by Barbara Marx Hubbard: Conscious evolution is a mother mem. alling together individual memes that hold information for creating new communications, arts, sciences, education, business, environmental organizations, and health systems - the new social body. Conscious evolution needs evolutionary artists to tell the new stories of our collective potential in a variety of ways. Without vision, the people perish. With vision, we flourish. For example, in his seminal book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi outlines his theory that people are happiest when they are in a state of flow. In an interview with Wired magazine, Csikszentmihalyi described flow as being completely involved in an activity for its own sake.

Conscious Evolution : Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential. by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Select Format: Paperback. Barbara Marx Hubbard issues a call to action for the current generation to fulfill its creative potential. ISBN13: 9781577310167. Release Date: January 1998.

Start by marking Conscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. and allowed me to see the patterns present in our current society, and where we may be headed as a species. Barbara uses analogies of several different species in the world, and the transformations which occur under specific conditions - and how we, as a species, are now experiencing those same conditions. We may very well be on the precipice of a major societal shift. Indeed, since I read this book in 2000, I have seen the consciousness rising.

Barbara Marx Hubbard (2015). Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential, . 2, New World Library. Christ" states that those who see themselves as "separate" and not "divine" hinder humanity's ability to spiritually evolve.

Reviews: 7
I started this book when it first came out, and put it down after the first 4 chapters. I recently picked it up again to finish it, and remembered why I had hit the pause button. Other 1 star reviewers had already summed it up. In all her verbosity, there is little substance, just loads of superlative New Age fluff. While I agree with the basic thesis that awakening our social responsibility is vital to our survival and that of our planetary home, I'm put off by the ego-inflation that emanates from the idea that "evolution" applies to our own personal conscious development. No, evolution is a slow process that transcends thousands of generations. 99.9% of all species that have existed are already extinct. We're right in line for the next wave. As she says, "it is the nature of nature to transform," and we may not have a place in the new steady state. The narcissism is clearly evident in the statement on page 201: "Conscious evolution ultimately means that the cosmic intelligence that is manifest in every particle and entitiy in the universe, becomes self aware in us, as us. The separation of the rational mind from the great creative process dissolves, and we recognize that intelligence as our own. With that intelligence, we create as we think. Descartes' dictum 'I think, therefore I am' becomes 'I think, therefore it is.' Our thoughts are translated ever more directly into manifestation." Sounds like narcissistic magical thinking attempting to be as gods! Sure social and cultural change occurs much faster than biological evolution, but humanity collectively has not advanced emotionaly very much since the dawn of civilization. Sure we've created ideals and democratic institutions, but each generation emotionally has to start all over a birth. We don't pick up where our parents left off. So while there are some shining stars, the majority of humans are struggling with fulfilling subsistence needs. The author is naive, if she thinks we can consciously lift ourself up by our own bootstraps and collectively become enlightened through a mass education campaign. People individuate and grow emotionally when their heirarchy of needs is met. Those of us who have solved the subsistence problems of existence can help those less fortunate, but it's nauseating when such help issues from a position of spiritual elitism. Perhaps collectively we should take the author's advice on page 205 about consciously dying by choice. Since humans are the greatest threat to the survival of mother earth, shouldn't we all suicide to save her?
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Social interaction and growth is a continuum of observation, inquiry, and application. In Conscious Evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard describes this process in stunning detail and guides us on how to incorporate spirituality into social policy. Hubbard's inspirational analogy of humankind as a catepillar morphing into a butterfly stimulates the reader's mind to envision how the collective fate of humanity need not end in an apocalyptic, "judgment day"-like scenario. Hubbard weaves a coherent plan of action to help humanity become more globally minded, cultarally integrated, and aware of its own strengths and weakneses through thoughtful insight and inclusion of the ideas and actions of other intellectuals, activists and spiritualists. The reader learns how to unite his or her own community into a stronger, socially conscious, spiritual unit, which in turn leads to an increased ability for humanity to direct and speed evolution. Consciously! I recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn how to participate in the outcome of humanity! Buy 5 copies and pass it out to friends!!!!
This utopian book is supposedly about "evolution," yet the author completely ignores classical evolution. She attempts no bridge to "conscious evolution" without reference to evolution theory, " so I'll fill in the gap a bit: Under evolution theory, life forms that survive are those who can adapt to change. For example, giant lizards couldn't adapt to climatic changes whereas mammals could, so mammals survived and the giant lizards died out. From the viewpoint of materialistic evolution, consciousness would have been an adaptation that allowed survival of our species. We assume that consciousness will help us adapt to changes to come, but we'll see about that. The author could have helped us work through this, but instead she put out utopian theory only. However, despite this failing, I found the book interesting and useful in seeing what people could do to make life better on earth.
This is an extremely important book -- it should be read widely. Ms Marx Hubbard is an imaginative thinker, with useful and interesting ideas about the future, and a clear and accessible writing style. She believes that the problems humans are experiencing, worldwide, are part of a birth process: we may head toward either a catastropic end (in violence and dwindling resources) or a better future (in peace and sharing) and we now have the ability to choose which it will be. There's a very valuable appendix, listing organizations, educational institutions and media outlets that concentrate on successful, innovative projects. I have never met Ms Marx Hubbard, but, as a publisher, I would have been proud to publish this book.