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Author: Kathy A Meney
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Title: Revegetation (River restoration)
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Revegetation (River restoration) by Kathy A Meney

Revegetation is the process of replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land. This may be a natural process produced by plant colonization and succession, manmade rewilding projects, accelerated process designed to repair damage to a landscape due to wildfire, mining, flood, or other cause. Originally the process was simply one of applying seed and fertilizer to disturbed lands, usually grasses or clover.

River restoration refers to a large variety of ecological, physical, spatial and management measures and practices. These are aimed at restoring the natural state and functioning of the river system in support of biodiversity, recreation, flood management and landscape development. By restoring natural conditions, river restoration improves the resilience of the river systems and provides the framework for the sustainable multifunctional use of estuaries, rivers and streams. River restoration is an integral part of sustainable water management and is in direct support of the aims of the Water.

River Órbigo Restoration Project. Specific objectives:,Recovering morphology and hydraulic capacity of the former stream bed of the river and its connectivity with the floodplain and improving longitudinal continuity,Achievements in doing so:, Increasing concentration times - flood abatement - flood risk attenuation (Floods Directive 2007/60/EC). Improving ecological conditions of the riparian corridor and the diversity of habitats (Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC and 92/43/ECC Habitats Directive). River Órbigo Restoration Project: main action. Modification of a transversal obstacle to allow the passage of fauna and sediment flow. Forest actions: Revegetation with riparian vegetation: . ha. River Órbigo Restoration Project: achivements.

TABLE 6 Restoration Actions for Elwha River Anadromous Fish Stocks (SCAN). Below river mile 16 outplanting would be done by conventional tank truck and from the hatchery facilities. The revegetation goal for the Lake Mills and Lake Aldwell lake beds would be to restore the areas to the conditions and processes that existed prior to the construction of the dams. Krause Bottom, upstream from Rica Canyon, provides a model of plant communities similar to those believed to have occurred within the former lake beds. Sweets Bottom, located between the two dams, also provides a visual model of an open, flat, terraced community, although it has been modified by settlement and clearing.

River restoration is a relatively recent tool that has been brought to bear in attempts to reverse the effects of habitat simplification and ecosystem degradation, with a surge of projects undertaken in the 1990s in Europe and elsewhere, mainly North America. River restoration can be very expensive, and yet its scientific foundations are often weak or of questionable validity (Friberg et a. 2011; Woodward et a. 2010b). hydromorphological variables, biological community samples). Variations in natural revegetation of the buffer strips are advantageous to enhance biodiversity and habitat differences.

Book · January 2005 with 242 Reads. Publisher: South Florida Water Management District. As part of the Kissimmee River Restoration Project, a river reach between water control structures S65A and S65C has been restored to its original features that include a meandering path with floodplains covered with native vegetation. As part of the monitoring for environmental performance evaluation, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) established flow monitoring by the index-velocity (IV) method at two canal stations in Pool C, PC62 and PC33. Restoration evaluation is widely viewed as a critical component of any restoration project. Equally important is the dissemination of information gained from restoration evaluation programs.

Much of the main river system reconnected and resembles its previous natural state, with barely any production of power lost. When comparing this study to the Elwha River, it shows a decent tradeoff with only removing one of the dams while keeping the other. An additional article shows optimistic results through a study model also located on the West Coast. The California Central Valley, whose river flow reaches to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta and the ocean, contains multiple dam systems.

Elwha River Restoration is a historic achievement for the Department of the Interior and the Tribe that could not have been accomplished without the help of our many partners, and we are very honored to have been chosen as a finalist for the Thiess International Riverprize, said Olympic National Park Acting Superintendent Rachel Spector. Above: Amy East poses with a salmon carcass, found several miles upstream upstream of the former Glines Canyon Dam site on the Elwha River in Washington State. Above: Revegetation in the river valley at the Elwha River restoration site

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