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Giving Birth: How It Really Feels

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I remember reading a book by Sheila Kitzinger back in my early graduate school years called Giving Birth: How It Really Feels. I can't remember too many specifics from the book at this point, but it reminded me to write a post about what labor & birth feels like. This event is hard to describe, because there's really no other physical experience quite like it. Most of us resort to metaphor or analogy, usually in reference to some bodily function: menstruation, elimination, & sex are the most common.

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It takes a wide variety of experiences - long and short labours, active births, vaginal births, Caesareans and an induction - and considers what can go wrong. Work-to-work relationships.

The Birth Book, William Sears & Martha Sears. Little Brown &Co. Boston, MA. The Birth Partner, Penny Simkin. A Child Is Born, Lennart Nilsson. Alfred A. Knopf, In. New York, NY. Excited, Exhausted, Expecting - The Emotional Life of Mothers-To-Be, Arlene Modica Matthews, The Berkeley Publishing Group, New York, NY 10016  . What's Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life, Lise Eliot, P. Bantam Dell, New York, NY. Back to top. About Our Sutter Health Network.

For 9 months, you were in your mother's womb being cared for, watched over, and nurtured. For those of us who have given birth, you understand the worries, struggles, uncertainties, and pain in delivering your first child. The moment your baby is in your hands, the entire world goes quiet and it's just you, your husband and your baby. For those who have not gone through this experience yet, this story is about one of many mothers' journey to giving birth

What giving birth REALLY feels like. What giving birth REALLY feels like. Here’s how it will fee. he urge to push when you have a contraction. The contractions will change: they’ll no longer feel painful or tight across your bump, but will become really expulsive. That means each one will build up like before, but at its peak you’ll feel the most overwhelming urge to bear down and push. It’s completely uncontrollable. If you’ve watched women giving birth on TV, this bit often looks as if it’s the most painful as it’s when they can get quite vocal, but it’s the power of the expulsive contraction that can make women yell out, rather than the pain. You’ll want to poo. At this point you’re likely to feel as if you need a really big poo!

Giving birth: how it really feels. Giving birth: how it really feels.

So giving it a shot at answering them, here's how childbirth really feels, straight from the horse's mothers of Mumsnet's mouths. 1. " is soooo different for everyone. For me, cramps in thighs, tummy ache, dizzy, vomiting. 3. "I've got no pain threshold and am really not brave at all but the way I approached it was just one bit at a time - or 'this bit feels like period pains, I can handle this', then 'this bit is really painful but the gas and air is helping and the next stage will be soon' - and I actually coped really.