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Malcolm X: His Life and Legacy

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After his death, his book, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, made his ideas popular, especially among African-American youth. It was the basis for the Black Power movement. Schools, streets, and colleges are also named after him. MALCOLM X T-SHIRT. We honour the timeless work of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, or Malcolm X, with this commemorative t-shirt. Should I vote labour?

We reflect on the life of the civil rights leader Malcolm X and see how his legacy still resonates today. Malcolm X demanded changes in society, but he also changed his own philosophies quite a bit, too. Once at odds with the Civil Rights Movement, his early career advocated for violent measures, as well as segregation with the establishment of a separate black community. However, Malcolm X later adjusted his opinions, which can teach us a potential lesson in being open-minded and nonjudgmental.

Fifty years after his murder, GQ meets his family and closest friends to unravel the truth behind this hero of the civil rights movement and one of the most important figures in modern American history. If there's a single image that dominates Malcolm X's life, it's that of fire. His first memory was of fleeing the family home, aged four, as it burned to the ground, torched by white extremists. A week before he was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in New York, in February 1965, his house was petrol-bombed by former associates from the Nation Of Islam.

Malcolm X (1925-1965) is an important . political figure in the mid-20th century, as his life and legacy have received significant international attention. Malcolm X’s political work in the 1950s-1960s has been discussed in countless forums, enacted in plays, written about in numerous essays and books, and shown in a number of movies and documentaries. There have also been many buildings, streets, libraries, community centers, colleges, and even children named after Malcolm. His Autobiography is required reading in a number of high school and college classes in North America and Britain

His biography, however, has also refueled the debate on many controversial aspects of Malcolm X’s life and interpretation of his politics and legacy. To discuss Dr. Marable’s biography, we host a roundtable discussion with three guests. Amiri Baraka is an acclaimed poet, playwright, music historian and activist based in Newark, New Jersey. To talk more about Malcolm X and the controversy, as well, around Manning Marable’s new book, A Life of Reinvention, we’re joined by three guests. Amiri Baraka, acclaimed poet, playwright, music historian, activist, based in Newark, New Jersey. Herb Boyd is with us, the Harlem-based activist, teacher, author.

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