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Author: R. S. / K. A. WORP BAGNALL
ISBN13: 978-9062552061
Title: The Chronological Systems Of Byzantine Egypt
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Publisher: Terra (1978)
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The Chronological Systems Of Byzantine Egypt by R. S. / K. A. WORP BAGNALL

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Roger s. bagnall and. Klaas a. worp. on papynu fOr an inheritance of one gokl solidus, dated to 381 or 382 by the oo. An. ;oe nome~ C< lum~J;a Uni d MMIIICrip< Lil <'ary, . ol. VUI 237. T. t book is printed on acicHree ~per. Joy of Coa&nu Catalopo,-ift. The Ubraty ol C. CA~in-Publication Om is :. -ahbk oa hctpVI ca. q. Problems with Multiple Modu ofReckoning It will be el- from whal is said above thai the multiplicity of datina systems, while confusinato the historian and papyrologisl, is milipted somewhal by the chronological. diffcrcnlillion or their periods of use. Even wilbin, siven period, DOl all of the known sys1ems will be found simultaneously in most documents.

Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt. Roger S. Bagnall and Klaas A. Скачать (pdf, 5. 5 Mb).

The Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt (Stud. The Sayings of the Desert Fathers. Critical work on papyri published up to about 1986. Bagnall 1989a for some problems posed for a particular question by these characteristics. however (other than the rest of the later Roman world). 2o Egypt in the fourth century. groups detached from larger entities and unaffected by cosmopolitan culture.

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Its thousands of papyri provide insight into aspects and topics ignored by ancient authors. This handbook is an indispensable tool in navigating these documents, which use a host of complex systems to date legal transactions. Extensive tables and lists help the reader understand the use of consulates, the indiction cycle, eras, and dates by imperial reigns.

Byzantine Egypt (R. Bagnall (E. Egypt in the Byzantine World, 300–700. Pp. Xvi + 464, Fi. Ills.

Chronological Reckoning. HE SYSTEMS by means of which ancient societies reckoned years were generally well-enough suited to the purpose of distin-guishing the current year from last year or a few years ago. 1 The methods of designating years which we find in documents were matters of official proclamation and thus were adapted to the needs and nature of the state. 280 chronological reckoning in byzantine egypt. and that the Ptolemies reckoned by count of regnal years. 3 Everyone could keep track of such continuous counts with not too much difficulty, at least until the king changed. When Augustus acquired Egypt in 30 . he retained the Ptolemaic system of regnal dating, and for over three centuries Roman emperors followed his example.

BAGNALL, R. S. / K. A. WORP: THE CHRONOLOGICAL SYSTEMS OF BYZANTINE EGYPT. WARNSVELD, 1978, ix 150 p. Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.