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Author: Defoe Daniel
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Title: Robinson Crusoe
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Robinson Crusoe by Defoe Daniel

Robinson Crusoe (/ˈkruːsoʊ/) is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published on 25 April 1719.

Robinson Crusoe is a classic by Daniel Defoe. The rest of the book tells us how Crusoe learns to live his life on an island for 27 seven years. While on the island, he finds a human foot print which is not his, and suspects to be that of cannibal barbarians. Crusoe even witnesses a human sacrifice where one of the men escapes from the barbaric act. Robinson rescues him, and names him ‘Friday’, in remembrance of the day he saved him. Friday is taught to speak English and becomes a great help and companion to Crusoe in his otherwise lonely life. Robinson finally escapes when a ship that has been a victim of mutiny arrives on the island

Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) lived a life full of business successes and reverses, financial gains and losses, and political victories and defeats. Sent by his father to study for the ministry, Defoe entered the business world instead. In 1685, Defoe took part in the Duke of Monmouth’s ill-fated rebellion against King James II; and in 1688, he joined a volunteer regiment that acted as William III’s escort into London. It really happened!’’ the person says, who urges you to read such a book. That was also what Defoe wanted people to say in 1719 when Robinson Crusoe was first published; and they did say it and believed it. The story is sensational-even today a story about such a castaway would be front-page news. But with time and rereading this adventure deepens in meaning, and the lo.

Robinson Crusoe is perhaps the most famous castaway of all time. Whilst many of us have not read Defoe’s iconic book, Robinson Crusoe is a character that is familiar to us all. Aided by the hundreds of movies and theatre productions that the book spurned, Crusoe is a household name.

Her family name was Robinson, so, when I was born, they called me Robinson, after her. My father did well in his business and I went to a good school. He wanted me to get a good job and live a quiet, comfortable life. Why don’t you come with me? And so, in 1694, I went to sea again, and had many more adventures. Perhaps one day I’ll write another book about them.

Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719) is the first true novel. It demands special and deep study. To study the novel we should commence with our thoughts about English enlightenment. This book is rightly included to the circle of the beloved works of the children, so its educational significance should be underlined especially. We have to use the history of English enlighteners in connection with Defoe’s literary activity. we may mention that the English Enlightenment is closely connected with the German Enlightenment use may match mainly the ideas of Enlightenment in Goethe’s work.

Robinson Crusoe, in full The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner: Who Lived Eight and Twenty Years, All Alone in an Un-inhabited Island on the Coast of America, Near the Mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque; Having Been Cast on Shore by Shipwreck, Wherein All the Men Perished but Himself. novel by Daniel Defoe, first published in London in 1719

The author of the book is Daniel Defoe. The book was first published in 1719. The publishers that published the book were Penguin. Robinson Crusoe wanted to be sailor but his family wouldn't let him. When he got older he left and became a sailor. He went to South America and bought his own cotton farm. He had to make a voyage to Africa to get some slaves. The Main character in this book is Robinson Crusoe; he is the character through out the book. The minor characters are Friday; Robinson Crusoe Friend and the Captain. This two minor character affect the plot. The relationships between the main and minor characters are, they are friends. The conflicts that the characters face are Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, and Man vs. himself. The type of work he uses in the story is -Novel. The Genre of the book is Adventure and novel of isolation.

name - Crusoe; and so my companions always called me. I had two elder brothers, one of whom was lieutenant-colonel to an English regiment of foot in Flanders, formerly commanded by the famous Colonel Lockhart, and was killed at the battle near Dunkirk against the Spaniards. What became of my second brother I never knew, any more than my father or mother knew what became of me.

"V knige predstavlen roman Danielia Defo ""Robinzon Kruzo"". Seriia English Fiction Collection sostoit iz luchshikh proizvedenii angliiskikh i amerikanskikh avtorov. Chitaia knigu na iazyke originala, vy ne tol'ko obogatite sobstvennuiu leksiku i nauchites' chuvstvovat' grammaticheskii stroi, no takzhe smozhete nasladit'sia nastoiaschim iazykom velikikh pisatelei i poetov. Seriia prednaznachena dlia tekh, kto uchit angliiskii vser'ez, kto deistvitel'no khochet znat' etot krasivyi i mnogogrannyi iazyk. Neadaptirovannoe izdanie na angliiskom iazyke.... .. "
Reviews: 7
This edition does not include all of Defoe's famous work, Robinson Crusoe. It has no cover page or publishing information, and ends at chapter 9 mid sentence. Literally the last page of the book ends mid-sentence, with a comma. Terrible. I am just now noting that the cover has a picture of a motorboat - definitely not available at the time of the setting of this book. This edition was negligently put together and should not be sold. Don't buy under any circumstances, it will only make you sad.
I would offer "0" stars, if possible. This edition is thin, without page numbers, and the book ended in the MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE! Obviously, it is not a legitimate copy, and is a fraud. If I had only purchased one copy, I would not be so upset, but I bought 17 copies for a book discussion group and cannot return them! This "publisher" is fraudulent and Amazon should not allow them to sell this knock-off of the real thing. VERY FRUSTRATING!
If I could I would put zero stars. The book is incomplete!!!!!!!!!! I bought it for my son's homework and he realized after starting anoting in it that it was finishing in a middle of a sentence and he did not have the end! !!!
I am writing a review of the audiobook version. I liked the narrator's presentation of the book. He has a good speaking voice and I've enjoyed other books he has narrated.

As for the book, one cannot expect the writing style or narrative to match that of current day since it was written 300 years ago, I did enjoy the usage of certain words in the book, which are now considered archaic. That said, I found the story to be tedious, repetitive and overtly religious. While it probably helped sales of the book in England, I did not like the overly superior manner in which the English way of life is portrayed in the book. All other peoples and they way they live are deemed are inferior.

Daniel Dafoe must have consumed the entire world's supply of commas for 10 or 20 years in writing this book. Nearly every sentence seems to contain a comma and many have multiple commas.
This is not a complete book; what a scam! It's about HALF of the book and it ends mid sentence. Also, why is there a motorboat with a Yamaha motor on the cover? This book took place in the 1600s; there were no Yamaha motors or motors of any sort at the time of this book. What a rip off! Also there is no publishing info other than "Made in the USA Lexington, KY 17 August 2017" I placed my order for this book on August 17, 2017. I guess they didn't have time to print the entire book???
I used to work at Macmillan when Scribner was under the Macmillan umbrella and I knew when I bought this edition that it was the highest quality you can buy. The N.C. Wyeth illustrations are wonderful and they're on the very best high quality paper. All the Scribner Classics are well made. If you like classics, you'll love these editions. They are very well bound on very good paper and, as I just said, the illustrations are on the very best paper. For the price, you're getting a great deal. The only drawback: because it's such a high quality edition, you'll want to take very, very good care of it. Read it away from anything that might spill on it. Try to keep it away from any humidity. I know I'm sounding like a crazy book person and, okay, I probably am, but when you buy it, you'll see what I mean.
The version I got is the one with the motorboat on the cover (which makes no sense given this is set in the 1600's). First off, this book just starts on the very first page which was a little strange, but not really a problem. Next, it has no page numbers; I can deal with that as well - after all the book was inexpensive. But then the reason I really hate this version on the book, is that it ends mid-sentence in the middle of chapter ten. Which means this book is good for nothing except the trash.
It is presumptuous of me to offer a review. The Canterbury Tales, the first English book, and Robinson Crusoe, the first English novel, may be to two most seminal books ever written in the English language.
Let me just say that Robinson Crusoe is simply a great read. Do you need a story for the beach? This is it. Do you need a subject for you doctoral dissertation? This could also be it.
Everyone should find something of interest in this adventure story. I strongly recommend it.