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The Summer of Living Dangerously

The trouble is that while The Summer of Living Dangerously is very easy to read, and I managed to complete it one afternoon on a rare day off, it just wasn’t as good or as captivating (in my opinion) as Getting Away With It. First off, I found it hard to keep up with the re-enactment as everyone was being someone else and as such we had to keep up with their real names and their re-enacting names. When your concentration level is below-par as mine most certainly is recently it is hard to keep up with who Alice is talking to and about  . No, Alice is avoiding th There was no way I was waiting long before diving into The Summer of Living Dangerously. I love, love, loved Julie's last book, GETTING AWAY WITH IT. I devoured the earlier book in two days. My family barely saw me ;). THE SUMMER OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY is just as good.

The Year of Living Dangerously is a 1978 novel by Christopher Koch in which a male Australian journalist, a female British diplomat, and a Chinese-Australian male dwarf interact in Indonesia in the summer and autumn of 1965.

Julie Cohen's Summer of Living Dangerously is a fantastic read, a page turning, heart lurching romance that is rooted firmly in today, yet flirts dangerously with the all-consuming fantasy of life in a grand house, during the Regency period. How can you resist the devastatingly handsome and charming James? How can you not adore the flawed and broken Leo? And how can your heart not break for Clara, or soar for joy with Alice as she works through her grief and falls in love all over again.

Alice Woodstock has her life under control. She's successful and she's happy - as long as she continues to ignore the hurt from her past. But when said past walks back into her life in the shape of Leo - the man she married too young, ran away to Paris with and who ultimately broke her heart - Alice is desperate for an escape route

Or does she? More About The Summer of Living Dangerously. Of course there's the whole underwear issue, above, but that's only the start of it. I met with historial re-enactors, and historical interpreters, and historical dancers, and historical costume experts, and specialists in restoring historical buildings. I tried on a nineteenth-century corset, talked in a field with a man impersonating Napoleon, and spent an evening learning how to do the Duke of Kent's Waltz. The kind of book you can't stop reading but don't want to finish. I loved i. -India Grey. Thousands of people were killed, the man said. The Prince Regent, the King of Prussia, Tsar Alexander I, all the other Allied leaders-they were partying for nothing. People were still going to die.

When I read Julie Cohen's book Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom a couple of years ago my poor toddler had to endure neglect for the day since I couldn't stop reading it. This time Julie had me risking my own health since I started reading her new book in the bath and my husband came to find me there several hours later sitting in stone cold water, unwilling to get out since I didn't want to stop reading! I do love it when you find a book that captures your imagination, but I'd advise perhaps . .

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In the book "Courage: The joy of Living Dangerously", Osho defines Courage as not the fearlessness, but going into the unknown in spite of all the fears. The subtitle of this book is The joy of living dangerously, which means to face the fears, to accept the challenges of life, not to run away from it. This book inspires the reader to be courageous in the real sense and make his/her day-to-day life a great adventure and joyful. Brief Summary of the Book: To quote Osho from this book: The experience of the joy that the unknown brings, the great ecstasy that starts happening with the unknown, makes you strong enough, gives you a certain integrity, makes your intelligence sharp

Reviews: 3
All of the characters were well-developed, and their motivations, as they are revealed, are believable. Alice and Leo are willing to examine their feelings and thoughts, gradually accepting appropriate responsibility for their choices and thereby earning clarity and joy along with acceptance of pain.
I enjoyed the differentiation of characters, the eccentricities and talents and faults. This is the deepest of Cohen's fiction that I have read so far.

The plot, characters, settings, and back story are well-balanced, well-proportioned. I take pleasure in Cohen's use of language, too.
But all in all readable - just. Chick flick thru and thru with some naivety of the genre. There are some issues there that squeeze a tear or two mainly relating to a lost baby and following marriage breakdown but a bit too romantic and sugary with the main character seemingly intelligent young woman in pursuit of an unexpected new career and romance but in so many ways such a silly goose. Her ex husband and a father of the lost baby comes back to town to patch things up and is such a saintly great man yet the silly goose doesn't seem to notice. That he's in love with her and is the best man for her is so obvious to the reader from almost his very first appearance yet the main character holds stubbornly onto her past and looks for love elsewhere. The owner of a charming Edwardian manor sweeps her of her feet - that bit is boring and predictable and barely digestible. Also proves she's not that smart after all, instead of looking at a man's character she's swayed by the superficial. And yes, she's at times schoolgirl antic silly. I gave it a three stars because it will do for a light read and out of respect for the author's better novels.
I loved this book, I couldn't put it down and I didn't know which of the men she was going to end up with until right near the end.