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Author: XIAO YAN
ISBN13: 978-7220077708
Title: Tanggong Mystery (Paperback)
Format: lrf mobi doc mbr
ePUB size: 1721 kb
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Language: Chinese
Publisher: Unknown (1991)

Tanggong Mystery (Paperback) by XIAO YAN

He also tends to create many enemies thanks to his sharp tongue. Xiao Yan's father and patriarch of the Xiao family. He respects and loves his father

A young girl adopted by the Xiao family, is a childhood friend of Xiao Yan, and also a talented fighter. She has a very mysterious background. She is the number one heir of the Gu Clan and she is the sole possessor of the perfect Dou Di blood in Gu clan within the past 1000 years. Xiao Xun is a very beautiful girl. She is hailed as a 'goddess' by her peers at Jia Nan Academy because of her talent and beauty. She has deep blue hair and large aqua eyes.

Tanggong Mystery (Paperback). Author: XIAO YAN. ISBN: 722007770X. Category: No category.

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But Lin Feng had nothing to worry about regarding Xiao Yan. Mavericks of the Heaven's Destiny Sect like him have always been in the position to threaten others, and not the other way around. Even if he did get bullied, he would eventually get back what he had lost previously and more.

Xiao Yan laughed out loud as a craziness surfaced on his face. The Dou Qi within his body madly followed his veins and surged onto his fist. Finally, it smashed ruthlessly toward Yun Shan’s heart. It was just about to strike its target when a sharp female cry suddenly sounded from the open ground below. Xiao Yan, don’t! The familiar voice caused Xiao Yan’s fist to pause. His gaze involuntarily shifted down and immediately saw Yun Yun’s pretty pale-white face that was filled with a plea

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