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Author: John Burns
ISBN13: 978-0060612559
Title: The answer to addiction
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Language: English
Publisher: Harper & Row; 1st edition (1975)
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The answer to addiction by John Burns

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Burns, himself off the juice for 28 years, and his trio of younger fellow exboozers, pooh-pooh the materialistic approach sponsored by the medical and psychotherapeutic communities and so heavily endowed by Congress. The addict, this book makes clear, is sick in a place no pill or ministerial pep-talk can reach. The Answer is spiritual (whatever that means) conversion; a cleansing of alcoholic attitudes and habits; and helping others. There are some eight million active alcoholics today in the States, with about 400,000 effectively recovering . s (650,000 worldwide). According to Burns' persuasive reading of the statistics, . emerges as the single mode of recovery that really works, but he faults this fellowship for not opening its doors more warmly to all drug addicts.

John Burns (5). The answer to addiction : the path to recovery from alcohol, drug, food. copies. 1) John Burns (sometimes John M. Burns), b. 1938, an English comics artist - Verhalen uit de mega steden, nr. 7: Judge Dredd contra Raider 2) Burns, John, 1953- The miracle in a daddy's hug 3) Burns, John, 1945- The many adventures of Pengey Penguin 4) Burns, John, 1774(or 5) -1850. Dissertations on inflammation 5) Burns, John, 1910 or 11- The answer to addiction 6) John Burns - Hack 7) John Burns, assoc

The Answer to Addiction: The Path to Recovery from Alcohol, Drug, Food, and Sexual Dependencies. Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company, The. ISBN: 0824510283. Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA).

John Burns My most recent book is Pengey Penguin and the Boogie-Man. Obvious by the title it's Halloween themed. The novella is about 8000 words and can easily be read by the 7 -12, kids as young as four get Adults seem to also delight in it. According to my test audiences the book is hilariously funny but still has that element that tugs a bit at the heart strings. It is not published at this time. See Featured Authors Answering Questions.

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When Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland, produced his adaptation of the old folk song, John Barleycorn, in 1782 he set the stage for numerous adaptations that would come in the centuries that followed. The character even makes an appearance in the iconic seventies Scottish horror movie, The Wicker Man. The poem is essentially the personification of the barley, describing the various insults and injuries that it suffers at the hands of the farmer and the miller on its way to becoming beer and whiskey. The Robert Burns version has been very influential on subsequent versions, stripping back the original folk tale, omitting the motives of those doing harm to John Barleycorn, and focussing on his heroism. For Burns, Barleycorn was ‘A hero bold, of noble enterprise’ as he faced his brutal ordeals. Tasting his ‘blood’ would ‘make your courage rise’ and give you joy instead of fear.

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A bit dated with its references to Synanon, but as a study of why 12-Step programs that remain true to their spiritual origins are so effective, this book can't be beat. A must read for anyone interested in the history of the recovery movement.
In my opinion, and I am an addict and an avid reader as well.This had to be the best book aound that I knew of to begin to explain to non-addicts about addiction. Being such a hard concept to grasp, even for those of who have been given the gift of addiction, I gave this book out often. I am now looking for 5 copies so if anyone can help me, it's for a very good cause. I feel it most important and advantagous to educate people on what addiction really is and who better to explain that then the addict.