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Author: Ridley Pearson
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Killer Weekend by Ridley Pearson

Eight years ago, in Sun Valley-snowcapped playground for the wealthy and ambitious-all that stood between . Attorney General Elizabeth Shaler and a knife-wielding killer was local patrolman Walt Fleming. Now Liz Shaler returns to Sun Valley as the keynote speaker of billionaire Patrick Cutter& world-famous media and communications conference, a convergence of the richest, most powerful business tycoons.

Killer weekend other books by ridley pearson. Peter and the Shadow Thieves (with Dave Bar r y) The Kingdom Keepers Cut and Run The Body of David Hayes Peter and the Starcatchers (with Dave Bar r y) The Art of Deception The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (writing as Joyce Reardon) Beyond Recognition Probable Cause  . No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.

Author: Ridley Pearson. The New York Times bestseller returns with a completely new setting-the magnificent natural beauty of Sun Valley, Idaho -and a heart-stopping story in which a local sheriff struggles to protect a controversial politician from the elegant plan of a hired assassin. Eight years ago, in Sun Valley-snowcapped playground for the wealthy and ambitious-all that stood between .

The first book in the Sun Valley series, 2007. and our love of Idaho). A s she stood in her small closet undressing for bed, Elizabeth Shaler was annoyed to find some mud left behind by a running shoe that she now put away. Liz pulled on a cool cotton nightgown. She headed straight for the end table with the glass of water and the book. The overhead light went off. She smelled ur. And she turned around defensively. But as she did, a hand clapped over her mouth. Before she had a chance to react, her arm was twisted up behind her back and she was driven down to her knees.

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It was far too big for two people; how would it feel now with only one? He was informed by a staff member that Stuart Holms had already left for the conference done in person. Walt drove over to Sun Valley. It took him twenty minutes of moving between various talks and coffee clutches, meeting rooms and hospitality suites to find Holms on the porch of the Guest House in a private conversation with the head of Disney. Walt asked to speak to Holms in confidence and took the vacated chair. There's never an easy way to say this.

Ridley Pearson seems to be a "hit or miss" writer in my opinion, but Killer Weekend is a winner. I really like the Sun Valley setting with its celebrity surface and its dark underside. I read this novel at the right time, as it features a female presidential candidate before Mrs. Clinton declared her intentions. Looking for a book for that summer weekend on the beach? Killer Weekend might just fit the bill. Sheriff Walt Fleming is determined to get to the bottom of death threats against NY state attorney general Liz Shaler, who is the keynote speaker at a conference in Sun Valley.

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Killer Weekend (2007). About book: Ridley Pearson is a well-known author who I’ve never read. I decided to pick up ‘Killer Weekend,’ my first book by Mr. Pearson. It will also be my last book by Mr. If a book is well-written with characters I like and can relate to but only a so-so plot, I will read the book. On the other hand, if the book has a GREAT premse but features poor writing and bland characters, I will not finish it. Killer Weekend’ had neither.

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THAT?LL LEAVE READERS BREATHLESS.Controversial New York State Attorney General Liz Shaler is announcing her candidacy for president at a high-profile convergence of media heavy-hitters. Also in attendance is an assassin with a brilliant and foolproof plan.
Reviews: 7
I have enjoyed Pearson's books and characters so when looking for a new read I turned to Killer Weekend. Without reiterating all of the other comments on its mediocrity, I will add that by the end of the book I understood why Pearson felt the need to involve the Secret Service, even though in reality they would not have been involved (they don't protect those who are thinking about running for President so please don't go there). Further, if they would have been involved they do not take a back seat to a county sheriff. So while I understand why the need for an additional layer of security bureauracry, it is factually wrong (yes, that is the joy of writing fiction, but I hate it when I am asked to accept inaccuracies because an auther can't figure out a better way to add confusion).

Unlike many of the other reviewers, I didn't mind the lack of character depth in an introductory novel, providing Pearson builds on them in the following novels. Since this is the first in the Fleming series I will certainly read the next one to see how he did. I like the quick chapters as I read these types of books for the same reasons others watch sitcoms. They are a fun way to pass the time and let my imagination go. And for that, I think this was an ok read.
I love the Sun Valley Series. I've listened to them multiple times and enjoy both the words and the reader. The third is a little jarring at first, since it's a different reader than the first two (and the fourth - In Harms Way - which isn't included), but you get used to it.
Awesome bok and seller love the quality of this product fast shipping. Would buy again from this seller.
I enjoyed the KILLER WEEKEND because it was fast paced. Granted there was not a lot of character development, but the entire story takes place over a few days. This is the type of book that makes enjoyable reading on a plane, in a waiting room, or on the bus. I don't think fans of Ridley Pearson will be disappointed.
The only problem is it could have been longer.
Great book, Walt is an excellent character. Nice and quick read! The rest of the series is on its way!
love the author ridley pearson and have read all of his walt fleming novels he writes so well and it will keep your interest
If you like a chase in the great scenery of the Rocky Mountains, you'll love it. Not epic by any means, but a fun little read. Readers should try out a book by a brand new author, First Night of Summer.