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Author: Dennis Boutsikaris,Richard North Patterson
ISBN13: 978-1442344372
Title: Fall from Grace: A Novel
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Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio; Unabridged edition (March 20, 2012)

Fall from Grace: A Novel by Dennis Boutsikaris,Richard North Patterson

Richard North Patterson, who has long been one of my favourite authors, starts a very different psychological family trilogy with "Fall from Grace" about the family of Ben Blaine and the impact of his death/apparent murder when he falls from a cliff on Martha's Vineyard.

Listen to unlimited audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The mysteriously violent death of a prominent New England patriarch exposes a nest of dark family secrets in bestselling author Richard North Patterson's twentieth novel.

Written by Richard North Patterson, Audiobook narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris.

Author: Richard North Patterson Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio Format: Unabridged Audiobook Delivery: Instant Download Audio Length: . 5 hours Release Date: March 2012 ISBN: 9781442344389. This is the first one that didn't get me from page one.

5 2 5 Author: Richard North Patterson Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris. From bestselling author Richard North Patterson comes a spellbinding psychological puzzle filled with unexpected legal twists, potentially criminal turns, and one family’s shocking fall from grace.

Filled with tight psychological intrigue that will keep readers guessing until the very last page, Fall from Grace confirms that "Richard North Patterson is one of the best in the business" (Time). rar Richard North Patterson Fall From Grace 2012 8 96K.

ru - The mysterious, violent death of a prominent New England patriarch exposes a nest of dark family secrets in New York Times bestselling author Richard North Patterson’s twentieth compelling novel.

This is classic Richard North Patterson. I loved it from beginning to end. Dennis Boutsikaris is an excellent narrator. Even though his voice is sort of nasal, it works. ) ( ) bohemiangirl35 Oct 14, 2012.

us/h/213379 Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris Duration 10 hours 54 minutes. Number one New York Times bestselling author Richard North Pattersonthe author of more than twenty novels, including Degree of Guilt and Silent Witnessreturns with the dramatic conclusion to the Blaine trilogy: Eden in Winter, the final volume that completes the story begun in Fall from Grace.

Patterson, Richard North. Publication, Distribution, et. Waterville, Maine. Thorndike Press, (c)2012. Download book Fall from grace, by Richard North Patterson.

The mysteriously violent death of a prominent New England patriarch exposes a nest of dark family secrets in bestselling author Richard North Patterson’s twentieth novel.Adam Blaine arriveson the island of Martha’s Vineyard to attendthe funeral of his estranged father, Ben Blaine, a famous and charismatic writer who has served as patriarch of his clan for many years. A man fond of sailboats, good wine, and women other than his wife, Ben Blaine has left behind a string of secrets in addition to an emotionally distraught widow and his strangely aloof mistress, a beautiful television actress who once had a drug problem. As soon as Adam arrives, he is thrust into the search for his father’s murderer. Using his training as a CIA operative, Blaine skillfully seeks to find the truth surrounding his father’s violent death—even if it means exposing one of his own family members as the killer and unearthing hidden skeletons that were never meant to be found.Filled with tight psychological intrigue that will keep listeners guessing until the very end, Fall from Grace confirms that “Richard North Patterson is one of the best in the business” (Time).
Reviews: 7
Richard North Patterson, who has long been one of my favourite authors, starts a very different psychological family trilogy with "Fall from Grace" about the family of Ben Blaine and the impact of his death/apparent murder when he falls from a cliff on Martha's Vineyard.

Ben's son Adam Blaine returns to the Vineyard to attend the funeral of his estranged father and immediately gets involved discovering buried family secrets, some of which will become public as the police investigate the circumstances of Ben's death. The only thing that is definite is that, despite his hatred of his father, Adam was on CIA duty in Afghanistan when Ben's death occurred.

Ben Blaine was a world renowned writer whose narcissistic personality gave him a ruthless drive to succeed no matter what damage might happen to those around him, especially his family. Ben loved the best things in life and was a serial womaniser who had little respect for his wife, Clarice who had brought him entry into the wealthy Vineyard society from the wrong side of the tracks. Ben's last fling was with Carla Pacelli, a failed popular actress recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.

Adam works to protect his mother, Uncle Jack, and gay brother Teddy from the fallout of Ben's death because all of them had a great hatred of Ben. Any of them could have been involved as an unbelievable bounty of buried secrets are unearthed thick and fast - not the least being that Ben was in the last stages of inoperable brain cancer and Carla was expecting his child. As Adam gets closer to Carla he starts to question everything about his family and his world starts to disintegrate.

The only thing that Adam tries to protect is the reason for his estrangement with Ben which made him leave the Vineyard ten years ago.

The whole plot has a ring of an unbelievable family soap opera and it is only Patterson's skills as an author that held my attention. Adam is the only well developed character, the family members are mainly on the sidelines and we only get to know Ben through the many, mostly terrible, things that he did during his life.

With most trilogies it is normally best to start at the beginning. With this one I accidentally started with the second in the trilogy "Loss of Innocence" which is a far better book which can be read in standalone mode. That book mostly covers the time before Ben becomes famous and before he marries Clarice. It also tells us a lot more (sometimes pretty favourable) things about Ben's character, and his drive to leave behind a family background of poor abusive and alcoholic parents. That book, set at the time of the Vietnam war, also also focuses the intolerant attitudes of the wealthy conservative residents of the Vineyard to someone who does not have their family background or views. All in all I am glad that I read #2 first as it gave me more information about Ben that helped me understand the first book a lot better. The last book, "Eden in Winter" starts off where #1 ends and follows the saga through to the bitter end.

This is one of the strangest trilogies I have reviewed because I really loved the second book but found the other ones somewhat lacking.
I could not suppress a grunt of admiration to the structure of this story first of all. Patterson allotted one chapter to one character in his new novel. By accumulating conversations with concerned person, Adam moves forward to the truth. Though there was no scene in the court, we felt the similar excitement of seeing the examination of witness. Patterson found a new style of writing in which he could show himself at his best.
I didn't read this book as a simple story of the long time feud between a father and a son. I read as an another love story, where an anguished person could finally find a companion for life after the winding process of finding his true identity. The oppressive atmosphere, when Adam came back to his birth place, gave us hint of gloomy story waiting for him. When he found the cause of his father's changing final will and the existence of murderer, he had forced to realize the fabrication of his family, the reason of Ben's hate and his father's unfulfilling desire to live on grace.
Considering both "fall" and "grace" having wide range of meaning, we can put various interpretations on this title. Ben's act toward his family was far deviating from a grace manner. Ben's life would be stamped as a failure in capturing grace, notwithstanding of his fame and power. His mother Clarice failed to live in grace. Grace also has a meaning of temporary immunity from penalties granted after a deadline has been passed, whereas fall has meaning situation dropping down. Jack could leave a charge on the file on the ground of insufficient evidence. Ben's last will of forcing Adam to dig out a hidden secret of his birth would be an act of lacking grace. However, I would like to take it as a fruit fallen from a grace manner, a feeling of caring about each other, which was generated to Adam and Carla in the course of finding the best solution to execute Ben's will. Thinking the fact Adam was hating his resemblance to his foster father as a reminder of him, it is very interesting to know both Adam and Ben are attracted by the same person. Patterson created various pattern of love in his former works. This time again he shows us another situation and style of finding love by borrowing the method of mystery novel.
I was also fascinated by the character of Charlie Graze. He played the important role as a balancing weight in this novel.
I started reading Richard North Patterson many years ago, discovering that there was a huge difference between him and the other, famous author named Patterson. In this latest work, RNP continues to show well developed plots, rich characters, and graphic senery. He allows the reader to wonder along the story line, then richly rewards us with surprises, twists and revelations.

As usual with him, I had the "I should have seen this coming...." experience, only to be humbled that I did not, in fact, "see it coming" at all. Set on Martha's Vineyard where he clearly separates tourists from the local stock, he traces multigenerational family secrets into the books present day protagonist attempt to control events of which he is not fully aware. Expertly and timely revelations take the reader along the unravelling of the family's past, yeilding a rich, rewarding, and often painful journey. Patterson's play of the of family histories and their public counterpose, allows him to demonstrate how incorrect assumptions and deeply hidden secrets twists and alters the family's public persona, keeping all on the outside from seeing the desperate longiing and insecurity and brutality within. A powerful and rewarding journey for the lucky reader who discovers him and is lead back in time to enjoy his previous works as well.