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Author: Dean R. Koontz,Jonathan Marosz
ISBN13: 978-0736626996
Title: Shadowfires
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Language: English
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Publisher: Books on Tape, Inc. (1987)

Shadowfires by Dean R. Koontz,Jonathan Marosz

Author: Dean Koontz, Jonathan Marosz. eBook title: Shadow Fires. Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense. ISBN13: 978-1415918074.

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A woman’s relief over the death of her husband gives way to mind-numbing terror in this shockingly suspenseful thriller. In 1994 Koontz re-released the book under a new name - Winter Moon.

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Despite the bad, Shadowfires is still a great read. This book is exciting, with just enough romance, along with a couple of sub-stories that pull you in. Just don't expect an answer to all your questions at the end. Very few are even hinted at.

Rachel Leben's violently possessive ex-husband was killed in a freak auto accident, but his hideously mangled body has disappeared from the morgue. Now someone, or something, is watching her. Stalking her. And, although no one will believe her, Rachel knows who it is. His walking corpse a grotesque mockery of life. His brilliant, warped mind once again "alive" and seething with jealous rage. He seeks an unspeakable revenge from beyond her worst nightmare, stalking her with a murderous lust that will not die . . .
Reviews: 7
crazy mashine
The concept here is awesome. What if someone discovered the secret of immortality, but that the secret came with a terrible price? Now imagine that person is fixated on killing you. With that awesome premise, it seems hard to imagine Dean couldn't deliver a home run. Unfortunately, he doesn't.

This whole story feels unnecessarily padded, like it was a novella (or even a regular novel) stretched into something more than it was ever meant to be. There are two many unnecessary characters here, and far too much back story going on. Rachel and her killer ex-husband, Eric, then we add Rachel's new boyfriend with the secret past, Ben. Now add Anson Sharp (Ben's arch-nemesis) and his complacent sidekick, throw in a couple of cops hounding the case, and you have far too much going on. If the story had focused on the three main characters and given us Sharp as a little mixer, this would have been better. Instead, Dean never seems to miss a chance to send the characters off on some multiple page interior monologue or detailed back story that ultimately drags down the action to a crawl. You can literally skip several pages at a time and find the same character still going on and on about something or other.

If you are familiar with Dean's other works and know he is a great writer, you can read this lesser effort. If this is your first look at one of his books, please skip it or you'll give up on his as a writer and miss some great novels like "Tick Tock", "Innocence", and "The Face".
First off, I love Dean Koontz. Not personally since I have never met him. :)

The story was interesting and I could tell it was some of his earlier writing. The characters were interesting although some were not as developed as others and the ending was rather abrupt. I gave this 4-stars although it really should be 3.5 because I did make it all the way through but I ended up skimming parts since not much was happening and nothing essential to the plot was included.
Close to the end of Shadowfires, I found myself so engrossed in the story that I made myself late to work because I just couldn't put it down. It is a scary, but not overly gory, book that grabs your imagination and won't let go! Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors; I have read and thoroughly enjoyed almost all his novels. He is the only author I have stayed up all night reading simply because I couldn't get enough of the story until it was over. I have recommended all his writing to numerous friends and family members including my daughter and my husband who is a devoted King fan. He has since become an avid Koontz fan as well.
With Dean Koontz for me it's either win or lose. Either, I really enjoy his books or I don't. Shadowfires for me was not a great book. It's about Rachael Leben who's divorcing her husband Eric. In a rage because Rachael wanted nothing from him he storms off into a garbage truck. When his body goes missing from the morgue Rachael knows exactly whats happened.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. The description of this book wasn't that great. It didn't really depict what was going to go down in this one. Although, there were several sections of this that I enjoyed and even laughed at. It just sort of fizzled out for me. Mainly because Koontz has to describe every last thing. I understand why it paints a pretty picture but at points it was so annoying. I think it actually detracts from the book. I heard somewhere that once you've made a sale stop selling it. I feel like all the description really ruins the flow.

The descriptions in this one became so repetitive and annoying. It was sort of the same thing over and over again. Eric's changing. Rachael didn't really seem real. I'm not sure who was supposed to be the main character. When this one ended I was glad. It wasn't like some of his other books that I have enjoyed. I didn't get this one.
I love almost everything Dean Koontz has written. He is a fantastic author with such an unbelievably vivid imagine in order to create these characters that you feel like you know. He is just the best.
I found this koontz novel while searching for a good book. I'd thought I'd read all of koontz works, but found some he'd written under pen name. Overall, it's worth reading. Koontz's Shadowfires was quite visionary in the technological aspect of gene/ dna manipulation. I describe this work as techno/horror with the battle of good vs evil. Take the time to read the afterward by Koontz, he's so damn brilliantly funny and entertaining.
Mr. Koontz is again contributing to my anxiety-induced insomnia as I wrap up reading the last of Shadowfires. It is always a pleasure to begin a Dean Koontz story of horror and I agonize over the outcome of the characters during the brief time it takes me to complete even the most lengthy novel. His superb storytelling has kept me a fan for many decades. Thank you, Mr. Koontz -- keep them coming. I do not know how I missed this one.
At first the story is a little contrived or so it seemed. As it developed the story and each character gained depth and then you're hooked. I like it when wraps a story around known landmarks in Southern Calif.. Since I live here and am familiar with each area he describes I begin to feel as if I'm part of the story.
Like many of his other books as this one develops it winds faster and faster. It doesn't take long till you are really emotionally invested.