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Author: Shamim Sarif
ISBN13: 978-0755308675
Title: Despite the Falling Snow
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Language: English
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Publisher: Headline Book Pub Ltd (April 30, 2004)
Pages: 341

Despite the Falling Snow by Shamim Sarif

About book: I read this book in more than a week, which for 350 pages is quite a long time for me. This is because despite the aura of mystery, Communism and international spying, I never found it fascinating enough to read for long stretches at a time. Fastidious is probably the word that describes it better. It seems that Shamim Sarif wants you to think exactly what she herself thinks about all her characters. Her descriptions are very detailed, with many adjectives, but apply mainly to the characters' psychology, which means you get very little descriptions of Khrushchev-era Russia for. This novel relies more on the narrative and characters than on the plot, but that is harder to do right and Shamim Sarif did it brilliantly. This is a book that wil get you emotionally invested and remind you why you love reading so much. I would recommend it to everyone!

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Shamim Sarif (born 24 September 1969) is a British novelist and filmmaker of South Asian and South African heritage. Her work often focuses on various aspects of identity including gender, race, and sexuality. It often draws upon her own personal experience with cross cultural, non-heterosexual love. Shamim Sarif's Top 10 Book to Ffilm Adaptations. Exclusive: A Fun Rebecca Ferguson on Despite the Falling Snow, Charles Dance and Flamingo Parties". Retrieved 2016-04-15.

Despite The Falling Snow book. a perfectly balanced novel of love and tragedy. Despite the fact that the story was a little bit predicted, it is an amazing book! I love the way Shamim writes, how she describes every emotion and characterizes a character. It is impossible not to feel anything while reading this book.

The action of Despite the Falling Snow moves between present day Boston and 1950s Moscow. After an early career amongst the political elite of Cold War Russia, Alexander Ivanov has lived in the States for forty years. Here he has built a successful business; and here he has managed to bury the tragic memories surrounding his charismatic late wife, Katya - or so he believes.

A sign of the times for sure, but after years in hibernation the Cold War thriller is back, and the latest addition to the genre is Despite the Falling Snow, adapted for the screen from her own novel by Briton Shamim Sarif. Taking the lead role is Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson, who after being a soap opera star at home shot to prominence in the latest Mission Impossible movie after catching Tom Cruise’s eye for her turn in the BBC’s The White Queen. I think it’s just super king cool to be a spy, isn’t it? The stakes are so high. You get to flip from a good side to a bad side.

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Only 11 left in stock (more on the way). She has published three novels and one nonfiction book. Her first feature film, I Can't Think Straight, won 11 awards, and her follow up movie, The World Unseen, debuted at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival before going on to garner 23 awards internationally, including 11 SAFTAs (South African Film Awards).

Despite the Falling Snow << Return to book overview By Shamim Sarif. lt;< Return to first page. The bag contains two slim volumes; one, a Hemingway novel, the other a book of stories by Salinger. Her husband is unimpressed by both, but holds a particularly sarcastic contempt for the Salinger.

After an early career amongst the political elite of Cold War Russia, Alexander has lived in the States for forty years. Here he has built a successful business; and here he has managed to bury the tragic memories surrounding his late wife, Katya - or so he believes.
Reviews: 7
I was wrapped up in this story immediately. It unfolds slowly and methodically and with such grace and beauty. I highly recommend that you read it for yourself.
This has been such a great book to read. I practically read it in one sitting. The backdrop for this story is the 1950's Russia. It gives us a good idea of what living in a totalitarian state was like. And it even comes short to what it truly was like I assume. It's full of suspense, and you put together the puzzle with every other chapter.

The pace is right on, the travel in time back and forth works nicely for the story, and the story is really good. I could really connect with the main characters emotionally and intellectually. It is a beautiful love story from cover to cover, with a spy agenda of course. It's an interesting ride through the twisted and pleasurable roads of love, with some detours into less pleasurable emotions such as hate, guilt, and betrayal, as well as a glimpse into relationships in general.

It's great to see what this man, Alexander, makes out of his life even as an older man, despite of his losses and pain. And Katya, whom the whole story revolves around, is truly an intriguing character. She's seductive, secretive and mysterious, and yet very human. I loved it!
A great read and not what you think it's going to be when you first get started. This is a book I started, then set aside for a couple of months before getting back into it. It did not capture my full attention when I first started it. But once I began reading it again, I did not stop. And I'm glad, it was well worth waiting for. It is a love story of sorts and one you can appreciate without all of the intimate details. I don't generally like books that jump back and forth in time (which is what originally had me setting it aside) but as you might expect, the jumping is essential to the eb and flow of the story. It's an easy book to read and well structured.

MUCH better than some of these so-called "Amazon best sellers" on Kindle that I've read and set aside because the structure was just too juvenile.

I would gladly read another book by this author.
A twisting tale of past and present. Beautiful stories intertwining. Couldn't put it down.
A heartbreakingly beautiful story told with admirable restraint. Shamim Sharif's light-handed approach to weaving several plots within a cohesive overarching story is brilliant: in the hands of a lesser author the story could have been syrupy and melodramatic. As it stands, with the exception of a few small grammatical errors that were not resolved through editing, Despite the Falling Snow is a truly excellent piece.
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Sharif does a great job of showing the lifelong effects of finding your true love. Jumping back and forth in time we get to see how this develops and how it's affects have lifelong implications. I enjoyed Sarifs movies I Can't think Straight and The World Unseen. This was an interesting book which I would also love to see turned into a movie.
Shamim Sharif has a wonderful writing style. She pulls you into her world and her characters completely. Even though this story flashes back and forth through time and events, the storyline and progress are perfectly paced.
I love this writer. She paints such vivid characters and stories. I find myself not wanting to put her books down. This one was no exception. You get story that travels back and forth between 1950's Russia and late 1990's Boston. You follow the life of Alexander, his life, love, and escape from Russia to the US. You will experience love, loss and struggle. Worth the read.