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Author: Richard Allen,Dale Brown
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Title: Silver Tower
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Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Abridged edition (August 10, 2003)

Silver Tower by Richard Allen,Dale Brown

A typical Dale Brown geo-political thriller. A mostly believable political back story to high tech war and battle scenes. As is usual with a Dale Brown story the high tech weaponry mixes cutting edge real technology with elements of science fiction to bring new weapons into the fray. Also there is the subplot of a brave few characters battling the odds to keep their particular high tech weapon functioning in the fact of enemy action. Dec 30, 2008 Richard rated it really liked it. Great thoughts about what a space-based platform could do for military command and control. Multiple AWACS-like (Boeing 707 radar airframe) platforms in space could significantly change the face of defense and warfare.

Written by Dale Brown. Narrated by Richard Allen. Iran has been invaded. And America responds in a grueling counterattack by air, by sea-and by a brave new technology that will redefine war. The most sophisticated laser defense system ever. It is called Silver Tower. And it will change the balance of world power forever. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Brilliance AudioReleased: Dec 25, 2006ISBN: 1423302052Format: audiobook. More Audiobooks By Dale Brown.

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Only 7 left in stock (more on the way). Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). These have some technical errors but plenty to make the story line realistic. They are entertaining and interesting.

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It is called Silver Tower. Another pretty good book by Dale Brown. He keeps the action moving along and the story is an easy read. It has just enough characters to make the story interesting without having so many that it is hard to keep track of everyone. first Dale Brown I read. easier to follow than Clancy (not as in depth detail).

Dale is a volunteer pilot for AirLifeLine, a non-profit national charitable medical transportation organization who fly needy persons free of charge to receive treatment. He also supports a number of organizations to support and promote law enforcement and reading. He is a member of the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association, The Writers Guild, and a Life Member of the Air Force Association and . He is a multi-engine and instrument-rated private pilot and can often be found in the skies all across the United States, piloting his Piper Aerostar 602P.

Iran has been invaded. And America responds in a grueling counterattack by air, by sea—and by a brave new technology that will redefine war. The most sophisticated laser defense system ever. It is called Silver Tower. And it will change the balance of world power forever.
Reviews: 7
This was my first purchase of an ABRIDGED audiobook and I understood that when I bought it. I have read Silver Tower at least 4 times. It was one of my "feel good" books. Thus, I knw the book pretty well before I listened to this audiobook.

In general the book is there but certain scenes were clearly omitted or greatly shortened. It was a little annoying that certain scenes were greatly shortened. For instance, a Backfire bomer attack scene started like the book but ended very quickly. Like it mentioned a cruiser was sent north to intercept the bomber along with the Tomcat. Then 2-3 sentances later it states all the Backfires were shot down. I know the book had a bit more than that.

There were cleary scenes added to the book. For instances, there an eye to eye visiual between the Russian space commander piloting his Elektron within 10 meters of Silver Tower and General Saint James through his space widows. The passage decribes the Russian commander identifiying the general and his feelings on his action.. Alsowe do not find out the climatic battle for the Nimitz battlegroup is occuring until after the space battle.

Whoever abridged this audiobook apparently tried to make the story more humanistic. Romance between Ann Page and the General and the Russian space commander feelings toward the Silver Tower.

Overall, I would have to give this audiobook a 3.5 star. But I do not understand why abridge a top-selling novel to save 1-2 hours on it. This will make me think twice before getting an abridged audiobook. At least it got the spirit of the book.
Dale Brown has to be one of the best military story tellers out there. He puts you right in the middle of the action in every book.
Love this series by Dale Brown. Great price, fast ship, great condition. Would use them again.
Too bad international agreements prevent us from having this type of space platform! Why do I need 7 more words after my first sentence?
Great books, keeps you in the book until the end, the book was in good condition. A good mixture of high tech and drama.
This is my second attempt at a Dale Brown book. I’ll start with what’s good. First off, the book has a good depiction of life in space, and the technical challenges astronauts face. On the political side, all points of view were presented. I also found it ironic that what the United States is doing in the Middle East now is the same thing the Russians were doing in the book, resulting in this late 80s tale not being dated at all. Though the chapters are somewhat lengthy, they’re paced well, and the scene breaks occur at the right times. The characters are likable and believable too.
A few problems:
The story has redundancy issues with the space missions. For example, Ann’s shuttle launch dream took away some of the impact of the actual shuttle launch. Moreover, I felt she and her comrades should have been stuck on the station after the first attack, and stayed there until the end of the book. Sending them back to earth, and then flying them back up (which required yet another shuttle launch sequence) drove me nuts. In a book like this, people should be fired into space only once. The same went for the Russian Space Planes. After a while, I felt I was stuck in a Star Trek time loop.
The battle scenes were generally good, but the further you go into the story, the more confusing they get. And the climatic fight in the end was almost unreadable. Worse, I can’t even tell you how the book ended! Was it a victory? Who won? Was it a stalemate? Cliffhanger? Are we being set up for a sequel? Please explain!
Uggghhh, even though this was better than Flight of the Old Dog, which I wasn’t able to get through, I was still disappointed. Then again, these are his early books, perhaps his later works are better.
Dale Brown is excellent author. Information is very accurate in aircraft and weapons development. I would recommend all is books dealing with aerospace.