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Author: Laura Lippman
ISBN13: 978-0752864952
Title: By A Spider's Thread
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Language: English
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Publisher: Orion mass market paperback; New Ed edition (November 3, 2005)

By A Spider's Thread by Laura Lippman

This story begins when an orthodox Jewish man, Mark Rubin, hires Tess to trace his missing wife Natalie who has disappeared with their three children, a boy on the brink of adolescence, Isaac, and younger, boygirl twins. It transpires that Natalie has taken off with another man, Zeke.

By a Spider’s Thread has a large cast, but even the minor characters are fleshed out in an effective manner. The heart of this novel, though, lies in the evolving relationship of Tess Monaghan and Mark Rubin. Initially, Rubin comes across as rigid and reserved, but as the investigation proceeds, he and Tess have a series of utterly engrossing conversations during which he allows the mask to slip. We all agreed that it’s been a real pleasure to watch Laura Lippman grow as a writer over the years. Marge has observed that she’s a great ambassador for Baltimore, and I think that’s very true. What the Dead Know (2007) has won award after award, but IMHO, By a Spider’s Thread is just as good, and just as rewarding a reading experience.

It had a good plot that kept it supspenseful to the very end but I didn't like any of the characters including Tess. While reading this book, it seemed like I was enrolled in a class about Orthodox Judaism. Most of the characters were Jewish so there didn't need to be so much discussions between one another about their Judaism. Natalie was the beautiful wife who disappeared with her children leaving her husband Mark wondering where they all were. She accepts a request from Baltimore furrier to locate his wife, who has vanished, taking their children with her. He's broken hearted, and is willing to think only the best of his young wife, even though he knows all about her family's lurid history.

BY A SPIDER'S THREAD (Tess Monaghan About the Book. Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan-first introduced in the classic Baltimore Blues-must track down a missing wife and unravel the secrets in her marriage that led her to flee. Mark Rubin's family is missing-and the police won't get involved because all the evidence indicates that his wife left willingly.

Laura Lippman in her series featuring Baltimore private investigator Tess Monaghan just keeps getting better and better. By a Spider’s Thread-arguably the most complex, moving novel in her Tess Monaghan detective series. The fast-paced, intelligent story involves a maze of betrayal, surprises and a murder. This was the only Lippman book that I simply could not finish. I never has one sense of dramatic tension or plot complexity. It was formulaic, predictable and ponderous.

By a Spider's Thread. 4 5 Author: Laura Lippman Narrator: Barbara Rosenblat. So the successful Baltimore furrier turns to Tess Monaghan, hoping she can help him find his wife and three children. Tess doesn't quite know what to make of Rubin, who doles out vitally important information in grudging dribs and drabs. According to her client, he and his beautiful wife, Natalie, had a flawless, happy marriage  .

Lippman also nicely blends in one of the characters, Police Detective Nancy Porter, from her standalone novel, Every Single Thing. In this book too, Tess for the first time taps into the new national internet-driven network of female investigators called SnoopSisters. Set up by Gretchen O’Brien, a character from a previous book, this network provides indispensable help for Tess in locating Natalie.

Reviews: 7
I found this story to be a real page turner. I'm reading this series in order and I think it's probably important as events in Tess's personal life are one of the draws. Another thing I appreciate is when the story includes a client with whom Tess develops a rapport. She does this over the course of the story with Mark Rubin.
If a person read this book without the others before it, I think it would seem boring and predictible.(and maybe confusing because you wouldn't know the characters) This one is more a character study of Tess and her evolution as a person (which happens a little in each book) learning more about herself and her ability to love and her heritage. There really isn't any suspense since we, the readers, are aware of what's going on in the story all along. While this isn't my favorite in the series, it was another step in Tess's life.
This is one of my favorite Tess Monaghan books to date (reading through them in order). I was totally hooked from the start and could barely put the book down.

Upon more reflection, the plot doesn't hold up that well. What should have been a pretty easy situation to unravel was stretched out because of the impossibly stubborn way Mark Rubin is portrayed. It's really unrealistic - but Lippman's writing was so engaging that I was able to suspend disbelief and get lost in the story.
It's another Tess Monaghan mystery by Laura Lippman. No criticism here. I've purchased so many of her books. If you like a good story, with characters whom you learn about..... in a setting that leaves no doubt...... this Author knows Baltimore. Just one more fun read from Laura Lippman. If you don't know her, if you don't read her..... it's your loss.
I really liked the book. It was first I read from this series and I bought the whole series tight after that. Yes, I liked it SO much. Nice characters, always surprising, never dull, just wonderful!!
I have read most of Tess Monaghan series in order and am reading this one now. I love her character and this book keeps me interested and the best part is that I grew up in Pikesville and moved away years ago so i love reading about my old neighborhood.
Not my favorite
All of the Tess Monaghan books are great. Easy reads that have some good twists. I will buy all of the books eventually.