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Author: Susan Dunlap
ISBN13: 978-1582435428
Title: Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery (Darcy Lott Mysteries)
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Publisher: Counterpoint; Advance Galley edition (July 20, 2010)
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Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery (Darcy Lott Mysteries) by Susan Dunlap

Stunt double Darcy Lott is on location at the Port of Oakland, positioned for a power slide — a dangerous trick in which she falls off a bike and skids under an 18-wheeler. Late getting to the set, Darcy’s intermittent boyfriend and stunt driver Damon Guthrie is forced to rush the scene. His truck malfunctions and Darcy is injured.

Main Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery. Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery.

As her relationship with Guthrie deepens, Darcy is struck by the similarities between him and her brother. Like the hole created by her brother’s absence, Guthrie’s past is riddled with unanswered questions. Just as she begins to think they’re getting somewhere, the past catches up with them.

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Susan Darcy is a federal agent assigned to the Panzer case.

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Susan Dunlap is the author of a collection of short stories and twenty-three novels, including the other Darcy Lott mysteries, Civil Twilight, Hungry Ghosts, A Single Eye and Power Slide. She has won Anthony and Macavity awards and has been president of Sisters in Crime. She and her husband live near San Francisco. Series: Darcy Lott Mysteries. In the first book, A Single Eye, Darcy Lott leaves NYC to attend a retreat in the northern California wilderness. As the narrative progresses, we learn about Darcy's profession - a stunt artist - about her large San Francisco family, about her fears and failures, and about her faith. Buddhism is a religion," Darcy's first-person narrative tell us, "Zen is the practice of looking into yourself and peeling off layers till you find your essential emptiness.

Civil Twilight: A Darcy Lott Mystery. New Concepts Publishing ww. Time Slide. Report "Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery".

A Single Eye (A Darcy Lott Mystery Susan Dunlap. Year Published: 2006. Year Published: 2012.

Stunt double Darcy Lott is on location at the Port of Oakland, positioned for a power slide — a dangerous trick in which she falls off a bike and skids under an 18-wheeler. Late getting to the set, Darcy’s intermittent boyfriend and stunt driver Damon Guthrie is forced to rush the scene. His truck malfunctions and Darcy is injured. Tensions have never been higher between them, and on top of it, Darcy’s siblings are pressuring her to search for Mike, their missing brother.When Guthrie observes that the shipping containers headed for Asia would be a good place to hide out or stash a body, Darcy thinks with horror of Mike. Is this where her brother could be? Guthrie is no help to Darcy given their tenuous relationship, and all of her usual connections in the police department are suddenly shutting her out, so she’s on her own in a desperate quest to find a link between the port and her brother. The hunt leads her to the canyons of Los Angeles, a stunt ranch hidden in the desert, and ultimately to a horrifying discovery in San Francisco.
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Darcy Lott is a professional stunt double and the formal assistant to a Zen-master. So this book offers windows on two new worlds, plus a wonderfully detailed sense of place, or, more accurately, of places, as Lott visits lush forests, sun-baked farming communities, and her native San Francisco. Reasons enough to praise the series, for sure. But for habitual readers of murder mysteries, there's also an anthropological/historical reason to celebrate.

Darcy Lott is literally a second-gen detective. Along with the trinity of Muller, Paretsky, and Grafton, Susan Dunlap is one of the founders of Sisters in Crime and a pioneer of the tough-femme detective. Dunlap's Jill Smith series gives us a Berkeley cop who balances on a thin line between a respect for the forces of order and admiration for the ideology and (attendant quirks) of the famous counterculture. Jill Smith's early undertakings are fairly formulaic, but the last three books in the series are part mystery, part social history, part philosophical inquiry into the current state of play among Berkeley factions. Dunlap's character has evolved to a point where it seems unlikely that she can continue to function within the structure of the Berkeley PD.

Darcy Lott is, in many ways, the logical extension of the Jill Smith character.

In the A Single Eye, Lott takes her fear of trees to a Zen retreat in a nearly impenetrable forest. Although this book has the most detailed introduction to Zen practices and philosophy, both Hungry Ghosts and Civil Twilight provide enough information for the first-time reader. But if you haven't read all three, try to start at the beginning.

Hungry Ghosts finds Darcy Lott back in San Francisco staging a complicated stunt and living in a zendo. Her family members emerge as major players in this and the next book, Civil Twilight. All of the novels give the reader a sense of place that is an elegant function - both physical and metaphysical - of plot and theme. And Dunlap is delft: there are no Fairsteinesque hunks of down-loaded background falling on the reader's head.

In all three of the first books, the disappearance of Darcy Lott's older brother is a secondary and perpetually unresolved plot. Mike walked out of the family kitchen decades ago and was never seen again. In this book, the Mike plot takes up much more room, physically and otherwise.

Unlike the heroes of Grafton's and Paretsky's series', Dunlap's Darcy Lott is an independent woman whose freedom from convention is interestingly constructed within the context of that most traditional paradigm: the family. Ideologically speaking, Dunlap's feminism - like that of Marcia Muller - offers us hope for a world in which a woman can be both self-reliant and deeply loved.

This isn't a complicated narrative. Unlike Muller or Leon, Dunlap prefers to keep her main character concentrated upon one problem or one very tight set of problems. There's a point in the book when Lott sees another stunt woman about to "shoot the wires." I didn't know what that meant, so I looked up some wire stunts on YouTube and then realized that in Darcy Lott's statements about focus, about pushing off and keeping going, about needing to bend and shimmy and reach, she's talking about her own quest for the truth - the truth about her lover, the truth about her brother, the truth about the way she sees the world.

It's a single-plot mystery, but the main character's intensity carries the reader through at warp speed, too involved to miss additional action. As always, there's a Zen koan that provides the controlling metaphor for the book, and thus, even if you see the end coming, it will please you with its peace and balance.
In San Francisco stuntman Damon Guthrie begins to reveal a shameful secret to his intermittent girlfriend stuntwoman Darcy Lott. Before completing his confession to a stunned distressed Darcy, Damon asks her to come to a meeting accompanied by her sibling John the cop at the Palace of the Fine Arts.

However, on his way to the meeting, Damon dies in a car accident. The timing seems suspicious to Darcy who decides to investigate as she has done before feature (see Hungry Ghosts, A Single Eye and Civil Twilight). Darcy also remains determined to find her missing other brother Mike, who vanished over two decades ago. However, those predators who murdered Damon decide Darcy is next.

The latest Zen detective amateur sleuth mystery is an exhilarating whodunit as the two inquiries are personal; although each requires a degree of acceptability that the heroine knew so little about a man she dated on and off for several years, and the tundra cold case of missing Mike. The fun in the investigative story line is the refreshing use of Zen Buddhism to work the cases and the amusing movie memorabilia collectibles, as the latest Darcy Lott mystery is an enjoyable whodunit.

Harriet Klausner
The Darcy Lott Mysteries are fantastic. I've read them completely out of order, but love them just the same. With unique characters and situations, these books give a storyline that is more than just a mystery. I actually care about what Darcy will find. I loved the twists and turns in this particular book of the series and highly recommend it. I am eager to read more in the series.