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Author: Jane Langton
ISBN13: 978-0140148527
Title: The Transcendental Murder (Homer Kelly, Book 1)
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Language: English
Category: Mystery
Publisher: Penguin Books (February 7, 1990)
Pages: 278

The Transcendental Murder (Homer Kelly, Book 1) by Jane Langton

The first book in the Homer Kelly series is set in Concord, Massachusetts. They have some sparking chemistry, irritating each other. The local historical society is in an uproar when one of its members produces love letters purportedly between Thoreau and Emily Dickinson. I'd never heard of Jane Langton or the Homer Kelly Mystery series until today at Savers. A mystery set in "the birthplace of the American Revolution and the home of the horeau, Emerson, and the Alcotts"-and Emily Dickinson quotes cited too?

The Transcendental Murder, . part of Homer Kelly Mystery Series. Open Road Integrated Media Ebook. For Grace Brown Gillson and Joseph Lincoln Gillson. Ruth Wheeler of Fairhaven Bay is in no way responsible for the wild idea behind this book, but her knowledge of Henry Thoreau in Concord was a great help in the writing of The Transcendental Murder. Homer Kell. elebrated Emersonian scholar. In his opinion Concord was a polite little suburban pest-hole, living on its picayune history.

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Publisher’s Summary The citizens of Concord, Massachusetts, never tire of their heritage.

Книга The Transcendental Murder, автор Langton Jane - (Scholarly infighting can get a lot more violent than most outsiders realize, but usually that violence is confined to the printed page. Not so in Concord, Mass. where the arrival of Homer Kelly, an expert on the work of Ralph Waldo Emerson, has stirred up passions concerning a manuscript that may or may not have been written by Henry David Thoreau. Things come to a head during the town's annual re-enactment of Paul Revere's famous ride, when one of the 'Minutemen' turns up dead, still in full Revolutionary regalia

The Transcendental Murder. Book in the Homer Kelly Series). A Must Read Book for Jane Langton Fans. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 9 years ago. If you've read other Homer and Mary Kelly mysteries, but not this one, put this one on your list! This book not only is a good story, but we get to see Homer and Mary when they first meet. Of course, they find each other irritating. The plot, which is quite good and intriguing, throws Mary and Homer together, but still it looks like they will never like each other. All the while, you the reader, know from the other books that they will end up together.

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The Transcendental Murder (1990). 0140148523 (ISBN13: 9780140148527). About book: The peaceful town of Concord, Massachusetts, becomes a hotbed of intrigue and activity when the annual re-creation of the ride of Paul Revere ends in murder. And it falls to Homer Kelly to set things straight.

This first book in the beloved series featuring New England cop/Emerson enthusiast Homer Kelly is a delight. most enjoyable murder mystery (Eudora Welty). The citizens of Concord, Massachusetts, never tire of their heritage. Concord’s latter-day transcendental scholars are a strange bunch, but none is more peculiar than Homer Kelly, an expert on Emerson and on homicide.

Thoreau, Emerson, and the Alcotts are discovered to have done more than they think, two people show up dead, and Lt.-Det., Emerson scholar, Homer Kelly is there
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Naturally, those of us who have read many of the Homer (and Mary) Kelly mysteries over the years will want to have this "when they first met" novel. For those not familiar with the long running series (since the mid-sixties), it is a good one to start with, not that it is the best, but because you will likely want to read more and this is the beginning of it all.
There are differences in tone between this (and, perhaps a few more of the early ones) and the later Homer and Mary books (aside from their getting married and older). Homer is still "only" a policeman, with an interest in literature, not the distinguished Professor and scholar he was to become (although he is writing a book). Mary is still not the educated professional and rather fiercely woman's rights advocate she will mature into. She is still a librarian, not yet having ' found her vocation'.
I did not, as some reviewers did, miss the the drawings which add flavor to the series, since with the advent of the Kindle, I stopped (eye) reading detective stories, relying on audiobooks (those I had purchased in digital form being automatically transferred to my kindle when Amazon acquired the company which had sold them) and robot reading of all but one that I bought from Amazon (that restricted by its publisher). As did other reviewers, I did enjoyed the authors light-hearted drawings when reading the books. As others have pointed out, they are omitted from this edition.
I found the very short chapters, which means that being quickly bounced from one chapter lead-in with quotation to another. For me this was an annoying distraction. Others might find the format adds to their pleasure.
Cozy readers, in general, should find this an intelligent, essentially non-violent, well-written mystery. The author's reference to familiar 19th Century literary-philosophical New England thought and writers, will be a pleasant break for many from the usual fare.
Homer and Mary have become my good friends through several books in this series. I always enjoy a visit with them very much. The books are well written and the plots are always interesting. The sketches the author usually includes in the books (but not in this edition, sadly) are wonderful and serve to draw me further into the story. I see what the author sees, not just in descriptive prose but she shows me the exact way she sees the scene. You're never too old to enjoy a few pictures in your books, that's what I say. It's endeared this quirky couple to me even more now that I've been there when they first meet in this book. Read, relax. These are worthwhile books, and I recommend them.
I LOVED this book, and can't wait to read Langton's other books. I was left wondering until the last moment who the guilty party was. I also liked the fact that the chapters were short, which allowed for reading a few chapters at a time, and picking up at a new chapter later. I highly recommend this
I've loved Jane Langton's Homer & Mary Kelly mysteries forever, for the people, plots, history, AND for the remarkable drawings that were in all the Penguin editions, now mostly all out of print.

Felony and Mayhem, reprinting 'classic cozies,' is to be praised for returning the first of the Kelly mysteries to the bookshelf, but they left out Langton's clever line drawings. Maybe they couldn't get permission? Maybe they didn't think the drawings necessary.

I guess they're not necessary but are part & parcel of Langton's charm, a rare gift she shared with her readers.

So I'm giving this edition of this great book 3, not 5, stars and hope people will find and buy the out-of-print Penguin editions.
I am reviewing the print version of this book. The Kindle edition was missing the first page of every chapter. This is a title I read time and again - engaging story, likeable leads, well written, just all around good story. The protagonist is a smart girl who lacks social confidence; she is highly relatable and the author lets us in on her thought processes. The male lead goes on to play a detective roll in many sequels, and their banter and relationship are the reason I kept going with these books. I just love this story.
I read this book on a trip overseas; several of us did a paperback swap to lighten our loads and at first I was none too thrilled to have to lug this one around. But to my surprise and sheer delight, it started a wonderful love affair with this author's main character, Homer Kelly. I love his clumsy actions, absent-minded professor ways -- and Jane Langton's line drawings are wonderful. I have read every one of these books and scan amazon constantly for news of her latest releases. Set in Massachusetts, it is just a great read. Enjoy!
The first book in the Homer Kelly series is set in Concord, Massachusetts. Homer has come do do research on the transcendentalists, and meets junior librarian, Mary. They have some sparking chemistry, irritating each other. The local historical society is in an uproar when one of its members produces love letters purportedly between Thoreau and Emily Dickinson. When he ends up shot during the reenactment and parade occurring on Patriot Day, the local authorities suspect his son based on the account of a boy scout who saw a man in full costume upon a horse. Homer is intrigued by the mystery, and we find out that his real profession is a detective and he, with Mary as his local guide and assistant helps to investigate the case. The cast listing of characters at the beginning is helpful to keep track of the players, which are initially a bit confusing to sort out. While starting a little slow, the story and mystery do pick up in pace, and by the end, I found both Homer and Mary to be quite charming. The mystery was well done, with a few confounding incidents and facts along the way and a bit of drama at the end.