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Author: Cathy Pickens
ISBN13: 978-0312354411
Title: Hog Wild (An Avery Andrews Mystery)
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Publisher: Minotaur Books; 1st edition (January 2, 2008)

Hog Wild (An Avery Andrews Mystery) by Cathy Pickens

That’s just one reason why Avery left her small Southern surroundings in the first place. Now she must weed through a tangled web of troublemakers-from local brass and newspapermen to real-estate honchos and construction workers-to track down the killer who, like the infamous two-and-a-half-foot tall, black potbellied pig, remains on the loos. how more

Gwenette said: This was pretty good. I read the next book in this series first, and I really wish I'd read them. Pickens's voice is nothing short of delightful as she develops these characters, all the more endearing for their eccentricities. Another Southern Fried Mystery book. Avery Andrews, attorney, has moved back to her hometown of Dacus, South Carolina. She is setting up her law office. Many interesting things are happening.

Avery Andrews, fired by her law firm after exploding at her own witness, returns home in disgrace. However, she soon gets involved in legal problems of the locals, which begin trivially but soon find her dealing with arson and murder. Avery deals with a colorful cast of characters, most of whom date back to her own high school days, as she solves her legal cases and realizes she just be stumbling onto a second, unexpected career. Pickens maintains a brisk pace. Transitions are smooth and settings described economically. As a career consultant, I have to say that I did raise an eyebrow about the heroine's past and future. The only lines that didn't ring true were Avery's musings over being unemployable. It's hard to find a more marketable field than law.

Download Free eBook:Cathy Pickens - Avery Andrews Mystery 1-5 - MOBI - Free epub, mobi, pdf ebooks download, ebook torrents download. Book - Southern Fried. She quickly gets a client or two, and immediately the company building owned by one is destroyed by arson, and the body found inside was quite probably murdered  . 01 - Southern Fried 02 - Done Gone Wrong 03 - Hog Wilds 04 - Hush My Mouth 05 - Can't Never Tell. All Books are in MOBI Format (Kindle).

Feisty attorney Avery Andrews seems to be settling back into Dacus, her South Carolina hometown. Now, at the beginning of July, she is still learning how to be a small-town general-practice lawyer. I have read all of her "Southern Fried" mysteries, and I can't say that I have read one that I did not fully enjoy.

Cathy Pickens is bestselling American author of mystery and thriller novels famously known for her series of novels, Avery Andrew. Cathy began the publication of Avery Andrews series in 2004 when Southern Fried the first book in the series was published. The series lasted five novels concluding in 2009 when Cant Never Tell was published. Cathy Pickens has also written a non-fiction works titled Charleston Mysteries (2007). The first novel in Avery Andrews won the Malice Domestic/St. Martins Minotaur Award for the Best New Traditional Mystery. A runaway pic is about to prove explosive as a piece of news as there is to be found in the small town, Dacus. However, as soon as Avery Andrews returns to her hometown, all hell breaks loose in the small town. Avery’s new office is still disorganized when Maggy Avinger arrives, holding a copy of her deceased husband letter to his lawyer.

Cathy Pickens is the pseudonym of S. Catherine Anderson, an attorney and professor of business administration whose longtime desire to write mystery novels became a reality with the 2004 publication of Southern Fried. Drawing on her experience in civil litigation at a law firm where she had been a partner, as well as on her background growing up in Walhalla, South Carolina, Anderson created a southern female attorney, Avery Andrews, as the heroine of her first book . Anderson published her first book with a pseudonym because she was uncertain how the university at which she taught would react to her writing a mystery novel.

Series: Avery Andrews Southern Fried (1). Title.

A runaway pig is about as explosive a piece of news as there is to be found in Dacus. That’s just one reason why Avery left her small Southern surroundings in the first place. But home is where the heart is, and since her high-profile trial in Charleston has ended, she’s more than ready for some R&R—until a series of grisly murders unfolds at a local housing development, and Avery’s called onto the case. Now she must weed through a tangled web of troublemakers—from local brass and newspapermen to real-estate honchos and construction workers—to track down the killer who, like the infamous two-and-a-half-foot tall, black potbellied pig, remains on the loose…
Reviews: 7
With some trepidation Avery Andrews has moved back to her hometown of Dacus, South Carolina and opened her own law office. She's finding that while there is never a shortage of friends and family in need of some legal advice, "paying" clients are few and far between. Practicing small-town law may not be lucrative, but it does prove to be diverse. From shady land development deals to murder, Avery is introduced to the dark side of her charming little town.

This series just keeps getting better! I enjoy the way the author manages to create a vivid Southern small- town atmosphere without resorting to clichés or caricatures. Avery is an appealing protagonist and introducing sub plots surrounding her various family members balances out the storyline.

While the mystery plot did keep me guessing, I felt it ultimately played out in an overly dramatic fashion.

Did I sense a little romance brewing between thirty-something Avery and successful (but considerably older) businessman Melvin Betram? Hmm, it will be interesting to see how that storyline develops in future installments.

This is the third entry in the series and works just fine as a stand-alone novel. Recommended for anyone who likes their "cozy" mysteries on the grittier, more realistic side with a strong Southern flavor.

No swearing or sexual content.
I read this book years ago, but it's among three that Amazon just now asked me via e-mail to review, so I am. I remember it's a good book. I read it and then also bought it for a Christmas present for my sister. I've read other books in her series and like them all. I would read everyone in the series if I had time. The author is a lawyer (or at least was practicing law for awhile) and her lead character is a lawyer too who returns to her home town and starts her own law practice. It's a true "cozy" mystery and, if you like stories set in the South, you'll like this one.
I was so glad that I decided to read this book. The book before had her back in a big town and I really missed her family and others in Dacus so it was great that she was back home in this installment. It made it that much better for me, especially Aunt Letha! Some of the things she would say would make me laugh out loud. CP could put a lot more of the aunts in her books and I wouldn't complain one bit. I also love how Avery is tough, speaks her mind and actually has a brain. So far the books are pretty easy to figure out but that's not why I read them. If you're looking for a real mystery that keeps you guessing to the last minute then this book isnt for you but if you are looking to be invested in the characters, have some fun interaction, true Southern experiences and a little mystery to boot then please give it a shot.
Book came in on time and cannot wait to read it. I would buy from this seller again. Thank you
really enjoyed the book. all of cathy pickens books are really good. she holds your interest right to the end. you never know who did it . i could never figure it out. good reading
The book is very entertaining as it flows with murder, intrigue and charming southern insights. I highly recommend it to all.
Hog Wild is the third book in this series by Cathy Pickens, a civil litigator who also teaches law and ethics at the McColl School of Business, Queens University, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Not much is going on in Dacus, South Carolina, so when a pig goes missing, it's big news. Avery Andrews has returned to her hometown to practice law. She's setting up her office and tells Melvin Bertram that she'll keep an eye out for the missing animal. But life gets in the way, as it often does.

Before Avery can open her law office, Maggy Avinger seeks out her help. Maggy's husband, who apparently died from lung cancer, has requested a monument with an epitaph that says Maggy murdered him. Maggy definitely doesn't want either the epitaph or the monument. Avery tells Maggy she'll look into the situation.

Later, Avery attends (at Maggy's invitation) a plant rescue on some land sold to a land developer. Avery is checking to see if the land sale can be cancelled. A body is found in an abandoned mine shaft (death by bullet) and other deaths quickly follow. All the victims received anonymous letters that accuse them of personal shortcomings. Suddenly the small town of Dacus is a hotbed of crime and Avery is on the trail to stop a killer.

I love cozy mysteries and all things Southern. In the North, we call people 'crazy.' In the south they are 'eccentric.' Eccentric people make for better stories. Cathy Pickens' Hog Wild is delightful. It's a fast read filled with quirky characters, a strong independent heroine, and a fun plot.

Armchair Interviews says: Check out the other two novels in this series. If they're as much fun as Hog Wild, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Looking for new authors to read, I found Cathy Pickens on the shelf at the bookstore (and promptly ordered the rest from Amazon, of course)... A North Carolina writer that has created a character, Avery, who you want to know more about and soon come to love. This is the third book in the series and in my opinion the best one so far...(however, I have just started the newest one so we will see...) Avery is a lawyer who has come back to her small town and found that your roots have a way of growing deep and bring you home to stay. Lots of good and eclectic supporting characters--Rudy (her police buddy), her mom (who wants to save everyone and everything), Melvin (from book 1 and she now has set up office space in his building), her aunts (enough said), the ghouly boys... Pickens has created a small North Carolina town that you just want to drop into and with characters you want to meet or wonder if these type of people do really exist in a small town somewhere in North Carolina. Start with book 1 and work your way through (you don't have to read them in order...me being a little OC maybe) and you won't be disappointed!