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Author: Archer Mayor
ISBN13: 978-0399135538
Title: Borderlines (Joe Gunther Mysteries)
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Language: English
Category: Mystery
Publisher: Putnam Adult; First Edition edition (October 30, 1990)
Pages: 253

Borderlines (Joe Gunther Mysteries) by Archer Mayor

Archer Mayor has scored a second time with this book, set in the back woods of Vermont and again featuring Brattleboro cop Joe Gunther. Better than Mayor's first foray into the character, this book moves better and with more purpose than the first, showing the author's increasing confidence in his writing.

In 2004 Mayor received the New England Booksellers Association book award for fiction. Intriguing plots, complex characters, and a vivid landscape are the foundation of Archer Mayor's award-winning New England thrillers. Books by Archer Mayor.

About book: It seemed appropriate, having just moved to Vermont, that I should read one of Archer Mayor’s Joe Gunther mysteries, set in this beautiful state. It turned out to be an excellent story too. This is the second Joe Gunther story, though it seemed that there was already lots of back story, describing people he had upset back in Brattleboro, where he normally works, people both personal and work colleagues. Anyway, in this second book, Joe is seconded up to the North East Kingdom of Vermont, an even more remote part of the state than the norm. Boy, do I ever like this series. There's something about Joe Gunther, the middle age Everyman cop who's the hero of this series, that is so real it's endearing. The plot in this one presented a complicated cast of miscreants and a number of crimes any of them could have committed.

Archer Mayor’s Joe Gunther detective series, 26 books in all, is one of the most enduring and critically acclaimed police procedural series being written today. That book also prompted The New York Times to call Mayor one of the most sophisticated stylists in the genre, and in 1997, to proclaim The Ragman’s Memory one of only eleven Notable mysteries of the year-an honor it repeated in 2002 with The Sniper’s Wife. Signup for Archer’s e-Newsletter: the Gunther-Gram. Signup Now! Full Name.

Written by Archer Mayor, Audiobook narrated by Tom Taylorson. The Joe Gunther Mysteries, Book 2. By: Archer Mayor. Narrated by: Tom Taylorson. Length: 10 hrs and 25 mins.

Lieutenant Joe Gunther is in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom investigating a minor embezzling case. It's a pleasant distraction and a chance to reconnect with. 125 16 5 Author: Archer Mayor Narrator: Tom Taylorson. Lieutenant Joe Gunther is in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom investigating a minor embezzling case. It's a pleasant distraction and a chance to reconnect with old friends, but when a house fire reveals itself to be arson, compounded by murder, Gunther can't help but investigate.

Taking some much-needed rest at the Vermont vacation spot of his boyhood,Lieutenant Joe Gunther finds the little town at war when an expanding back-to-nature cult turns violent and Joe learns that some of his oldest friends may be behind it. Read online. Joe Gunther and the VBI team are investigating a murder and an arson case-both potentially related to an outbreak of ebola. When the dead body of a young woman is found near a trail at one of Vermont's popular ski mountains, the case falls to Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI). They quickly have a suspect, who confesses, but the whole squad isn't convinced-the evidence is thin at best. Two mysteries preoccupy Joe Gunther in Mayor's engaging 20th novel to feature the Vermont Bureau of Investigation police detective (after 2008's The Catch).

Book in the Joe Gunther Series). Lt. Joe Gunther is in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom investigating a minor embezzling case. It's a pleasant distraction, and a chance to reconnect with old friends, but when a house fire reveals itself to be arson, compounded by murder, Gunther can't help but investigate. Suddenly, he finds himself enmeshed in a web of animosity between put-upon townspeople, the state police, angry parents and members of a reclusive sect.

Archer Mayor is the author of the Joe Gunther detective series. Archer is a Yale graduate and lives in Newfane, Vermont, United States.

Temporarily assigned to the tiny hamlet of Gannett, Vermont, Lieutenant Joe Gunther investigates the fiery deaths of five members of the Order, a secretive back-to-nature cult that has been buying up the town's real estate
Reviews: 7
Joe Gunther is one of my favorite detectives. He is a straightforward, hip shooting, no-nonsense Vermont detective who lives and works in Southern Vermont. He solves cases that range from full blown murder mysteries to the activities of a local cult. Mayor is skilled in painting us Vermonters as we are, working class practical New Englander's who are not willing to take any guff from anyone.

His characterizations are skilled and he writes with the ease of an author who knows his subject material. Gunther is no Kay Scarpetta and he definitely isn't a Bones but his small town cases offer a glimpse of what life is like in Vermont and how a small police department manages larger cases such as murders.

If you are looking for a good murder mystery by a local Vermont author this is it.
An excellent book. The story brings Joe Gunther back to the area in Vermont where he spent the early years of his life. He is assigned there to do work with the local organization and soon is involved to resolve a mysterious fire which leads to more violence between the Order, a cult type organization and the locals who feel threatened. Joe gets in the middle and when his best friend is accused of the crime he is anxious to proof that he is innocent. After several turns the mystery of the fire and the murders is resolved and Joe can go back to his hometown. As in book number 1 the characters and the environment are described very well. A great book.
Did not know if I would like the first Joe Gunther book (Open Season), but I did so I ordered #2 - "Borderlines." Like I said in my review of "Open Season", if you live in Vermont or Central to South Western New Hampshire, and you like mysteries, and thrilling ones to boot, then you will like this book. This book focuses on the area around St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Downside first (just like the first book): too many characters (with no listing at the beginning) and too many dead people! (do not worry - I will not give away the plot line). When part of the mystery was revealed a little more than 80% of the way into the book, I could not remember which character it was that suddenly came back into the limelight. I think the author should occasionally reference key characters, especially those that will have some role at the end of the book. A second concern I have which is personal, is that I do not need obscenities. Yes I understand the context of events as they are unfolding, but enough is enough. Having said that, these two concerns are not nearly enough for me to avoid ordering #3.

Positives: Keeps you wanting to read the next chapter and there so many options (I think too many) as which way the plot will run, that you will have no idea as to the outcome. The finish is exciting and for me surprising.
Joe is going back home for some R & R and to investigate a small matter but he gets involved in several murders, a cult, maybe a new girl friend and sees the changes in all his old friends.

This is another great read by Archer Mayor, you can see in your mind the things that are happening, he makes you feel like you are there.

This book also reminds us we can not ever go back, things will not ever be the same as when we grew up, things change and people change, it is not ever the same. Joe found this out the hard way. Joe found his friends mad and "The Order" in town. Then people started getting killed. As usual Joe picks, and picks until he gets it all figured out. The tracking section with the man from Fish and Game is excellent.

Will Joe pick up on the new lady friend or will he remain loyal to Gail? Lots of twist and turns, it will hold your interest until the end. You will not want to stop reading. I hope to order number three when I finish this.
Mayor's 'Open Season' was so good I bought this installment before I had finished the first. But the second effort is forced and relies on a cliche evil - a cult.

Joe Gunther is looking for some time away from Brattleboro after the 'Ski Mask' case and the resultant fallout. He served as a Acting Chief in the politically charged aftermath of the case and even his personal relationship with Gail suffered. He is tasked to the Sussex County DA to look into a small town case of fraud involving the clerk. But he gets to his Uncle's place where he plans to stay while he is on temporary assignment and the drama in the small town pulls him in.

A couple has come to the town looking for their daughter. She is involved with the 'Order', a cult-like organization which has infiltrated the town and caused friction with the locals. The couple is stonewalled by the believers and soon people start dying.

The cult seemed a plot device and Joe's involvement in the investigation was too convenient. Police departments do not share investigations with outsiders regardless of their fame or standing.

Mayor was stretching - will read the next book but if it is as ordinary as this one it will be my last.
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What a find. We received an Amazon e-mail for Archer Mayor's series of Joe Gunther Mysteries that were written years ago and haven't stopped getting them. We started with book 1 to see if they were good and haven't wanted to stop. We're currently on book 6 and they're all great reads. The location for the novels is in sparse Vermont with the primary character a local police officer. So far all the books have started out with a thread to the previous book giving readers continuity with the Characters.
By the time I got to 80 some odd percent of the book, I found myself reading it out loud. Slowly as not to miss any new revelation or clues. It was deliciously exciting! I love the way Mayor puts the puzzle together. He is gifted to say the least. I hope I don't run out of money before I get to read All of his Joe Gunther mysteries.