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Author: Sue Grafton
ISBN13: 978-0333427132
Title: Grafton S: C Is for Corpse Hc
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Language: English
Category: Mystery
Publisher: Macmillan (February 5, 1987)
Pages: 243

Grafton S: C Is for Corpse Hc by Sue Grafton

Shop with confidence. C Is for Corpse by Sue Grafton A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. Состояние: Очень хорошее. Осталось времени: 12d 8h 27m. Продано: Логин thrift. books (Feedback score 1304467).

A Kinsey Millhone Mystery). I've never worked for a dead man before and I hope I won't have to do it again. This report is for him, for whatever it's worth. My name is Kinsey Millhone. I'm a licensed private investigator, doing business in Santa Teresa, California, which is ninety-five miles north of Los Angeles.

Writing with a light, sure touch, Grafton has produced a fast-moving California story about quirky, believable people. The corpse in private eye Kinsey Millhone's third adventure ('A' Is for Alibi and 'B' Is for Burglar is that of Bobby Callahan, a young man she first meets while both are working out in a local gym. Bobby is convinced the car crash he'd been injured in was really an attempt on his life and, fearful of another assault, persuades Kinsey to investigate. A few days later, Bobby is indeed killed, and Kinsey stays on the case. She is befriended by Bobby's wealthy mother, his opportunistic stepfather and druggie, anoretic stepsister

Grafton Sue. Categories: Fiction. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. C" is for CORPSE A Kinsey MHIhone Mystery SUE GRAFTON 1986 The author wishes to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of the following people: Steven Humphrey; Sam Chirman, . and Betty Johnson of the Rehabilitation Group of Santa Barbara; David Dallmeyer, RET; Deputies Tom Nelson and Juan Tejeda of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department; C. Robert Dambacher, Chief of Investigations, Los.

Sue Grafton was an American author of suspense novels. Sue passed away on December 28th, 2017. She was most well known for her detective stories. Sue Grafton was born on April 24, 1940 in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the daughter of famed detective novelist . Sue Grafton has stated that one of the biggest influences on her writing is the writer Ross Macdonald. She has been writing before her novels were published, writing scripts for made for television movies. Her mother is Vivian Harnsberger, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister.

Five years ago David Barney was acquitted of the murder of his rich wife, Isabelle. As Kinsey digs deeper into her investigation, she discovers Bobby had a secret worth killing for―and unearthing that secret could send Kinsey to her own early deat. ead online. Thirty-four years ago, Violet Sullivan put on her party finery and left for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. 1. Grafton, Sue - C is for Corpse. Grafton Sue. DOWNLOAD. File: TXT, 409 KB. 2. Grafton, Sue - C is for Corpse (3).

From Publishers Weekly. The corpse in private eye Kinsey Millhone’s third adventure ( A Is for Alibi and B Is for Burglar is that of Bobby Callahan, a young man she first meets while both are working out in a local gym. Bobby is convinced the car crash he’d been injured in was really an attempt on his life and, fearful of another assault, persuades Kinsey to investigate.

Kinsey Millhone is a wise-cracking female private investigator, who has been hired to stop a killing.
Reviews: 7
This is, of course, the third in a series of related detective stories. The protagonist is a female private detective, who lives and works in California in the 1980s. She is an interesting mixture of femininity and a bit of the throw back hard bitten "private I" of the film noir era. The stories are clever and tend to have an interesting twist with characters making return appearances. There are also occasional references to episodes of prior stories that makes me glad that I am reading the stories in order.

This particular story is about a young man who feels he is facing an unknown danger to him. He is suffering from injuries from an apparent accident and is also suffering from amnesia. Kinsey Millhone is hired to assist him.

I completely enjoy these novels as a "light read". The chapters are often short and the reading can be broken into smaller segments without losing the flow of the story. Thus far I have always purchased both the Kindle and audiobook and read and listen simultaneously. The narrator for the first three novels that I have read is Mary Peiffer. She does a great job narrating and, at times, makes me laugh out loud. Having said that, these books are not comedies. They do have comic episodes, but these episodes are wrapped around a mystery.

In summary, I have become a big fan of Sue Grafton. I am reading the stories in order. I completely enjoy reading these novels in free moments at work and at the end of a hard day when I just want a fun read. Thank You...
So, in the first case of the series where Kinsey has a personal connection to who she is working for C is for Corpse shows us how emotional Kinsey can get when she becomes personally involved in a case. As a reader, you observe the ease and relaxed nature of Kinsey’s relationship with Bobby and it’s understandable how they became friends. I also enjoyed watching Kinsey show her anger when other characters couldn’t understand why solving this case is so important to Kinsey.

My only critique of the book is the author throws out some side story information and after reading the first two, you realize there is no extraneous information given – all information in the book comes full circle. As the story progresses you are as a reader waiting for the point it all connects and you kind of wish it would hurry up.

Sue Grafton continues to write Kinsey and the supporting characters like Jonah, Rosie and Henry very consistently. Not only Sue Grafton but also the narrator Judy Kaye who has developed these characters voices to the point it is easy to recognize which character voice is speaking.

*Side Note* - Kinsey was definitely ahead of her time when it comes to adopting the tiny house method of living.
You're asking me what I think about "C" is for Corpse. Well, I've completed "D" is for Deadbeat and, presently, I've read more than half of "E" is for Evidence, that should tell you something. Seriously, I have been enjoying each of Sue Grafton's books that I've read, thus far. I read her first book "A" is for Alibi, many years ago, of course, it is a paperback. Since I've just gotten my first Kindle, I decided to continue her series of books and I know I will continue to enjoy them. I have been finding them fun to read. I know these books are early on, in her writing, so much of it is before "technology" became "thee" thing, i.e., I think there are few people who go to a phone booth or types of a Smith Corona portable typewriter (one of my first typewriters) and "write" out notes on an "index card" or has a "Rol-a-Dex." In fact, how many phone booths are still around?! Her character development is excellent--lots of detail in many areas, and, often, so important. I can almost picture what she is saying.
What can you say about Sue Grafton other than she is a great mystery writer. Kinsey Milhone is an ex-cop and has her own detective agency and never much of a sex life if that what your looking for, go elsewhere. This is a traditional gumshoe story with action and danger to our heroine. After some spotty success writing books, Grafton changed to writing screenplays for TV and movies. With the success of her first alphabet series book ' A is for Alibi' in 1982 it has continued to date. I first dicovered her books when I came across G is for Gumshoe (pub 1990) in a recycle center in 2000, I proceeded to local bookstores and Amazon to acquire all of this series up until the current at the time 'O is For Outlaw'. It's always great when you come across a great series in progress as it's a joy just reading book after book from a great writer. Much like 'binge watching TV series on Netflix nowadays. Only problem with an ongoing series is waiting for the next book. Grafton has done only a couple of yearly books and mostly every other year since 'P is for Peril' in 2001. It is now up to just plain 'X' in 2015 and will end with 'Z is for Zero'. I'm hoping she has Y & Z completed as she is 75 now and I'm 70 and don't want to miss the conclusion of this great series.
I read the abridged version and I enjoyed it, but afterwards wished I had read the complete version as her stories are so interesting I love getting the whole story laid out for me. If you're familiar with Kinsey Millhone as a private eye you will enjoy this one as well.

If you haven't ready any of the Alphabet Murders yet, this would be a good start and you will get hooked just as i did. You can pickup any of them and read them without having to have read previous versions to know where you are. They all give you a brief overview of of her past and the stories are not continuations of the previous ones where they have to be read in order.

I have enjoyed all of her "Kinsey" books so far and look forward to reading others books from this author as well.