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Nemesis by Agatha Christie

A Miss Marple Mystery. To Dauphne Honeybone. 2. Code Word Nemesis. 3. Miss Marple Takes Action. 5. Instructions from Beyond. 8. The Three Sisters.

In the afternoons it was the custom of Miss Jane Marple to unfold her second newspaper. Two newspapers were delivered at her house every morning. The first one Miss Marple read while sipping her early morning tea, that is, if it was delivered in time. The boy who delivered the papers was notably erratic in his management of time.

Nemesis is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie (1890–1976) and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in November 1971 and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company later in the same year. It was the last Miss Marple novel the author wrote, although Sleeping Murder was the last Christie novel to be published.

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and readers appreciate that fact. Miss Marple made an entry in the little book she carried. Fifteen passengers not including herself, or Mrs Sandbourne. And since she had been sent on this coach tour, one at least of those fifteen passengers must be of importance in some way. Either as a source of information or someone concerned with the law or a law case, or it might even be a murderer. A murderer who might have already killed or one who might be preparing to kill, Anything was possible, Miss Marple thought, with Rafiel! Anyway, she must make notes of these people.

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Summoned by the soliciters of financier Rafiel after the old man's death, Miss Marple is asked to investigate a bizarre and unidentified crime of which Rafiel has warned them of from the grave
Reviews: 7
In this installment of the Miss Marple series, Miss Marple has been given a rather unique mystery to solve: one with very little details or clues. To begin, she has to figure out exactly what it is that needs to be solved, and then proceed. She is given details and notes from the late Mr. Rafiel which direct her somewhat, but she has to trust her own intuition to figure out what course of action to take. Mr. Rafiel has provided her the opportunity to go on a tour of famous British houses, and this is where small clues and ideas begin to form. There are fourteen other people on the tour with her, and she begins to take inventory of who they are. Little by little, small hints reveal themselves to her, and she begins to form a small idea of Rafiel’s intentions. When a mysterious “accident” happens, she tries to piece together who did it, and, furthermore, why it was done. She must discover who are friends, and who are enemies, in order to see this mystery solved.

As usual with Christie, a very enjoyable read. That being said, I tend to like the Poirot mysteries a little better, and it was a little bit of a slow crawl the first portion of the book. For that reason, I don’t think Nemesis quite ranks with some of Christie’s top notch mysteries. Definitely a little darker than most of her work.
On one hand, Agatha Christie's 1971 "Miss Marple" novel, "Nemesis: A Miss Marple Mystery (Miss Marple Mysteries Book 12)," is one of the best "Miss Marple" books she wrote. On the other hand, it suffers from a pretty big deficiency in the mystery surrounding the actual, original, murder. Starting with the positive, the mystery surrounding what Miss Marple's supposed to be doing in this book is excellent. It's very well written and interesting. Moving on to the less-than-stellar aspect, once things get going, the final result becomes pretty obvious. But, who knows, maybe I've just grown accustomed to how Christie writes these things. And then the negative. This book was first published in 1971. At that time, things like birth certificates, photographs, footprints, fingerprints, and dental records existed and were used by the police. Difficulty in identifying bodies should not be as important as described here. It weakens the story. Still the story is well done and enjoyable. So, I'm rating the book at a Very Good 4 stars out of 5.
This story picks up where A Caribbean Mystery left off. Miss Marple's collaborator in that mystery sends her a mysterious letter asking her to solve a mystery, but gives her no clues. The gentleman has died and wants Miss Marple's help putting the scales of justice back in balance. She will inherit a substantial sum of money from him if she can solve the case. She is sent on a mysterious bus tour of English historic homes and gardens with a group of fellow tourists one of whom is murdered. Miss Marple is on her own, so she thinks. A great mystery by the Queen of Mystery writers.
In Greek mythology Nemesis is the goddess of vengeance or retribution. It is she who brings it down on those who have done evil deeds. "Nemesis" also is the name given by the character 'Mr. Rafiel' to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple in a murder mystery written previous to this book <Nemesis>. Miss Jane Marple had asked the very rich Mr. Rafiel for help, which he gave.

But now word has come to Miss Marple that Mr. Rafiel has died. Before dying he left murky directions asking Miss Marple for her help in a mysterious quest that was important to him. Miss Marple sets off on her mission and the remainder of the book tells the reader step by step how her new quest is clarified and carried out. It is well worth reading.

This reviewer who has read perhaps forty of Christie's books, found <Nemesis> to be one of my favorites. Characters and scenes are formed with her usual skills. The Miss Marple I envision while reading that series is the one portrayed by actress Joan Hixon a few decades ago in a fine Public TV series. (There have been several Miss Marples since Hixon's, but Hixon's is the best).
I read the book Nemesis to compare it to the movies done starring Joan Hickson and Geraldine McEwan, which were so vastly different. I think the movie with Joan Hickson kept more closely to the book. In comparing the 3, the book, and the 2 movies, I do prefer the book. Concerning the movies, I am not disappointed with the acting of Geraldine McEwan and the cast of that interpretation, but I am partial to Joan Hickson as Miss Marple. All of Agatha Christie's writings are exceptional in my opinion and for Mystery lovers they should be a staple. I get such pleasure from reading them over and over.